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Part 80: Chapter LXXI - Sorry for roughin' you up

Sorry for roughin’ you up.

Music: Life Without Remnants

I need to rest. I feel a bit dizzy...
Are you lost again?
What? Me? Lost? Of course not! Don't be silly!

I moved Rush’s union into the Unicorn formation. It improves the attack and mobility of the lead ranks, which is good, since there is no one in the back ranks.

You again... You seriously need something better to do with your time.
Alright then, lemme ask you something: what're you fighting for? You owe that marquis something?

Nah... I can see from your face that that ain't the real reason... Whatever. No skin off my back either way.

That image... It is not something I will ever forget as long as I live and breathe.
That must suck. I’m sorry.
I've traveled across many lands in search of the man who caused such devastation. He will continue to roam the world until I get my revenge. That is when my journey will end.

Okay, that’s a few more chats done. Now let’s get back to what we’re supposed to be doing.

Yeah… Probably ain’t a surprise to you, but that “monster” is the Lob Omen. With all the shit going down here in Nagapur, it’s been hiding out up at Wyrmskeep. I wanna go up there and get it back, but now that Hermeien’s gone, a bunch of monsters’ve moved in. It’s dangerous, even for me. Hey, other than that whole sister-kidnapping-and-trying-to-kill-each-other-business, we’re cool, right?

I was really tempted to make that the chapter title, but even setting aside that it’s spoilerish, it’s a bit long even by my generous standards.

Sure, uh, dawg…
Yeahhh, that’s what I like to hear. We oughta be able to sneak into the castle through the Aqueducts. C’mon, let’s roll.
Accepted quest: UFO!?

Music: Everflow

Jager wants me to help him find the Lob Omen. It’s been spotted near Wyrmskeep, so I should head over to the Aqueducts and make my way inside.

Our map has expanded again, and there’s a northern part now. But to get there, first…

learned Nimble Spring Squall II!
learned Mighty Smash IV!

We have to get past these Glasya Labolys-type Spiritlords. Spiritlords are not fun. But they are manageable.

- Boss Video: Bonus Boss: Firey Gates

The other feature of note is this thing. It looks like the Gates of Hell. It is, because it is another one of the game’s bonus bosses (which were DLC on the Xbox). This one is the Gates of Hell bonus boss, the Firey Gates. It wasn’t here last time, when I came through on the Slave Traders quest, so I wasn’t expecting it to be here for “UFO!?” either. So let’s save first and give it a try.

Music: Clash of Opposites

The first wave is against a bunch of boss Homoculuni. Notice that our morale starts very far to the left. That’s a warning sign.

Wait, I still gotta…
This busta’s just askin’ for it, huh?

The stronger they are, the more fun I have wiping the smiles off their faces.

This is how things looked at the end of Turn 1. Jager and Kate will revive (and heal themselves), Torgal will throw himself at an enemy to try and prevent one of the Raidlocks from going off.

I managed to take one of them out on turn 3, but I am clearly outmatched here. This did not come as a surprise to me.

I’ll have to come back later. So let’s ignore the boss for now and move on to the north side of the room.

Music: Everflow

Both those pathways going north lead to Disposal Tank No. 8, the final area of the Aqueducts. I can’t get to the platform control across the way from this map, but all moving it does is make it easier to get back to the central chamber (if I want), and it grants access to a chest containing the Turtle formation. Yaay. So I’ll leave that exciting journey out of the screenshots.

This area is small, thankfully, but it has its own share of moving platforms to play with.

This lets me get at a chest with Aqueducts Map 2.

learned Nimble Resonance Edge IV!

Treasures obtained and sights seen, let’s move on. I’ll need to move this platform to the far position (above and to the left of Rush’s head).

More treasure. This is something Glenys would really like, but unfortunately, I think Gabriel asks for it first, which is annoying because he doesn’t get any benefit from the Katana +4 part, and this is the only one.

