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Part 42: Episode 41: Gotta’ Knock a Little Harder

So in terms of good news we just beat down our hitherto major antagonist in the game. In the bad new we also just used our main character who can beat down god like beings of destruction to slash a completely normal human. Woops!

Third Sacred Sister Wink: "...forgive Lloyd."

Rose: "Albert, don't you need to be upstairs? Lloyd killed...Lavitz."

Albert: "I trust Dart with everything. He will bring us the right answer."

Rose: "I agree."

Haschel: "I feel the same way."

Meru: "Ditto!"

The gang seems awfully sure of themselves when dealing with a guy that has shown the capability to teleport around and get the hell out of dodge previously.

Lloyd: "Why? I took many people's lives away for my own ideal, and the Divine Moon Objects. I used you."

Wink: "Even if it is the truth.... The fact that you saved me is still true! Besides, your death won't solve anything.”

Wink is not in tune with that whole "being manipulated by the evil guy" thing.

Oh god damn it. Remember back on disc 1 when I talked about how freaking useless Shana is? THIS RIGHT HERE. She can’t even stay home at a castle and avoid trouble.

Dart: "Wh, what did you say!?"

Wink: "By the man named Emperor Diaz. He told us to bring the three Divine Moon Objects and Lloyd and come to Vellweb."

They actually bothered to animate Wink limping around here. Although I guess it might be a recycled animation from when Lavitz was injured way back in the escape from Helena Prison.

Lloyd: "Hmm, Emperor Diaz.... Finally he has begun to take action by himself.”

After all this drama and nonsense over them Lloyd just tosses all three Divine Moon objects are way and asks us to deliver them to his boss. I'm about ready to keep the damn things and let him keep Shana. I'm sure he'll give her back after someone else kidnaps her or she vaporizes half his castle or something.

Lloyd: “Even without me, my utopia will be built by Emperor Diaz. I completed all my tasks. Now, I have to settle up for what I have done so far."

No one can ever accuse Lloyd of not being hardcore.

However I think Dart totally fucking outdoes him here. And earns some serious JRPG hero cred.

Lloyd: "Is it out of pity?"

Dart: "Lloyd, I'm gonna make you see it through to the end!"

Dart? He doesn’t give into any of that weakling “You’re not worth killing!” mumbo jumbo. He takes the “FUCK YOU! You aren’t getting out of this that fucking easy. I’m dragging your worthless ass to the end of this mess.” path. Caim would approve.

Dart then stomps off to the teleporter and heads downstairs. Kind of leaving his sword behind. Well, I guess we have more of those

Lloyd: "Is this the power that drives them?"

Rose: "When we go there, we can reveal the truth about the Emperor Diaz."

Albert: "Whoever he is, he is dangerous."

Haschel: "Besides! It is unforgivable to take our dear Shana as a hostage for his utopia or whatever!"

Well, we can always count on Meru for her enthusiasm.

Dart: "Queen Theresa, we are heading to Vellweb. And we need the Moon...."

Theresa: "I understand. I will let you have the Moon Mirror. Maybe we were in denial, surrounding ourselves with a comfortable life that really was stagnant. Yes, we Humans are not the only species....and all species were given life by Soa's plan. Now is the time to remember. The assault of the Divine Dragon, the existence of Winglies, the Divine Moon Objects, the utopia that Lloyd and Emperor Diaz desire.... And you, Dragoons. Everything is forcing us to remember it. As if things were manipulated by some great will called fate."

Dart: "Even if so, I don't care.”

Theresa: "Miranda, you are one of the Dragoons. Go with Dart. Discover the meaning of the fate given by Soa."

A few knights and another Sacred Sister show up out of nowhere to escort the queen and Wink to safety. Wink is still limping heavily. I can only assume Miranda is kind of an asshole and refused to heal her because ????

Dart: "Can I ask you one question?"

Lloyd: "Yes."

Dart: "Why did you save Wink twice?"

Lloyd: "I had no reason for doing that."

Dart: "I see."

And now as far as the game is concerned we finally acquire all three Divine Moon Objects. Know what we didn't get? The god damn Divine Dragon Spirit. We are apparently perfectly content to let a guy who still wants the world to get fucked up carry that around, even if he isn't actively belligerent.

And now for a very slight bit of backtracking. Remember that teleporter we couldn’t use before? Now we can actually run back and go through it.

Magician Faust: “The commander of the super mobile fort Flanvel. Below is the Land of Taboo. Nobody is allowed to pass through. If you would like to stay alive, go away at once!”

Dart: “What is that?”

If we VERY carefully walk over we can open the box which contains a second Therapy ring. If you aren’t very careful, well. You kind of trigger an unwinnable fight with Legend of Dragoon's super boss.

Until we finish the stardust quest we can do jack and shit vs him. Luckily they aren’t complete assholes though. If you DO trigger the fight you can run away still. I certainly did not trigger the fight on accident and nearly die without saving after the whole boss section. Nope, not me!