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Part 117: Chapter CVI - At least your combat bears some beauty!

At least your combat bears some beauty!

Here is the second-last bonus boss. This one I was unable to beat before. But of course back then I had a party which was still hobbled from my first playthrough mistakes. Let’s go see if I have better luck this time.

You can see it from here if you squint into the sun.

Oh boy. Well, here we go.

Extra Mission: Defeat the Lost Remnant!

Music: Out of Control

The Fallen had approximately 390,000-448,000 HP and you needed to defeat it under 10 turns or it was simply game over. The Lost has about 722,000-731,000 HP and we only have 5 turns. If we don’t get the Lost to about 30% health by the end of the third turn, it’ll full-heal. This boss is a DPS check. If you can’t deal enough damage, you won’t win.


…but no cigar. In fact, no cigars for anyone ever again.

You simply do not have time in this fight to waste on crappy attacks, so I disabled almost all the Psionics attacks and other ones which do low damage. I’ve swapped out some party members who are not that great for some of The Seven. Snievan replaces Torgal, Ludope replaces David, and Young replaces Khrynia. The Lost has end-of-turn attacks of course, so the mystics union is back in Cachexia formation. That’s the only reason why Ludope is in and David is out – I need to start the very first turn with the 67 AP to cast Cachexia, this battle is hard enough that I cannot afford to spare any turns at all recovering from end-of-turn attacks.

- Bonus Boss Video: The Lost

I don’t like any of Rush’s options, so I’m going to have him wait to build up AP for something useful. Jager will lower morale, everyone else will hit as hard as possible.

At least your combat bears some beauty!

The hell’d this happen?

Say goodbye to end-of-turn attacks!

I’m including these shots to show the damage each union is doing on their turn.

I couldn’t have asked for more!

Still no good options? Fine, go revive Gaou.

That’s a strong one!

This attack can be a lot more dangerous than this shot makes it seem.

They’re strong.

Come now, you’re holding us back!

Rush also revived Gaou.

Next time, you’re dead!

We’re in excellent shape, so keep piling on. I don’t know how much damage we’ve managed to do, though.

Hang in there!

A swing and a miss!

Ha ha ha ha!

Son of a -!

We beat the threshold for damage, so it is using Miracle instead of Life Spring. Guess all those smaller hits added up.

Emmy only had 2200 HP, and the Lost didn’t manage to kill her. Irina immediately healed Emmy and Violet healed her own union a little.

Our morale has really been a great help, no sense slacking off on it at the end.

Cachexia nudges the Lost into critical at the end of Turn 4. Only one turn left.

Hell yes I’m using Omnistrike.

Watch this!

The Lost has still not managed to eliminate a union.

Hold still so I can tear you apart!

A critical chain Omnistrike? Could this be…?

Suck it! SUCK IT!!

learned Double Slash!

Reward: 120,000 G
Obtained Trident! You’ve learned a new formation!

Excellent. Whoever had 9 attempts wins the pool. But I’ve got one more bit of business, and it require me to reach BR 80. … Okay done.

Music: Old Traditions, New Methods

Once you hit BR 80, go to Melphina’s Union of the Golden Chalice. There, you’ll find…

Our last recruitable Unique leader. This completes our set.


An aloof young knight. Relatively inexperienced, but his talent – and pride – are top-class.

Class: Sage
Initial BR: BR 80
HP: (804)
Str / Int: (56 / 78)
Group Name, Unique Attribute: Leucetius' Detachment Force (Leucetius' Bodyguards on XBox), Sensitivity

Current Arts
Future Arts

You unlock Leucetius very late, only once you hit BR 80 and have opened the Seventh Path. At that point you should be ready to fight the final boss. So he starts out underwhelming. Still, he is one of only THREE chararcters who can potentially learn all the Arcana and become a Warlock. Unfortunately, we already have Wyngale and so don’t really need a spare. Especially one who can’t even START to learn Psionics for two more BR, much less get high enough to reach Maledict II. So despite his high potential, he’s going on the bench.

I have no time for you.

He hangs out in the pub and can get new chat topics every 5 visits. So lets.

I hear you're the leader of this troupe.
Has it come down to this? I, Leucetius, taking orders from a mitra child? I volunteered only upon hearing of help needed by Athlum's special forces.
Well we could always use a bit of –
I have no time for childish games. I will show you who is a worthy leader, after I "negotiate" with the generals.
What do you mean?
I have nothing to say to you.

You have to pay attention, because after 5 visits, it’s not him you need to talk to.

What’s up?
What's with that angry sovani, Leucetius? He challenged me for position of troupe leader.
He did?
I gave him a good pounding to show him what's what. Hehe.

It looks like you’re hurting pretty good.
Don't look at me like that. I threw the match to allow him to save face. He's no worthy opponent of mine. The other generals should make for better opponents.
Oh boy…
Leave me alone.

And leave and re-enter Melphina another 5 times…

Hello, Rush. I just ran into a very rude sovani.
You mean Leuc… Leucat… Leucity… Luci?
He insisted on being the leader of our troupe, no matter how many times we told him that we had no say in the matter.
He seems kinda stubborn.
I had no choice but to use a means other than words to get my point across.

You should put some ice on that. It helps a lot.
Don't look at me like that. I threw the match. I would never hurt a lady. I need to go up against someone of higher rank than the generals to get myself heard.
I wouldn’t…
Go away. Now.


Hey Dave!

Err… Has Luci talked to you?
Lucy? Who? Oh…

Yes, I encountered Leucetius. He seemed distraught about something. I humored him for a while and sent him away.
Err… did you hurt him?
Don't worry about him. I've taken care of everything.

...Rush, you know the marquis well, don't you?
I guess, yeah.
Then tell me this. When he...his lord...glared at me, I couldn't stop shaking. How does a mitra who hasn't been around for 20 years make others tremble in fear? Is it a trait of a marquis? Or perhaps something acquired by being the owner of the extraordinary Gae Bolg?
I dunno, Dave is just pretty special, I guess.
...Whatever the case, Rush, I owe you an apology. You are a worthy leader if you can control such mighty warriors. If you ever need a hand, don't hesitate to ask.

Parameter Bonus! You have become chummy with Leucetius, thus awakening his true powers!

The Parameter bonus is worth +20% HP, plus +3% Strength and +3% Intellect. The health bonus is pretty helpful.

Only one more bonus boss left, and that should be the last update.

New Arts Summary
learned Double Slash!

Bonus Boss: The Lost

Next Time: ???