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Part 26: Chapter XXII - This... is what Irina's kidnappers are after

This… is what Irina’s kidnappers are after

Music: Creeping Shadows

- Dungeon Video: Catacombs

Our objective is simple enough. We start at the bottom of the map and have to make our way north to the top.

There’s the door leading to where we need to go, but there’s one slight problem. It’s up there and we’re down here.

And half the floor is missing. So we’ll need to go the long way around.

A door going west is blocked by debris, but there’s an unblocked one going east.

There’s a door going to the Eastern Area.

Entering this room makes the door ahead slam shut, with a gate in front for good measure.

The door behind Rush closes too. It’s a trap.

These are Albic Qsiti. Yes, Qsiti, as in one of the four major races in the world. You find them in the seamy dark underbellies of cities.

Hooray, the morale bar is finally in the middle, which means that we’re at about the expected BR for this area.

For fights in this dungeon, I prioritized Battle Commands based on whether Gabriel, Nora, or Violet would get to perform an art (instead of doing a basic attack/standing by). Right now, they’re not really pulling a lot of weight, but fortunately, that’s not a big problem.

Did I mention that Qsiti are sentient and an important species? Well, they’re not so important that we can’t CUT THEM UP FOR PARTS.

Rush?! What on earth do you think you’re doing?!
Er, uh, well, this guy at the customization shop told me that Circular Albic Hide could get me a sweet upgrade for my Katanas… And, uh…
...This… this is appalling!
…Sorry, Pagus, I guess I wasn’t thinking about how you’d feel about me cutting up a Qsiti?
What? No! I don’t care about that.
FUCK Albics! Those evil little shits should be exterminated!
Wait, what?
You’re cutting them up all wrong! Here, give me the knife, I’ll show you the proper way to butcher an albic!
Sweet, thanks!

How did something that big get into here? And what does it eat?

A fork! Except not really.

The right-hand tunnel immediately ends into a patch of fog with a treasure chest up above (containing the Catacombs map) and an excavation point below. That contains another Morsel to increase dig count. But I ignored it because digging in the dungeon videos is boring and just something I’d have to cut out anyway. So back to the left-hand tunnel.

Treasure… want treasure…

Of course.

These Butterfly-type enemies can drop Beast Eggs, which Rush wants to upgrade his Katana.

First blood …is yours.

Slap is a small-radius AoE, but it hurt a bit.

I regret having to defeat one such as you.
This is the kind of matchup that turns me on!

I have Rush attacking, David going to heal Emma’s squad, and Emma’s squad healing herself.

To the rescue!

Watch this.

Anyway they get wiped out.

I hate these fog patches.

Because stepping into them inflicts you with the Slow field status, making Rush move at a painfully slow plot. These fog patches are also infested with Aggressive enemies, so you have no choice but to fight them, because they will always spot you and attack. The walking speed is really annoying. Fortunately, it has no effect in-battle.

Got him!

Gabriel saves Rush’s union by blocking two attacks in a row.

learned Spark IV!

This ladder is how we get to the treasure chest that’s behind the locked door. The chest has 3200 G in it.

Another ladder takes us up farther as we head west towards the Central Area again.


Back in the central room, this time on the upper platform.

In the penultimate room there’s the requisite World Map Teleporter. So, what awaits us in the last chamber?

- Boss-ish Video: Seven Albic Qsiti

Seven Albic Qsiti. You know what, I think I can take them all on. Let’s do this!

Music: Flamedrop

Let’s rock!
You’re good as dead!

Note the red squares on the edges of the battle map. That means there are reinforcements waiting. Only seven enemy unions can take the field at once, no matter how many you engage on the field. As enemy unions are terminated, reinforcements will come out and join the fight when a turn ends.

This is the apparent boss of the Catacombs, so I took them all on at once.

It didn’t go great on my first attempt though:

- Blooper Video: Seven Albic Qsiti

After my second union went down, it became a death spiral, I kept reviving, and the reviving union gets killed. Once a death spiral starts, you’re better off hitting Ctrl + Shift + Alt + R to reset back to the main menu. But back to the real fight:

Bindbreath is the Albic’s AoE attack. It seems to have a small radius, it can inflict Blacked Out, but is otherwise only remarkable for how little damage it does. Nora uses Spark to take out her group, Rush takes out his.

A successful Critical Defense for someone who has a shield can lead to a Shield Bash, as Gabriel demonstrates. It does some damage, but nowhere close to the amount of a Dodge-Counter. Still, any damage you can deal out on defense is welcome. Emma takes out her target.