Oh well, trying to figure out what units will request what is a whole lot of wiki-walking that I don’t really care to spend the time doing.

- Video: Into Wyrmskeep

Here we are. This is the entrance to the Cherry Pavilion of Wyrmskeep, which was the last playable area on “Disc 1”.

Rush actually climbs up the ladder, which is a nice touch.

Not much has changed, except that this place is full of monsters now, and we know about the trapdoor leading to the Aqueducts.

- Video: First Lob Omen Fight

As soon as we try to leave the first room, we get dragged into a surprise fight.

Mission: Defeat the Lob Omen

Music: Beat the Odds

We’re facing a few Deathclaw-type Manticores alongside the Lob Omen.

Schandmantel is a special attack. The Lob Omen scoops up the target and then ejects them.

That’s the first of the Manticores down. We’re still in decent shape.

I’ve never actually used Shards before, so this is new to me as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t synergize well with mystics, so I probably won’t use it much after this either.

We continue to fight!

Rush gets knocked out, but I was already sending Gabriel to heal him, so he revives Rush instead.

I know there will be a lot of fighting, so I’ll try and shorten it when I can.

That’s a third one down now.

Music: Turn the Tide

Rush is already Rear Assaulting, I see no reason to let up on that. Torgal will also use Lugh’s Revenge on whatever he wants to.

Lob Omen isn’t that dangerous, but it does have a lot of HP. On that turn alone it took, let’s see… (17020 + 19084 + 35259 + 35581…) 106,944 damage. And that’s with some blocks and Jager’s union not participating.

Shadowfall can hit multiple unions if they are lined up just right.

Time for some action!

Son of a -!

Another 65,724 damage in this turn. We can dish out damage no problem, but the trick with most bosses is that we can’t take very much in return, so against actually tough foes, we’ll need to balance between attacking and recovering. Lob Omen, however, is a weak opponent, so healing is a lot less necessary. I’ll still heal though, because I don’t want dead unions at the end of the battle.

Of course the Lob Omen does have some tricks which are nasty.

35520 + 11845 + 7661 = 55026 damage this turn. It can sure take a beating.

It’s finally down.

But not out.

It flees at the end of battle. Yep, we’ll have to do this again.

learned Nimble Bladedancer V!
class changed to Ataraxian!
learned Refresh!
learned Gravity Tempest II!
learned Nimble Cascade Strike III!
learned Vivification Tincture!

Fucking finally. I’ve had Caedmon stuck in the Mystics union for the last 15 chapters, or three months, training Mystics in the hopes that he would eventually reach a Mystic/Item balance and change from Scout to Ataraxian. And he did it. At times, I despaired that he ever would change, that maybe I was just misusing him there for no good reason. But he’s here. His STR/INT balance didn’t suffer too much, he’s at 88 STR/44 INT, compared to 78 STR/39INT when he started down the mystic path.

So this means that Caedmon is moved to Torgal’s union, and Allan is benched. I brought in Zolean from the bench to slot into the Mystic union. This is because it has been so long (1 2/3 months) that I completely forgot about Nora.)

I found the Lob Omen in Wyrmskeep and boy, it looked pissed! I almost had it, but it just barely got away. Damnit! I guess I’ll have to keep looking.

The Lob Omen flew off, so what exactly do we do now? Rush’s Journal has the hint: we have to roam the halls of the Cherry Pavillion.

There are a lot of Manticores and some Vile Lizards in here, but we don’t get any more automatic combat encounters, nor do we see the Lob Omen anywhere. So where is it?

It’s hiding, of course! The key, I think, is to look for manticores who are NOT aggressive, that should be the one where Lob Omen is hiding. I don’t have the screenshot budget to show this fight off, and this fight is repetitive enough that I don’t think I need to include every video. This time, the Lob Omen’s health bar is visible. It seems to have less health than the first encounter.

class changed to Legendary Druid!
learned Restore V!

