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Part 16: Episode 15: Blue Moon, You Saw Me Standing Alone

Welcome to disc 2 boys and girls! We have two characters, two dragon spirits, and a magical maguffin to pick up. So let’s get to business.

Welcome to Fletz, our second main kingdom on Endiness. We’ll actually be seeing a lot more of this city than we did of Bale.

Everything freezes in place and it darkens. Lloyd dramatically pops into existence and turns to face the camera. He knows it’s time for

And then he vanishes and life moves on like normal.

Apparently despite having to murder a castle full of guards and survive some monologuing we are basically five minutes behind him. Apparently his ridiculous speed is only in battle.

Haschel: "It's close to the sea.”

Dart walk’s up and starts giving the bridge a weird look.

Haschel: “Is anything wrong with the bridge?"

Dart: "It says 'Claire Bridge'. It's the same name as my mom."

Haschel: "Oh! My runaway daughter is named Claire, too! There may be some
secret connection between us!"

Albert: "I agree with you. Let's say the population of the Endiness Continent
is about 1,000,000 and 550,000 are women. According to the statistics
of the Royal Personnel Authority, 4% of all women have the name
Claire. It means from a statistical point of view...."

I had forgotten how much of a dude Albert can be. This is far from the last time he goes off on a handle in way too much detail.

Rose: "Just looking tells it all. They don't look like each other at all."

Albert: "the distance between their skull, eyeballs, and also their jawbones are...."

Rose: "Let's go. He won't finish talking until dusk."

And with that we finally get our freedom to wander around town. If we want we could head onto the world map and back over to Serdio. There is no where else unlocked yet new area wise.

We don’t need to go far to pick up stardust #1. We’ll have another 4 to pick up in town.

Across the bridge and up the stairs is the bar. We’ll be making quite a few stops in here. But first we raid their old bottles for some stardust. This shit ends up in the most random places.

Kaffi is the motormouth waitress here. If we talk to her boss he bitches about her wasting too much time talking and not working. For now she just tells us to come back later. We still need to trigger a little story before she magically cares.

Just north of there is the inn. I wasted 20g here because you actually don’t heal up between disc changes and I didn’t remember that I had a free overnight rest coming up. Jeeerks. Oh also some princess or some shit is getting old blah blah how could this possibly be important?

Here’s the view from from on top of the local Clinic. Over on the left are a jewelry and item shop. Just south of them is the weapon shop.

To the north?

Dart: "!?"

All : "It's too sudden!! It's scary! Gods, please help us through this...."

What the hell? The inn keeper did not mention the princess being some terrifying deformed monster or anything.

Emille: "I heard somebody say 'Shoot'. Who was that!? Hey, I'm the princess in
this country. You have to be nice to me!"

As she talks she turns and looks at all the people standing around who basically recoil in terror. Even the dog get’s the fuck out.

Ok, she has to at least be nice to the pregnant lady. She looks like she’s about to burst.

Well, at least a few memorable lines pop out of the translation.

Pregnant Mother: "Oh no!"

Emille: "Disgusting!! Stop crying!!"

Pregnant Mother: "Since my husband was killed by bandits.... This, this baby
has been my only hope."

Emille: "Bandits!? Phooey! You bore me!!"

With that Princess Bitchface heads back to the castle after managing to piss off everyone in about 2 minutes flat.

Pregnant Mother: "Oh no!"

Albert: "Oh no...if this is a dream, please wake me up!"
Looks like someone had a crush on the princess...which he may or may not have met.

Stardust #3!

Also some interesting items in the shop. Basically there are ones to restore MP and SP from taking either magical or phsyical damage. Neat gimmick, but I’d almost always rather have a stronger accessory and just blow a MP potion.

I was with you until you turned this into a sales speech. Just for that I’m not buying any of your shit! PS I stole your stardust.

On to the weapon shop and stardust #4 of Fletz. We also pick up a new weapon for Rose. Shadow Cutter adds 6 to her attack and gives her attacks dark element.

I think Dart just five finger discounted this Stardust. What a presumptions jerk. I also stock up on some light element attack items for the next dungeon and top off my healing items. And after poor Albert got his heart broke I think its time to get a drink and take up the crazy waitress on her offer of info. Hopefully this goes better than when that fucking hobo stole Dart’s booze.

Kaffi: "Oh, such slowpokes! You guys are from out of town, aren't ya!?"

Dart: "Yes, we are."

If we try to lie and say we’re locals she gets pissed at us. Then the boss yells at her for picking a fight and we have to start the conversation over.

Kaffi: "I knew it! I could immediately tell you are not from here."

Kaffi: Let me give ya a quick introduction to this town!! You saw lots
of star shapes in this town didn't ya? There were
decorations on top of roofs or mosaics on the street, right?
It's 'cuz Tiberoans have faith in the stars. Naturally, we
have an advanced astronomy."

Shana: "It's the study of stars isn't it? Sounds wonderful."

