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Part 17: Chapter XIV - Its power keeps the world in balance

Its power keeps the world in balance

- Video: Welcome to Elysion

Home of the Congress and the Sacred Lands, Elysion is generally considered the heart of the continent. Its long history gives it a unique flavor. Both modern and historic.

That is the Elysion Remnant. Its power keeps the world in balance.

The remnant is known by two names: Elysion, or alternatively, The Sacred Lands.

A thousand years ago, the great Marian Marshall bound herself to the Remnant, marking this as the birthplace of Remnant culture.

I thought you were originally from Elysion?
Yeah, I was born here, but we moved to Eulam when I was still a baby. I don’t remember Elysion at all.
Lord David.
Right. Let’s head to the Embassy.

The Academy is headquartered here, so it makes sense that the Doctors Sykes lived here. But since the Skyes apparently didn’t move away from Elysion to spend more time with their kids, why did they move to Eulam way out in the boonies, away from the center of the continent and all their work? Just something to keep in mind.

“Academy Visistone 24, 26-27” posted:

[Remnants 24] The Remnant Elysion is currently unbound.
[Remnants 26] A Remnant's size does not relate to its strength, though the core Remnants have great powers.
[Remnants 27] It is inferred that all Remnants were created from Elysion.

The assembly still hasn’t started?
Not yet, the Dukes of Ghor and Qubine have not yet arrived.
I suppose the perks of dukedom include never having to be on time.

That being the case… Rush, let’s take a walk, shall we?
Uh, is that okay?
I’ll be summoned when the time comes. Besides, matters should be simplified if you stay near me, Rush. I trust there are no complaints.

Not so long as you allow us to accompany you, my lord.
Of course. Let’s take this opportunity to obtain as much information as possible – and we wouldn’t want to miss out on paying the Academy a visit.

Huge is a relative term, given that we only get to visit a small portion of the cities, but Elysion is pretty big, and has four areas we can visit. Let’s start with Hendler.

Music: The Heaven’s Majesty (Elysion Theme)

Elysion – Hendler: A commercial area found in the newer section of town. Rare merchandise and information can be found here.

Shopper Girl: Are you lost?
Well, this is the first time I’ve been here…
Shopper Girl: This is Hendler, the market area. You can find all sorts of great stuff here. Everything’s kind of expensive, but it’s only because we sell the best! … Unlike what they sell at the frumpy shops on Tula Street. I would stay away from that area if I were you.
Okay, you got it! Tula street is a no-go!
Shopper Girl: This place usually isn’t so packed, but there’s a Congress meeting taking place soon. Hence, the crowd.

Our town has no lord. It is run by the chairman of the Congress, a position rotated by the representative of each land.
That sounds fair.
But in reality, the man with the most power ends up getting the job. The position has gone to Lord Hermeien of Nagapur for the past few years.
What do you know about him?
Rumor has it that he’s using his authority to conduct some experiments at the Academy – something about creating new weapons.

Many important folk pass through here.
Why, you ask?

Be careful – if you act too suspiciously, they might arrest you.

At least, I did… So, when I was lost, I kind of spent all my cash… That means you should buy some of my special Khrynia explosives. They’re like, “da bomb.” (1500 G)
Sounds kinda… unstable.
Blarrrg… You’re totally no fun.
*shrug* Sounds like a blast!
Reward: Methone Explosive x 4, Glowroot x 4.
Okay! Time to lose this Elysion!
Completed quest: Elysion’s Witch.
I bought some dodgy “Khrynia” explosives from a magus-y girl lost in Elysion. She ran off – hopefully she’ll remember her compass this time.

I think you get the idea behind the Khrynia quest chain now. She’ll appear in every city, and we have to buy what she’s selling to advance the chain. The good news is that she’s often selling these things at a much cheaper cost than we would have to pay to buy or create them ourselves. The bad news is that we may not actually need or want the item. The further bad news is that it’ll be a while before we see Khrynia again.

Migrant Worker: I left my family back home to come to this town to make some money. By the time I made it out of Berechevatelle and made it here, I was exhausted – getting chased by monsters and all. It was worth the trouble, though. I need a high-paying job to feed my kids.
To what?

Academy Researcher: The guilds in the holy city make the others seem dull in comparison. Look at the registry! Not only are there a lot of soldier signed up, there are some big names! It’s both impressive and overwhelming.

Lies. There are only a handful of generics on the list, no one interesting.

I think we should see the temple district next, what do you guys think? … Huh? Where’d everybody go?

Elysion – Genaade District: Temples honoring the Sacred Lands line the streets of this most historic of districts. Many who seek spiritual aid reside here.

Elegant Madam: This is the center of the old town, Genaade District. Many historic temples line the streets.

Elegant Madam: Is that what brings you here, too? To say some prayers?
Not particularly, I’m just a tourist.

