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Part 27: Chapter XXIII - They nearly killed me in the past

They nearly killed me in the past -OR- A Date with Emma

- Video: Emma's Secret

Back in the embassy, everyone is waiting for news about Rush's father. A door opens.

How's my dad?

His life is not in danger, but it looks like he is in a coma. There's no telling when he'll wake.

I'll bet he was cursed!
We need to track down that mage post-haste. I believe he's the only one who can save Dr. Sykes.
Wagram... If only I knew where Mom was.

That reminds me... Do you remember what Dr. Sykes told us earlier? About Ms. Marina luring away the others?
What did he mean by that?
I'm at a loss.
I think... I may have an idea of her whereabouts.

A fine time to tell us!

I must ask a favour. I wish to seek her out in the company of Rush... and Rush alone.
Just the two of you?
Yes, my Lord.

Would you care to explain why?
...I see.
Lord David!
You have been a faithful servant to Athlum for many years. I place my trust in you.
Lord David.
Rush. Watch over her. She is not as tough as she appears to be.

Let us return to Athlum. There is much to be done.
Yes, my Lord!
Rush, know that your father is in good hands.
I know. Thanks.
I will see you back in Athlum.

Emma may be going with you, but you should still be very careful. Danger lurks around every corner.
Oi, Rush. Don't slow Lady Emma down too much, got it? If you make her angry, it won't be the monsters you'll have to worry about! Gahahaha!
Don't worry about your pop, alright? I'll take good care of him, no matter what!
Thanks, Blocter.
Information she is unwilling to reveal to Lord David? It isn't like Emma at all. What could be so important to require only the two of you to go - to an unknown location, at that? No doubt the battles you will face along the way will be harsher than any you've encountered thus far. Prepare yourself accordingly.
I suppose that even Emma has things she cannot tell me about. ...Go on, Rush. I'll take care of your father.

The above dialogue is what you get if you return to Athlum Castle at this point.

Are you ready?
Alright. Let us leave. Be on your toes - we're going to encounter a lot of monsters.

Music: Creeping Shadows

- Dungeon Video: Numor Mine

It's been a long time...
You've been here before?
We have an old family tradition. To carry on the Honeywell name, one must journey to find Remnants when one reaches adulthood.
That's cool.
My father died in the war, but he dreamed of a new, great Athlumian Remnant.

'The war' implies an event which everyone would know about, but nothing in the game elaborates on what Emma is referring to. It does seem like smaller wars between city-states squabbling over Remnants happen fairly regularly, though.

I decided to search here after I heard the Academy had its eye on this place. I thought perhaps I could find one.

And then, I met her...
You mean my Mom.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to bore you. We should get out of here, your mother is waiting.

The party has been disbanded. Emma has joined the party.

This was foreshadowed from really early on - the second update, in fact. Emma kept in occasional touch with Marina, which is why she recognized the name Irina when Rush mentioned it in the cave, and why her whole attitude towards Rush changed when he said his last name was Sykes.

So for this dungeon, we're back down to our first ever group: just Rush and Emma. Don't bother changing the union up, there's little point. Definitely don't try and out them into their own unions, neither have enough HP on their own (you'll want to have about 900 health for the combined union).

If you've been linking multiple encounters together up to this point, well stop for this dungeon. The enemies are weak enough on their own to take on one at a time, but more than one or two enemy groups and you can get overwhelmed. I am actually going to dodge as much as I can, since only Rush and Emma will get any XP for this section, but it will count towards the party's BR.

Numor is notable for having lots of tunnels that attach and branch off at odd angles, It actually seems rather wide for a mine.

This shaft is completely full of rocks, but remember it for later.

A wall of rocks blocks the tunnel going straight, but it looks like there is something beyond it.

We have to manually operate this platform, one turn of the wheel at a time, to get down to the lower level.

These ones take us to a new map.

Ah. This part. We need to manually lower the cart to reach the bottom. The twist though, is that the shaft is full of Ameoba-type enemies constantly on a patrol. You have to time your movements to get past them.

I am not good at it.

There is a special combat arena set on the elevator. The elevator is suddenly really huge. Also, that 624 damage was from Emma's regular attack. The enemies here are weak because you only have two units.

learned Nimble Bladedancer III!

There are two little galleries partway down the shaft that have dig sites or treasure chests. This chest just has the Avalanche formation, which is an upgrade to Cascade.

We're almost at the end. This section is all narrow corridors, though.