And finally, the true fight begins!

It’s important to not wear yourself down this early, so I have everyone keep their HP up.

Here I go!

Better hit harder than that!

Rush Dodge-Counters to take out his target, and he was scheduled to heal his union, and

No what are you doing?! There are still enemies on the field, hello?


That’s it?

I think that the rank of an art determines its power more than your stats. I think that would explain why the new recruit’s damage is so low. 1000 is pretty good for the base Herbs art. Loki finishes the group off, Emma finishes off hers, but…

Good work with the Reassessing to standby while in critical health, Rush. That was really helpful.

I tell David to revive Rush’s union. That was the wrong choice, because I forgot Pagus was benched and so David is the only healer. So he can bring Rush’s union back, but both unions will still be at low health. I have Emma keep their HP up. The only good news is that there are no more reinforcements – this is all that’s left of the enemy.

To the rescue!

Don’t be discouraged.

It can’t end like this!


This isn’t going well. I have Rush break deadlock to heal himself, while Emma will bring David back. When outnumbered, it is CRITICAL to always bring back your killed unions immediately, because if you don’t, it will probably start a death spiral that you can’t escape. See the blooper video.

Baulson revives David’s union, Emma heals David’s union, and Violet heals her own union. Then Rush heals himself, getting everyone back above 1000 HP. Yay teamwork! Unfortunately, because David’s union was dead, the enemies couldn’t target him, so Emma and Rush get dogpiled.

More tricky decisions. Rush will keep his HP up, and I have David decide to break deadlock to try and Intercept Union J, which is deadlocking Emma, so she can break off to do a full heal.

That did not work at all, Emma’s union was badly injured, and David didn’t attack J until after it was too late, and he didn’t even kill them.

I guess this is just one of those ugly fights you have to fight through by attrition. That’s what I get for taking on 7 unions at once.

Attrition is working, we’re down to three unions each now. I have Rush prioritize healing David’s union by way of attacking Union J. David will revive Emma’s union.

Things muddle along for a couple more turns.

I’m now inputting the commands for turn 11. I have both unions ordered to bring Rush back. Only one will succeed, and the other should finish off the qsiti.

Frickin’ finally. It was ugly, but everyone was standing at the end, and that’s what counts.

learned Restore V!
learned Restorative Herb III!
learned Refresh!
class changed to Adept Freelancer!
learned Mighty Thunderclap II!

- Video: John

Torgal can see someone in the room. He nods to the group, who draw their weapons.

Suddenly, Rush and company break into the room!

Music: Family

It’s good to see you, son!
Dad, Irina’s been –
Yes, I know.

You’re… the Marquis of Athlum!
Tales of your terrible jacket have spread far and wide!

John Sykes puts the box on his desk. He takes off his ring, which is the key to unlocking it.

What’s that?
This… is what Irina’s kidnappers are after. This tablet can put Remnants into… a deep slumber. It was developed by your mother.
Where is she anyway?
She’s out there, luring them away from this.

You might have the same reaction as Rush, thinking that John is a real jerk for letting his wife act as the bait. But Marina Skyes is more than capable of taking care of herself.

Don’t worry. With this, getting Irina back should be a snap. Your mother will be back soon. You’ve done well, Rush. We’re going to be fine.

I hope so.
You can get caught up later. Let us return to the Embassy.

Dad, it’s okay. You’re not alone anymore.
I know. Thanks, kiddo.



Stop! Don’t touch it!

You cannot escape that easily, John Sykes.

Music: Slipping through your Fingers

What did you do to him?!
Hand over the tablet, or he dies.

You come and get it!

I like this move by Rush. It’s not technically a refusal, but it’s clear that even with the threat to his father’s life, Rush isn’t going to be completely cowed into just obeying.

It turns out that the spell on Rush’s father lets Wagram move him like a puppet.

The tablet skitters and slides to a stop at Wagram’s feet.

Music: The Ageless Mage

As he turns to escape through his portal, Emma and Blocter charge.

Still a puppet!

Too late.


New Arts Summary

learned Restore V!
learned Restorative Herb III!
class changed to Adept Freelancer!
learned Mighty Thunderclap II!

Dungeon: Catacombs
Boss-ish: Seven Albic Qsiti
Boss-ish Blooper: Seven Albic Qsiti

A reminder that there is an ongoing VOTE on whether to replace one or two people in the Mystic union with potential new party members. The voting will remain open until Chapter 23 is posted. An inconclusive result will default to keeping Loki and Nora in the active party.

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