You don’t look happy to see me.
Uh, n-no, that’s not true! Say ol-O beautiful young maid, what’re you doing around here?
Training. In my family, it’s a rite of passage to travel the world.
Huh… Sounds pretty tough. Take care of yourself, okay?
Thank you. You’re not as inconsiderate as I thought.

You know about Lady Marion and the romance between her and the Imperator, right? *sigh*
I wish something wonderful like that would happen to me, too… *sigh*

Though the way the town was built, even folks like me, who have lived here for over thirty years, still get lost!

Another closed guild.

Mythology-Savvy Devotee: See the Sacred Lands through the clouds? According to legend, that’s where the souls of the dead return. A thousand years ago, there was a war that cost many their lives. Marion Marshall prayed for the dead, and her prayer enveloped the Sacred Lands with a celestial light. Since then, it has been an area for souls to rest.

Devoted Woman: This is the temple dedicated to Marion Marshall. You saw the statue up front, didn’t you? It’s a statue of Lady Marion. She has the most peaceful look on her face, doesn’t she?
If you say so.

I’m just here visiting, but seems to me that this place really has a distinct air to it – one not found anyplace else. The people who come here really seem to believe that the legendary Marion Marshall truly existed. She is a beauty, isn’t she? Seeing this statue, I can see why they want to believe she existed!

“Academy Visistone 31-34” posted:

[The Marshalls 1] The Marshalls were an ancient clan, infamous for their mysterious powers.
[The Marshalls 2] A Marshall did not need to focus an object to use mystic arts.
[The Marshalls 3] The Marshalls used magick, an ancient ability that has long been forgotten.
[The Marshalls 4] The Marshalls were said to have developed many fantastic techniques.

Once Lady Marion connected with the Remnant, her soul traveled to the Sacred Lands. She still looks upon us from the heavens. She prays for the souls of the dead to safely reach the heavens to join her side.

He’s guarding a door with a “?!” icon, but we can’t get in. That’s all for here, let’s go to Assembly Plaza.

Elysion – Assembly Plaza: Many important facilities are housed in this district located directly beneath the Sacred Lands.

There you are!
You really shouldn’t wander off like that, Rush. It’s easy to get lost in a town this big.
Yeah, Rush.
But I… oh, never mind.

Another closed guild.

Elysion Guard: This is the highest tier of Elysion. The Academy is up these stairs and across the main street.
The Academy, huh?
Elysion Guard: The assembly hall is at the end of the street, but civilians aren’t allowed entry. The stairs next to the assembly hall lead to the Ark. It’s a big tourist attraction. Is that why you’re here, too?

Academy Researcher: Elysion is under the rule of the Congress, an organization consisting of the heads of each state. This is why a research establishment like the Academy is here in this city.

Nice view.

Ummm… I’m here to see Doctor Sykes.
I’m sorry, but the doctors are in the middle of some extensive research and cannot be disturbed at this time.
The Academy strives to make the world a better place by spreading the fruit of our labor to every corner of the world. We are never to inject our personal feelings into any matters here.
Hey listen, lady, do you know who I am?
You’re Rush Sykes?

I’m Haruko, director of the Academy. Don’t tell anyone I told you… Doctors John and Marina Sykes are off in the Sacred Lands for a routine evaluation. It will be a while before anyone can get in touch with them, because you have to use the Remnant Ark to get up there.
That’s just up the street, isn’t it? Okay. I’ll just pop on up, then.
Unfortunately, once the Ark is used, you need to wait several months before you can use it again.

Oh, okay. Thanks for your time then.

Let’s look around the Academy a little bit. There’s not really much here.

But they win my respect because they’re both opposed to the weaponization of Remnants. I hope I get to work with them someday!

The previous director was an old fogey appointed way back by the previous Congress Chairman. He was very pushy and overbearing, always tried to keep things to himself. Not many of us liked him. There were always rumors flying around about him causing problems behind the scenes… Everyone thinks this latest personnel shuffle was meant to shut those up.

Even in fantasy JRPG’s academia is still full of politics.

Researcher on Break: I worked with John on a previous project. He’s very down-to-earth and kind, especially considering that he’s one of the best scientists working at the Academy. He’s a family man, too. He has a picture of his family on his desk that he’s always staring at.
(Maybe a real family man would be able to stare at his family in person, instead of just a picture… maybe then I wouldn’t have to deal with this all by myself...)

Obtained Academy Visistone 27!

You know those visistones I’ve been posting in the thread? Here’s where you find them. Talk to this silent researcher every so often and she gives you a few more.

“Academy Visistone 28-29” posted:

[Remnants 28] Remnants constantly emit resonating waves.
[Remnants 29] Remnants are made from an unknown substance, unaffected by space or time.

