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Part 9: Episode 8: The Continuing Adventures of Bungalow Bill

Well, we killed an 11,000 year old horror, iced a phoenix, we may as well get on with a hat trick and down a dragon.

Welcome to the Nest of Dragon. No, it’s really not that much different from the marsh the Seventh Fort is in. Except this has glowy green blobs floating in the air. That box next to us we can’t actually get til we beat the boss and actually get a better item than it

While we are on top these guys are going to be our main enemies. Bats are pansies that hit for 8 damage. The Mandragoras have the chance to be quite a bit more dangerous though. Unusually for a normal enemy they have 3 attacks. Their standard melee is nothing to write home about.

They can also fire off some bullets from their mouth for a little bit more damage.

Or they can use their all ally ice attack. Dart takes it for about 50 cause he’s weak to water and Lavitz about the same cause he’s a fucking putz when it comes to magic attacks.

Rose: "Guys? Don't you feel something? This forest is contaminated by the
Dragon's poison."

Lavitz: "I see. That's why the Sandoras don't have a defense in this forest. A
normal person cannot be exposed to this 'poison' for a lon gtime. It's
a natural defense."

Shana: "Oh my?"

Dart: "What's wrong!?"

Shana: "I felt a little bit dizzy, that's all."

I don’t know if Lavitz should talk like that. I am 100% positive Rose would wipe the floor with him if it came to a fight right now.

Rose: "Oh, I am a woman too."

Lavitz: "You are special."

Rose: "'Special', huh? Fine. I don't capitalize on a woman's frailty anyway."

Shana: "I don't mean to do...oh no. I'm okay. See? Rose is fine too. But, I...
I'm sorry. I need to go rest a little."

God damn it. This woman is going to be the death of the whole party. Can you see why I spend so much time badmouthing her in my updates? As she runs off Rose just stand back shaking her head. Probably wondering how dumb she was to get into this group.

Shana: "Uh huh. Don't worry. I don't feel sick anymore. Besides, I think I got
used to the air in this place."

Dart: "Then, can you go with us?"

Shana: "Sure. If I fall down here, there would be no meaning to me coming with

Lavitz: "Indeed, we can say the war is in our hands, because the Kaisers cannot
make a move."

Dart: "Shana.... Please don't leave us like that. We don't know what awaits us.

Shana: "Sorry."

Dart: "Now, let's move on."

[Dart and Shana walk off.]

Lavitz: "Yup, they are always like that."

Without out of the way we can finally move forward. Right on top of a solid spider web. That sounds like a good idea. Very structurally sound with 800 pounds of load on it.

Well that ended about how I expected.

Shana: "Yes. I think...I'm fine."

Dart: "Where are we?"

Rose: "In the nest of the dragon."

Rose: "What confidence you have. Is that because you are a Dragoon?"

Dart: "I guess. That whole “I’m going to shit my pants in fear” thing back at hoax? That was so two hours ago.”

Alternately is just too stupid to be properly afraid of something 30’ tall, weighing several tons, and poisonous enough to wreck an entire forest. The fact his confidence ends up justified is beyond the point.

Shana: "Guys, look at this. There is still pure water left in this forest.

Dart: "Let's go. If we defeat the monster, the forest will be saved."

That pool is one of the handy dungeon heal points. This isn’t a bad area at all to grind up your additions at if you feel the need.

We have a new enemy in here, the Lizard Men. The thing that makes them convenient for us is they can use Physical Barrier. Once they use it they take no damage from standard attacks until their next action. This makes them great for bouncing additions off of. If you get a battle with two of them they’ll sometimes alternate which one is using Physical Barrier and it owns.

On the other hand they can roll into you and cause Stunned. So it really depends on how kind they are feeling.

There is also a rare enemy in this dark oriented Man Eating Plant. I only actually ran into one of these despite spending a decent amount of time down here.

They can do a power up move as well as a Dark damage to all spell.

While I’m down here murdering the corrupted wildlife Rose masters Whip Smack so is in fine face smashing shape. Sadly she doesn’t get her next addition til level 14 or 15. Dart masters Volcano so he moves onto Burning Rush. Burning rush does asstastic damage but it tops off at 100+ SP gain. So handy as hell for filling your dragoon gauge and gaining dragoon levels.

Basically the main gimmick for this area is we need to get past these floaty tentacles. You can see a little mushroom back and left of Dart. If we hit one of those mushrooms one of the gates will drop. Its really basic so I’m not going to post 70 screens of going up and down tentacle ladders. Through our journeys we pick up a Spirit Potion, Body Purifier, Bravery Amulet, and Mind Purifier.


Lavitz: "Who is this!?"

????: "Is that you, Lavitz?! It's so ironic to find you venturing here!!"

Lavitz: "You are...Greham!!"

Dart: "Do you know him?"

Lavitz: "I will never forget him!! He used to be the head of the Second
Knighthood of Basil...Greham!

Lavitz: “The man who used to be my father's best man!!"

Oh hey. It’s that dude those old guys were talking about. So yeah, if you don’t talk to all the random people around town this fight kind of comes out of nowhere. Neither Lavitz, the king, or his mom make any mention of this. We just find this dude, then stab him in the face.

Greham: "Welcome, Lavitz. You have become a knight fulfilling the wishes of
your late father, Servi."

Greham: "Are you still carrying that grudge after more than a dozen years for
my betrayal of your father!?"

