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Part 110: Chapter XCIX - I desire to release Remnants from the hands of men.

I desire to release Remnants from the hands of men.

- Video: The Conqueror’s Goals

No turning back now.

Music: The Warden and the Activator

The decision to not spend much money or polygons modelling the characters feet was a good one right up until this point.

You’ve arrived.

What’s your game, Conqueror?
I desire to release Remnants from the hands of men.

The beings of this planet have become far too accustomed to using Remnants as their tools. At this rate, they will push the Remnants power beyond their limits. They will destroy all existence.

Ridiculous! Do you really think so little of us?

Do you really think your trust in mankind is founded?

My duty is to prevent that eventuality.

Who – what really are you?

Merely one Warden of the Remnants.

So, there’s something here in Elysion you need to release the Remnants, is that it?

Hint for Rush: It’s probably that thing with the red spinny balls he was using!

*sigh* You should know. This was not originally my task to complete. With the activation of this machine, all of the world’s Remnants will be freed.

While you’re answering questions, maybe you can answer me this: Why did you do that to Hermeien?
I desired to learn to what extent releasing the Remnants would affect this world.

Thankfully, I found that Remnants merely consume lesser lifeforms, like men.

People consumed by Remnants?! Then… if all the Remnants were released…

Well, do you finally understand?

Turns out that the God Emperor’s plan of “sit around and hope for a benevolent rule by the Conqueror” was a bad plan. Who knew?!

I understand that you don’t really give a damn about people’s lives!

But me?

My friends and family are something I wouldn’t trade for the world. I’ll protect ‘em!

No matter what!

As you wish.

I won’t hold back.


Music: Nisus

- Final Boss Video (Part 1/3): Roeas and Castanea

The final boss fight gets its own music of course.

Uh-oh. On each of my first 5 attempts at this, Jager summoned Lob Omen at the start of the first turn. No one is summoning now, which is not good. You really need the extra help a Summon provides.

This is the third and final time we fight Roeas and Castanea. The previous time was for Caedmon’s quest at Harphulus Pass. Her BR is now between 85-87 and her HP is approximately between 116,000 and 179,000 HP. Castanea’s HP is between 160,000 and 248,000 HP. We have to defeat both of them before the Conqueror will face us. If it takes you more than 4 turns to do that, you’re probably not ready to fight the Conqueror.

That didn’t really hurt much.

Yeah, let’s kick some tail!

Oh thank goodness, Jager gets to summon Lob Omen.

You want to keep your morale as high as possible at all times. It is not an exaggeration to say that the outcome of the fight rests entirely on keeping your morale high.

This is new.

Does that look familiar to anyone? Here’s a hint:

Yep, it’s the Brimslaubus, the thing that Leshau secretly gave to the Hermeien-run Academy. Whoops.

Its damage can range from mild to highly dangerous.

Lob Omen: Obey me!

Sure, an Omnistrike and Dual Snowpetal seem like just the ticket.


An eye-popping 126,176 damage.

I hope Castanea dies quickly because with Roeas dead, he will use Overdrive on his next turn.

Pretty impressive damage numbers.

Very nice!

Thanks for coming folks! That’s all the time we have for you today. No, seriously, this fight takes no less than 40 minutes. There’s a shitload of screenshots and I need to cut it off at a reasonable place.

The Conqueror’s Goals
Final Boss (Part 1/3): Roeas and Castanea

Well, here he is, the Conqueror, as expected, the final boss of the game.

I might have hinted before about how the Last Remnant handles difficulty if you complete sidequests. The Conqueror has 8 different versions based on certain conditions you reach. His BR for the first seven ranks is between 85 and 145. His BR at Rank 8 is set to the maximum of 255. According to the wiki the conditions are:

Rank 1: Infamous

Rank 2: Notorious

Rank 3: Vicious

Rank 4: Sinister

Rank 5: Malevolent

Rank 6: Villainous

Rank 7: Nefarious

Rank 8: The True Conqueror

We completed all sidequests, so we get Rank 8: The True Conqueror. That version has a whole 1.1 MILLION more HP than Rank 7. Yes, we need to chew through almost 2 million HP to win.

Speaking of sidequests, several of them now matter:

If you did not complete the Balterossa quest “The Ancient War”, the Conqueror can use the Tao Tie as an art in battle. Didn’t finish “UFO?” Conqueror can use Lob Omen as an attack (not a summon). Missed “The Tablet of Marshall”? The Conqueror has Namul Niram (also an attack, not a summon). Failing to finish Royotia’s “The Fiery Revolt” means that the Emeth Tag is in the Conqueror’s hands and he can use Delta-Petra. All of those are pretty nasty, but by finishing the quests we avoided that.

Two other quests give the Conqueror arts if you DO complete them, though: Finishing Baaluk’s “Frustrations” quest has Leshau give the Brimslaubus to the Academy, and to Hermeien, so the Conqueror gets Seal. If we had finished Ophelia’s quest “At Hatred’s End”, Melphina gives up the Blue Elf, and the Conqueror would have Abyssal Gate.

Rush is still wearing the Ragna-Rock, and one effect of that is that it has “[Unknown] Bonus”. What that means is that Rush does 30% extra damage to the Conqueror (and the Fallen, and any possible palette swaps of the two).

On another note, there's a mild continuity error in this update, which is my own fault. See if you can spot it!

Next Time: Die.