Here we are, now we just need to

...backtrack to find the key. Thankfully, it's nearby, and we don't have to go up the gauntlet.

Stone of Marshall: A key Remnant that unlocks the seal of the door to Marshallton.

This seems important.

Of course! Mom's in there!

- Boss Video: Namul Sin & Niram Sin

I don't think we're in the mine anymore...

What are they?!

They nearly killed me in the past.

But not THIS TIME!

Look at that grin on her face. I have to think that one reason why she wanted to go alone was to test herself against this enemy again, to prove to herself that she's stronger than before.

Music: Out of Control

New music for this boss!

Mission: Defeat Namul Sin & Niram Sin

Having only one union makes combat decisions really simple!

Come on, let's kick some A!

I won't let bullies like you get in my way!


I decide to prudently order Rush to heal.

Heavensflight is Namul Niram's unique special. It is used every three turns, so be ready. They spin around each other hitting you with spear and shield, and then the shield one flips into the air, spins the shield around and sends it crashing into a union.

Getting them into critical health by only the end of Turn 4 is pretty good.

But it's important to be cautious, because they can deal heavy damage in return. I order Rush and Emma to break deadlock to heal, just to ensure that the healing happens first.

Lucky for me, even the raidlocked Heavensflight wasn't that bad.


learned Talisman's Gift!

And Rush learns his second unique art after completing this battle. Well... after completing this part of the story anyway.

- Video: Marina's Secret


What? No way!

Thought you would never show! ...It's been a long time.

We've seen that effect before...


Mom... I couldn't save Dad...

Rush explains as the screen fades out.

It seems that Marina has a little refuge back from where she came. It's very homey. I suspect that she's been keeping this place well maintained in case she ever needed it.

This is just like back then. You coming from nowhere, and somehow stopping those monsters... and saving my life. ... I need some fresh air.

Emma discreetly exits to give Rush and his mother some privacy.

Your father...
He won't wake up. Dave said that only Wagram has the power to bring him out of it.

Mom... me and Irina - we've both got the power to call out to Remnants. All of this is happening because of our powers, right? I need to know: what are we? And what does that make you?

Music: The Marshalls

I was... an orphan.

The directory of the Academy took me in when I was a child.

To return the favour, I joined the Academy, and dedicated my life to their research. That's where I learned the truth about who I was.

You might have heard of Marion Marshall. She was the one who bound the Remnant Elysion to herself and wed the God Emperor. The power she held was extraordinary - the power to erase the bindings of the Remnants and replace them with her own.

Inside me rests that same, terrible power. For I... I possess Marion's Blessing. As does Irina.

I didn't know about it until after Irina was born.

Oh, if only I'd known! To think such terrible things are happening to her! All because of me!

Mom... you met Dad, I came along, and with Irina, the four of us became a family. Were you... were you happy with that?

I have never regretted having a family, and I never will. The three of you are what makes up my happiness!

Then there's only one thing we can do. We can get that back and be a family again! They want Marion's Blessing for themselves, right? Then they're not gonna hurt Irina! We still got a chance to save her!
Rush... thank you. I know what I have to do now.

Here. I made it using the tablet.

When you find Irina, I want you to give her this for me.
What are you gonna do, Mom?

For now, you should just concentrate on finding Irina.
Rush, please. Do as I say.

Where has she run off to now? Her actions make no sense!

Instead of acting on her own, she should have come with us to Athlum, and explained everything to Lord David.
I don't get it either, but don't talk bad about my Mom. I'm sure she knows what she's doing.
Fair enough. But you can do the explaining to Lord David.

“Academy Visistone 35-36” posted:

[The Marshalls 5] The tablet discovered in Marshallton is one of the last surviving relics of the Marshalls' skills.
[The Marshalls 6] The Marshall tablet holds the power to seal and transform a Remnant into a talisman.

New Arts Summary


Emma's Secret
Dungeon: Numor Mine
Boss: Namul Sin & Niram Sin
Marina's Secret

The outcome of the vote on whether or not to substuite Maddox and/or Leschau for someone was inconclusive, so by default, I won't substitute anyone at this time. I'm also probably going to out an end to thread votes due to lack of interest.

We're back to side-questing starting next update. My butt-pulled estimate is that it'll be about 5 updates of sidequests before we get to the main plot again.

Flowers Count: 5
“Irina” Count: 9
“Rush” count: 4

Next Time: So it's come to war...