Lavitz: "That's not all!! You betrayed King Albert!! You betrayed every single
person I know!!"

Greham: "Is that the wrath of a patriotic knight, or a man full of vengeance?"

Lavitz: "Both!! Greham!! I now get to avenge my father, who trusted you and
died in vain!"

Greham: "'Get revenge'...huh? Try! See if you can truly best me and my newly
obtained power!"

Greham: "Emerge!! The power of the Dragon!!"

Lavitz: " are a Dragoon!?"

Rose: "It shouldn't be a surprise. Only the Dragoons can manipulate Dragons.
Behind the Dragon, there should be...."

Greham: "This is the power I obtained!!"

Rose: "Obtaining that power is not an easy matter. You, where did you get the
Dragoon Spirit?"

Greham: "I'm amazed there is someone in Basil who knows about this. Fine. You
too will know before you die.

Rose: "Is this some kind of dream? Emperor Diaz died 11,000 yars ago. With the
name of the Holy Imperial Gloriano."

Greham: "If this is a dream, how can you explain what you are about to see?
Come! I will give you a chance to avenge your father! If you have the
courage to fight against the legendary Dragoon!"

Enough words. Time for some stab-

OH GOD. That’s not how I meant to start this battle. Right off the bat Lavitz is slammed for 124 damage. You can already see how much magic defense matters. That was over 1/3 of his life gone before he moved.

I decide to have Rose heave off some retaliation with a Ground magic item that hits all. The wisdom of this is a bit debatable though. Whenever Feyrbrand takes a hit he does a power up. So I did about 190 damage between the two targets, but I’m probably going to eat a little more damage throughout the fight.

Dart decides to get in on the attack all party.

With decidedly more mediocre results doing about 70 damage total.

Feyrbrand decides to finally join in on the battle cause he is slow as balls.

Oh god he got his goo all over Lavitz’s face. He can either fire off a blob that poisons like in this case or a blue blob that can stun. Lavitz of course being the jerk he is gets poisoned. Way to be.

Without too much issue Greham goes down. Then Dart gets stunned by Feyrbrand. Luckily the dragon is nearly dead and Rose finishes him off for us.

This fight went kind of weird. Greham spammed the shit out of the lance strike early and often. Usually he doesn’t use it much until he’s under half HP. He also has a wind attack that hits all your allies he just never used. Luckily that is Lavitz’s first magic attack so we can see it this update any way.

Also we lucked out on the item drop. You always get a Down Burst attack item from Feyrbrand, but you only have a chance to get a Plate Mail from Greham. Didn’t even have to save scum that one. I’ll toss it on Lavitz since Dart has buckets of HP and Rose can’t wear it.

Greham: "Ug..... I got a deep gash.”

Lavitz: "I still...don't understand. Why did you betray my father? You were not
like this."

Greham: "Nobody could be stronger than your father. That was the only thing I
could never conquer. I had...admiration for him, as a mate...and as a
friend. But time goes by and it turned into this feeling.... This fear,
from realizing the limits of your ability.... This fear...that goes
nowhere. The only thing you can do is curse yourself for weakness...."

Greham: "There alternative. If only I could obtain a new power, I
could be equal to, or surpass him.

Greham: “ strong. Now...I can be
with Servi...."

Apparently one of the many powers of Dragoon Spirits is making corpses go away. Pretty handy if you ask me with how much death we deal out.

Rose: "Greed for power eventually conquers you.
Unleashed power generates only sorrow. He should've known that. He was
lucky to die now and avoid even more sorrow."

Lavitz: "Wha...what is this!?"

Dart: "Lavitz, maybe you too are...."

I’m sure absolutely no one in the audience saw this coming. Killed a wind dragoon who came to terms with our Wind oriented character? No way could that ever mean the spirit would pass on!

Rose: "Dart is right, the Dragoon Spirit of the Jade Dragoon recognized you as
the next master."

Lavitz: "I am...a Dragoon? I deserve to rule Dragons?"

Lavitz: "It's what Greham left for me. I understand. I accept it! The fate of
a Dragoon! I will use this power for justice! Like Dart and Rose!"

Rose: [Use for justice? Huh!]

Shana: "Good for you, Lavitz. Ah...."

Dart: "Shana!?"

Shana: "I can't...breathe."

Dart: "Too much poison!?"

Lavitz: "We cannot make it over Villude carrying Shana. Then, we have to go to

Dart: "Lohan.... That commercial town!?"

Lavitz: "Yes, that's it. I heard there is a great doctor there!"

Dart: "Hurry!"

Well. I guess it’s a good thing that we chose this party. Cause Shana is out of action for a while. As far as the game is concerned she’s no longer in the party. Dart is just dragging her around and I guess heaving her on the ground like a sack of potatoes when we get in random battles.

One last thing to do here before heading out. Remember that chest from the beginning of the update? We can finally get it. We hop over the stream and head all the way back on the other side of it to pick up a Chainmail. It’s not as good as the Plate Mail, but gives Dart an upgrade as well.

And in a kind of dumb bit of planning: We can’t actually just jump back over the stream at the top to get back. We need to do it at another spot, fall back down the spider web hole, go through the dungeon, and back up from where we killed Greham and Feyrbrand.

Bonus Vids!

Lavitz Level 1 Dragoon

Rose: Death Dimension