I thought you would press the director for more information?
What’s the use? She’d just keep lying to my face.

Just before Irina was kindapped, my parents sent me a visistone telling us to come live in Elysion with them. There’s no way they’d suddenly just disappear to the Sacred Lands for a several-month ‘routine visit’.

Uncovering the truth about Remnants means uncovering the biggest truth ever to exist.

Tourist: Not a lot of people know this, but the Academy scientists are allowed to ride it several times a year! I’m so jealous!

In the previous shot, the Yama is guarding the way into the Assembly hall. We can’t go in. So let’s go to the Ark, why not.

Elderly Tourist: That light… So celestial… Seeing that was worth my trek here. I can cross this off my list of things to do before I die.

So this is the Ark. I thought it would look more like something you ride. How does this work exactly?

Ark Tour Guide: The Academy has the ability to send a select few to the Sacred Lands several times a year. The Remnant that Marion Marshall bound to herself is the Sacred Lands, the mass of rock above. The Sacred Lands is where our souls go to rest when we pass away – it is even referred to as a heaven.

So it is the resting place of souls, but living people can visit it occasionally and return. This seems like it has shades of the Farplane of Final Fantasy X. But it’s not really like that.

“Academy Visistone 14" posted:

[Remnants 14] One known Luminescence cycle is that of the Remnant Ark: three months.

Which way to the bar, again?

Elysion – Hendler

Music: A Friendly Ear

Interesting, huh?
Children need to get into trouble and receive punishment. Brats need a taste of the real world!
… Speaking from experience, are you?

A few things… first, what can you tell me about the neighbouring cities?
Elysion’s central location makes it simple to travel to many places from here. As for plaes worth visiting… Hmmm… let’s see. Balterossa, a large trade city to the southwest, has a huge population and a great selection of goods. Ooh, and there’s Royotia, a mining town south past the desert. The area is famous for quality ore. Let’s see… What other places are out there? You should go see for yourself!
Know much about the Academy?
The Academy is a Remnant research facility found near the assembly hall. The Academy is heavily backed by the Congress. Chairman Hermeien’s obsession with Remnants borders on unnatural. He invests a lot of money to keep the Academy afloat.
Lastly, I’d like to know about… you.


You want directions to other towns? Listen carefully, sonny. The Southwestern Road to the desert is used as a trade route, but any merchant travelling that road takes plenty of protection – and with good reason. That place is crawling with monsters! If you value your life, you won’t take that road. Capice?

You’ve been thinking about that too, eh?
… Don’t look at me like you don’t know what I’m talking about! The barkeep!
The white lab coat she used to wear... The blonde hair that shines like the sun… Fiery almond-shaped eyes full of life… You’re thinking of going after her, aren’t you!? Well, you should give up now. You know why?
If the research my brother’s doing in Melphina is successful, she’ll fall head over heels in love with me! Hahaha!

There are plenty of goodies to buy in Elysion, but I really recommend the Blessed Buns.
That’s not a euphemism, is it, because after what happened in Athlum –
They’re soft and feathery on the outside, like clouds, with a creamy filling, like the Remnant Elysion floating within them. One bite will take you to heaven – or the Sacred Lands.
…I’m just going to assume you’re talking about baked goods.
Getting hungry? They’re sold in Hendler if you want to go home with a pack or ten!

The new Academy directory, Ms. Haruko, is very skilled as a scientist, but I’m not sure she has the management skills to run the whole Academy. She was put in that position temporarily, and will soon be replaced by someone else – perhaps John Sykes.

Gloomy Man: Hey… This letter… It’s gotta get to the Balterossa pub… Could you, maybe…
Quit harshing my buzz.
Gloomy Man: Ahh… Figures…
Actually, on second thought. …take it for you? Sure!
Um… Rush?
Gloomy Man: To get to Balterossa… Take the Southwestern Road… The guy there will reward you, probably… You don’t have to tell me about it later – it’s not like anyone cares about me, anyway… Thanks…
Obtained Secret Letter!
Accepted quest: The Secret Letter

Some really gloomy guy gave me a letter to give to someone in a pub in Balterossa. I should take the Southwestern road to get there.
No problem, I’m on it!

Chill out, Pagus. The Congress hasn’t started yet. We’ll get Dave back in time for that thing for sure! Come on, everyone: road trip!

*sigh* (I never thought I would miss the days when I was changing diapers.)

Pagus is complaining about us leaving Elysion, but the game does not actually STOP you from leaving. If the game REALLY wanted to stop you leaving town, it would (and does on a few occasions). If you DON’T blow off the main plot now, in fact, and keep following it until the next dungeon, you’ll find yourself underpowered. So yeah, Road trip time! (Also, we need to do it to get our 9th Unique Leader.)

Video: Welcome to Elysion

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