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The Legend of Dragoon

by Alaan

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Original Thread: Collect seven dragon balls to save the world! Let's play Legend of Dragoon

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Welcome to the Legend of Dragoon let’s play!

Legend of Dragoon was a RPG released by Sony back in 2000. I think it was supposed to be some kind of Final Fantasy 8 killer, but uh, I’m not quite sure they backed that up. The graphics are somewhere between FF7 and FF8 and the music is a bit tinny. However it brought voice acting to the party! It’s not good voice acting but, hey, little steps!

On the upside, the backgrounds are pretty, game play is fun, and the characters are all pretty solid. Every character is both usable in battle and can carry their own weight in the story. And this has to have one of the highest average ages in a JRPG at over 30+. Damn near your entire party is either a seasoned adventurer or soldier. On the whole it’s an alright game. I'd probably be a little rougher on it if I played it for the first time today. But I won't let reality get in the way!

So lets sit back, relax, and watch some fucking dragons.

Disc 1: The Serdian War

Disc 2: Platinum Shadow

Disc 3: Fate & Soul

Disc 4: Moon & Fate

Character Skills

May contain plot spoilers if you aren't up to date

Red Dragoon: All Additions | Level 5 Dragoon
Dark Dragoon: All Additions | Level 5 Dragoon
Jade Dragoon: All Additions | Level 5 Dragoon
White Dragoon: Level 5 Dragoon
Purple Dragoon: All Additions | Level 5 Dragoon
Blue Dragoon: All Additions | Level 5 Dragoon
Yellow Dragoon: All Additions | Level 5 Dragoon

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