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Part 90: Chapter LXXXI - Imperial City, my ass!

Imperial City, my ass!

The way to Mt. Vackel leads through Berechetevalle. Well, technically, we don’t need to walk through it now since it’s already unlocked on the world map, but…

Music: Rolling Hills, Sprawling Plains

So long as it’s there, ah can’t get home…
We’ll take care of it!
Ya sure, sonny? Ah’d be mighty grateful!

This isn’t an official sidequest, it’s just a “boss at the end” warning.

Music: Rolling Hills, Sprawling Plains

Mt.Vackel is the mountain pass dungeon. It’s not terribly big or terribly exciting.

It is pretty scenic, though.

It’s also crowded with vulture-type enemies, which are hard to avoid on the treacherous paths. Well-timed use of Timeshift can help get you past them a lot of the time.

There are only two zones to the dungeon, but traversing it while avoiding enemies is always a bit tricky.

This little cul-de-sac has a couple harvest points.

This tree in particular is where to find the Parfumlily that Sheryl wants.

Another morsel to up Mr. Diggs dig count.

I hate all these vultures. There’s no safe way to get by them.

I sometimes have to fight just to avoid an enemy touching me first. That chest in the back just has the Obelisk formation.

Look at this crap. Our only way forward is that narrow ridge up ahead.


- Video: Rare Monster Heaven’s Lord

This is the last part of the dungeon, and here’s the big monster blocking out way. The Rare Spiritlord named Heaven’s Lord.

Music: Beat the Odds

Wipe ‘em all out!

Cyclops seems like a good plan. Everyone else will stand by and do nothing, because this is a Spiritlord, and they are dicks.


Super! He’s used up his curse and it didn’t even take. Cyclops also attacks Heaven’s Lord, but as a summon he’s also immune to Curse.

These opponents are not to be underestimated.

Getting morale up is again the standard procedure, because even without the curse, Spiritlords have some nasty attacks.

Do you require assistance?

Like that. Luckily, I had Irina standing by ready to heal anyone injured.

And that was the damage it did at near-max morale.

Even if Blocter is a scout, he can still dish out the hurt just fine.

Music: Turn the Tide

Yeah, this is our big chance!

We’re doing okay in this fight.

Watch this!
No way!

I meant to do that!

Don’t underestimate your foes!
That Rear Assault did 60333 damage.

Surely it can’t take much more of this.

And we’re done. I am BR 56 after this fight.

learned Bel’kwinith’s Fury!
learned Mighty Smash III!

Heaven’s Lord only spawns once, but I think it’s an always-captured monster. As such it has some good splits available. But since I have some, I just capture it for selling.

We’re done here, let’s continue.

Undelwalt – For 1000 years this town has been the seat of the God Emperor. However, today it holds only a shadow of its former grandeur.

Music: Echoes of the Past (Undelwalt Theme)

Undelwalt – Aurey Way: Many travelers visit this corridor, which has a great view of the Harmonium.

This is the very last of the cities in the game. It’s not that big either.

- Video: Undelwalt Tour

Aristocratic Little Girl: Have you come to say your prayers to our majesty?
Err… not exactly.

That’s pretty big.
Harmonium-Gazing Old Woman: For ages it’s been said that the Remnant’s chime delivers a blessing upon the town, but… looking at Undelwalt now, I’m not so sure.

“Academy Visistone 5” posted:

[Remnants 5] The Imperial City of Undelwalt was the first to be built around a Remnant.

Now the place is nothing short of desolate.
Maybe it’d be less so if the only road leading in wasn’t narrow, winding, and full of unavoidable monsters.

It’s simply blasphemous!

I sure did. …It sucked.
God Emperors have used that dangerous mountain to test the courage and strength of travelers for ages. You must be braver than you look.

There are a lot of soldiers out there who brag about past experiences, but it’s hard to know who’s telling the truth. All I know is that anyone who says they’ve been to Siebenbur is a real man – or a real liar.
Which one?
But all the rumors kinda make me wonder what’s so scary about the place… ‘Course, not so much that I’d ever try to go!

Talking to him unlocks the Third Path. That’s almost all of them.

The local pub is the Blessed Chime.

Someone is seeking three desert stones, important to the history of the land. This is the talk of the town, my lady.
I’d like a glimpse of what the stones look like, but I’m afraid the desert air will dry out my skin.

Waitress: The Blessed Chime has been around since the days of the Imperator. This place holds history.
Sounds lame.
Waitress: The customers who used to come here were very refined. You can’t tell from looking around the place today, though.

Kinda like the God Emperor himself.

Aristocratic Man: Now it’s covered in a greenish tint. It could mean the Harmonium’s bind is coming to an end.

Sounds like a plan.
Excellent! My arm sings with the promise of victory!

Rush, have we time to do some fighting at the nearest battlefield? I still must prove to my father that I can be a competent knight…
Alright, sure.
You have my gratitude. Let us be off.

Hey, hey, time’s a wasting! Monsters to fight, loot to collect, eh? Let’s get going!
Sounds good!
That’s more like it, kid!

Undelwalt is a small place, really. It only has Aurey Way and Gefyri as the normal town places.

Undelwalt – Gefyri: These streets were once lined with workshops of craftsmen working for the God Emperor. Even today, the merchandise offered here is of the highest quality.

This is Gefyri, the marketplace in Undelwalt – but the view is almost more impressive than the selection. Inside this dome are shops that have been here since the town’s inception, centuries ago. From the street on the other side of the dome, you can see the Harmonium, the Remnant of the God Emperor.

The dome is indeed pretty and quite detailed.

Over here, FINALLY, is what we’ve been seeking for ages.

Obtained Shield of Remembrance!

This shield is needed for 4 of Jorgen’s seven classes (The General, Raider, Aristocrat and Djinn), and you can’t get it until you’re almost at the end of the game.

The view from here is nice.

Well, I’m not here as a tourist…
This town still tries to hold onto memories of the Imperator’s power and what it stood for. Really, it’s behind the times.

Okay, that’s all there is in the town. All that’s left to do is advance the main plot and…

Huh… she looks vaguely familiar…

New Arts Summary
learned Bel’kwinith’s Fury!
learned Mighty Smash III!

Video: Rare Monster Heaven’s Lord
Video: Undelwalt Tour

The results of the poll are in. Bloctor got three votes, Blocktor got another vote, and so did Darian. However, since there’s no one in the party with any of those names (which were right there above their portraits in the poll), the next highest vote winner is Gabriel. Sorry, pal.

Next Time: I’m supposed to be the mysticky one, okay?