Of course, you have to do that again. Running around the level and finding the Manticore which just doesn’t belong. I’m not bothering with a video for this one either.

learned Mystic Missile III!
learned Caustic Blast III!
learned Confuse!

At that point, I remembered about Nora. I also remembered that there’s a particularly nasty boss coming up in 10 or so updates. I decided that I wanted Rush to learn Fatal Eclipse, because being able to cast that at high morale would be a great help to his arsenal. So I put Caedmon back on Mystic duty one last time.

- Video: Final Lob Omen Fight

Let’s clean up this trash in one sweep!

I know what you’re thinking: “Sure, Stabbey, fighting 5 encounters worth of units at once sounds like a great plan which will make for a very short battle!”

Let me tell you now: That’s wrong. But on the bright side, Emmy can summon Namul Niram, which boosts our union count. That is great because we are heavily outnumbered. I’m having Rush wait a turn to build up AP, which is stupid since there are so many unions on the field

May our strengths become one!

This is the type of matchup that turns me on!

Welcome back, Nora.

Torgal’s union took the brunt of that, and miraculously, no one targeted Rush’s union. But I’ll be sending Rush to save Torgal’s union, because with so many enemy unions, with so many reinforcements, it’ll be tough trying to get to downed unions. Emmy is deadlocked with union D, but I don’t like the battle commands she has, so I’m sending her to attack union F instead. Kate’s union is not in deadlock, so she will take on union D to try and keep them from raidlocking Emmy. Jager’s deadlocked with C, but he got no good options, so he’ll play it by ear. Torgal will do a full attack, since I already have a union on the way to help him anyway.

Not entirely unexpected. It was worth a shot anyway.

Kate’s union wasn’t fast enough to prevent the Rear Assault and Glenys gets KO’ed as a result.

Namul Niram finished off what Torgal couldn’t.


This could be going better. Talisman’s gift will help keep Rush from dying right away, which is helpful. Torgal will go for the revive on Emmy.

Dispirit nominated for MVSpell.

Finally a good break.

But… not… ready… yet…

The big boy has joined the show, bringing along the last of the Deathclaws to reinforce. Other than Rush being dead, we’re all in great shape. I’ll be trying to lower the enemy morale as much as I can, as that’s becoming a problem. Torgal will go after Rush.

A dodge-counter from Irina finished off one more Deathclaw union.

Namul Niram took a lot of heat this turn, which is perfect, that’s what summons are the best at.

Rush will stand by. I know that Rush is supposed to be using this battle to learn Fatal Eclipse, but I’m not especially worried. The time for that will come, the priority is to turn the battle in our favor first.

That takes care of them!

We’re whittling them down now. Just three left and the Lob Omen.

So much for the distraction.

To the rescue!

Music: Flamedrop

It’s getting around the time when I want to focus on getting that Arcana learned, so Rush will be doing a normal 0 AP attack on Deathclaw J, which should be enough to finish it. (I’ve heard that higher-level arcanas have a better chance to proc if you aren’t in deadlock.) Soon I’ll go into full “delay until I can force an arcana” mode.

That went as planned.


Emmy brings Namul Niram back, and they heal.

Turn 8 was spent just holding until I get the commands I want for Rush. And here it is.

Music: Turn the Tide

Okay, mission accomplished, let’s end this fight now.

That’ll help!


Son of a -!

That’s a strong one!

I meant to do that!

And we’re done.

learned Fatal Eclipse!
class changed to Adept Ninja!
class changed to Legendary Mysticknight!
learned Mighty Cascade Strike!
learned Mighty Cascade Strike II!
learned Spark V!
learned Nimble Fleche III!
learned Mighty Slice & Dice II!

Finally, Loki learns Spark V. It’s weird, because he’s been in the party for 8 more chapters than Nora, but she learned Spark V in chapter 52-A, or 19 chapters before Loki did. Maybe party order counts for a lot for art priority? I just don’t know. I want to get him to learn Blackout, but I don’t want to replace Kate as the leader even for a little bit.

