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Part 2: Chapter II - We'll be sending someone to pick you up

We’ll be sending someone to pick you up

Music: Truths Revealed

- Video: Abduction


Oh, Rush and the woman are just fine after apparently being crushed between boulders and a rocky floor. Maybe he somehow did the shield thing again? Also, this update is entirely on video.

Lady Emma, are you hurt?
Is that you, Blocter? I’m fine.

I can see a light in the distance. That should be the way out.
Yes ma’am! We’re en route now!

With barely a glance at Rush, Emma heads out. Emma is pretty great.

H-hey! Wait up, lady! What’s goin’ on?

The Gae Bolg blew a hole in the ground, and now we’re in this cave. Anything else obvious you’d like pointed out?
Apparently so. Look:

Emma begins pointing at various things.

Rock? Water? Moron?
At least the exit isn’t far.
Hey wait, listen to me!


I’ll hear whatever you have to say once we get out of here. Your story better be good, spy.
What do you mean, spy?
Think about it genius. Why else would you be on a battlefield?
What are you talking about? I’m just looking for my sister Irina.

That name gets a reaction from Emma.

Music: The Search

Irina? What’s your name?
Me? Rush! Rush Sykes!

Emma releases Rush.

Rush… Sykes
You say you’re looking for your sister. What happened to her?

We’re from this island called Eulam.

And we flash back to a few days ago…

There are those flowers again.


Music: Home

It’s a package from Mom and Dad!
Aw, it’s probably just another lame excuse why they can’t leave their research.
Aw, cheer up, sis. Whoops.

Rush drops the package, about the size and shape as a deck of cards.

It’s a visistone. Let me set it up.

A hologram of John and Marina Sykes appears.

Hi Rush, hello Irina! Are you two behaving yourselves? Both of us are having a great time here at the Academy in Elysion, and we were lucky enough to have a break in our research. But, as you’ve probably guessed, things are taking longer than expected.
See? Told you.
So your father and I have agreed that you should come live with us in Elysion.

It’s always about what they want.
What we’ve found is a key that’ll let us use the Remnants in new ways. It’s gonna change the world for the better… but you kids are more important to us, and I’m sorry we haven’t been out to visit for so long.
John, we’re running out of time!
Oh, uh right! We’ll be sending someone to pick you up!
Better start packing your bags!
And Rush, you look after your sister, all right?
Take care of yourselves!
We’ll be seei-

Out of time. Dad’s never been good at keeping track.

It’s just a short scene, but it does an excellent job at painting John and Marina Sykes as somewhat negligent parents, who go gallivanting off on their research for months at a time, with barely a word back, leaving Rush to take care of his sister.

You worried about leaving?
A little. I mean, I’ve never been off the island before.

Aw, I’ll be fine. After all, we’ll be back with Mom and Dad!
You know it.

The sky darkens suddenly, and a strange sound can be heard in the clouds.

Huh? What?

There’s a strange shape, which has a man in the middle. He's hard to see, I know.

Four blobs in formation around the blob plunge towards the ground to surround Rush and Irina.

They turn out to be some kind of monster.


Last Remnant drinking game #2b: Take a sip each time one of Irina’s sentences consists of “Rush” and nothing else.

Let me go!

Rush charges back in, dodging the monster’s attacks.

He enters slow motion for a dramatic leap.

Unfortunately for him, everyone else is moving in real-time.


Get your hands off me!

The hooded man kicks Rush in the face.

No, leave my brother alone!

He then knocks Irina out.

Irina’s talisman falls to the ground.

Ice him.

Rush grabs the fallen talisman. This is something I didn’t actually catch in the videos until I was going frame-by-frame. It’s easy to miss.

The hooded man takes Irina, and the flying thing envelops them and takes off at high speed, leaving a trail in the sky.

Rush screams in rage, but then something strange happens.

Namely, he starts glowing green. This seems to confuse the monsters, as they back off and let him get to his feet.

And they promptly get disintegrated.

Rush looks at the talisman in his hand for a second, then charges off, a look of determination on his face. Even though the talisman was originally Irina's, it's now Rush's for good, so I'll be referring to it as Rush's Talisman.

So there's his explanation for why Rush was wandering in the woods at the start. He crossed over to the mainland and headed "thataway" into the heart of the continent, hoping to find his sister by wandering aimlessly. ... I'd say I've seen better plans, but I don't think this even has enough steps to qualify as being CALLED a plan.

Flower Count: 2
“Irina” Count: 3
“Rush” Count: 2

Video: Abduction

Next Time: He’s surprisingly simple, wouldn’t you say?
(Also, actual gameplay.)