Kaffi: "Right!?"

Kaffi: "Whadayasay? What are you two guys whispering about? Are you
becoming more interested in stars?"

Dart: "I'm sorry, but.... We are actually looking for a man named Lloyd."

Once again answering wrong derails us. If we say we like the stars she rambles on and then her boss yells at her.

Kaffi: "Just kidding! Hmm, Lloyd? I dunno, if Miss Kaffi the
hipster doesn't know it means he probably isn't in this town.
Are you still interested in hearing about stars?"

Now that we know she’s a useless hipster that’s more interested in ironically studying the stars than having useful information we can agree with her.

Dart: "Uh huh."

Kaffi: "Sorry...I only know things that everybody else knows. “


Kaffi: “You know what! I'll introduce you to a person you would like!!”

Kaffi: “I think he can tell you lots of interesting things."

That was...entirely unlikely. For the sake of expedience I’ll allow it though.

Dart: "The Moon That Never Sets?"

Kaffi: "You know, the one over there. The strange star in the sky
all the time, day or night. I heard he is doing research
about the relationship between a monster called the Black
whachamacallit and the Moon That Never Sets. Why don't you
drop by? He's next door."

Kaffi: "Okay. Sorry. I gotta get back to work."

And they did actually give Fletz a separate design for night. I think Fletz and night is one of my favorite towns in the game hands down.

Dart: "The lights are on though."

Shana: "Let me see! Mr. Festeeeer!! Are you hoooome!?"

Fester: "Yes, yes I am!! Sorry! I wasn't paying attention. I was admiring the
moon. Come on in! Please, let's talk inside."

Dart: "We are here to ask you about the Moon That Never Sets."

Fester: "Oh! About the Moon That Never Sets! Wait here for a minute. Let me get
some materials. You are interested in a weird matter. Of course, I
cannot make judgements about other people. Please take a look at this.”

You Should Really Click to Watch This

Fester: “In astronomy, a Moon That Never Sets cannot exist."

Dart: "Cannot exist?"

Our first chance to hear Dart’s USDA Grade A voice acting outside of battle.

Fester: "That's right. Stars travel the sky by catching the winds of time. But,
this moon is not affected by time.

Fester: It never moves, day or night. That's
why it's called the Moon That Never Sets.

Fester: After counting 108 years, when the
Moon That Never Sets glows red, a moon child descends upon the
earth to fill the world with holy bliss.

Fester: A poem of war, telling the fate given by the Moon.

Fester: However, what we really get is the spawning of destruction
and fear, that is the Black Monster.

Dart: "Monster!!"

Fester: "Why a demon not a blessing? What does it mean? The mystery has yet to
be resolved."

Fester: "Did you find this useful?"

Shana: "Yes! You think so too, right Dart?"

Fester: "Very good. It is a pleasure to be helpful to such a beautiful lady."

I’m keeping my promise of Dart being a dick whenever given the choice.

Shana: "Hey!"

Dart: "I guess there are many ways to see things."

Shana precedes to get into a slap fight with Dart.

Dart: "Stop it!"

Haschel: "Having a good friend is beautiful. It makes me envious."

Well. Enough of that wretched plot nonsense for now.

Guards are patrolling around now and we can’t actually leave the town. They’ll tell us the gates are locked to keep bandits out. Clearly not working if they are spotted in town though. I guess it’s their job to be useless.

Luckily we can just barge into random peoples’ houses.

Nello: "turning the brown barrens to green, the deserts to forest. Don't be
so shy. You too wish to bring green back to the earth don't you?"

Dart: "Yes we do."

Nello: "I thought so! But it's already late. It'll take a whole night to
explain my plan."

Dart: "We were in trouble because there was nowhere to stay for the night.
We are not allowed to leave town either."

I mean, we’ve never met you but it’s totally cool if we crash at your place right? Never mind us being better armed than your local guard force.

Nello: "I see! I have plenty of time to tell you about the Green Project
tonight then!"

Oh god, Nello. Don’t get him started. I don’t know if we can turn him off.

Nello: "Right! In principle, the relationship between Humans and the earth
should be!"

Dart wanders over to Shana who is staring at a plant.

Dart: "Watching the buds?"

Shana: "Maybe...they are some kind of flower buds. I've never seen anything
like this.... I wonder how they bloom."

Dart: "You are excited about it, aren't you? Talking about buds. You've always
liked to see flowers blooming."

Shana: "You remember that...."

Nello: "Humans should grow up surrounded by greenery."

Albert: "Exactly. Green not only gives peace of mind but brings us marvelous

Nello: "Fruits, vegetables, delicious air. All are brought by greenery."

Haschel: "The king has such curiosity...."

Dart: "I hope we can fill Seles with green some day."

Shana: "Yes."

Albert: "The issue here is how to promote the greening."

Nello: "That's the key issue. The research requires a lot of money."

I think we were better off without a place to stay.