- Video: Recovering the Lob Omen

Obtained Lob Omen!

Sorry for roughin’ you up. But it’s good to have you back, partner.

Here. It ain’t much, but shut up and take it anyway.
Reward: Divine Metal x 3, 10000 G.
The hell’re you lookin’ at me like that for? What, you think I don’t know common courtesy?
No, it’s-
Damn, you’re such a little – eh, whatever. Holla at me later.
Completed quest: UFO!?
I got the Lob Omen back. As if there was any doubt that I could! Jager’s happy. All’s good.

Just a few more loose ends to tie up here.

Whadda you think about the state of the world lately? I'm not just talking 'bout peace or war or anything, just... Something ain't quite right, yanno?
Something’s not right?
I've been binding Remnants all my life, and it hasn't ever felt like it's been feeling lately. It's just... I don't even know how to describe it. I bet that Marquis of yours is feeling it, too. You can't be telling me you haven't noticed anything.
Well, maybe…
Something’s wrong. Maybe… Remnants aren’t like I always thought they were.

Music: Life Without Remnants

Now that Rush has learned Fatal Eclipse, Nora goes back to the Mystics union, just in time for the big fight at Koenigsdorf. Caedmon stays with Rush, and Paris with Torgal because why not.

You feeling okay?
O-oh! H-hi, Rush! You don’t need to worry about me. I’ll be better in no time!

Combat arts is the way to go.
Yes… Then, the road before me is clear. I’ll go forward… for Athlum.

Rush, how should I further my training? Once again, I’d appreciate your advice…
Combat arts is the way to go.
Understood. I won’t stray from my path again.

Lotions… Think that stuff’s worth looking into?
Sure! Try something new.
Okay. Dunno if it’ll be worth anything, but I’ll give it a shot.

You think it’s worth it to try to learning Evocations? What would you do?
Try something new!
Alright, I’ll give it a shot. Spells aren’t my strong suit, though.

So I guess I could learn Psionics, but it kinda sounds like a waste of time…
No way – go for it!
Alright. Then I’ll try to get it down ASAP.

No to Lotions and Evocations (because I want Kate focused exclusively on Hexes), yes to Psionics.

Your Cloistral Belt is impressive… Yet it would be even more so in my possession. What do you think?
…Sure, you can borrow it.
You shall have my eternal gratitude. It shall be used spectacularly.

I think Gabriel tries to get first dibs on a lot of stuff. I really should turn him down occasionally. Too bad I screwed up with the Cloistral Belt.

Oh, Rush. If you’ve some free time, why don’t we fight a bit outside of town? Sitting around all day isn’t good for you…
Yeah, let’s hit it!
As I expected from you! Let’s be off!

Pagus finally got his second Poison Nussknacker Needle from a Wyrmskeep Manticore, so he upgraded his wand. And yes, let’s be off, to our long-overdue confrontation at Koenigsdorf.

New Arts Summary

class changed to Adept Ninja!
learned Mighty Smash IV!
class changed to Ataraxian!
learned Refresh!
learned Gravity Tempest II!
learned Vivification Tincture!
class changed to Legendary Druid!
learned Mystic Missile!
learned Restore V!
class changed to Legendary Mysticknight!
learned Antivenin!
learned Spark V!
learned Mighty Slice & Dice II!

Bonus Boss: Firey Gates
Video: Into Wyrmskeep / First Lob Omen Fight
Video: Final Lob Omen Fight
Video: Recovering the Lob Omen

Alternate dialogue

I’m so not “down” I’m up.
Hmph, pussy. You don’t see me holding a grudge…

Trying to talk to him again…

Whatever line you choose, Jager just repeats the appropriate response we’ve already seen.

Next Time: You are no longer necessary