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Part 28: Episode 27: Water Sleeps

But enemy never rests.

It’s pretty much time to end this disc. Rolling in on somewhere around halfway through the game! Maybe a touch more because disc 4 is pretty short. But enough useless words! On to the content.

Back on the screen where we were originally blocked off we can pick up an attack ball. I’m not really a huge fan of them because lord knows what can come out. Could be anything from a super effective group attack to a weak single. I’ll end up chucking this at the boss just cause what the hell else is Shana going to do when out of fiery death.

Our first actual decent item in the cave! Meru and Shana can wear this and it will boost their magic and they’ll get SP when attacked by magic. And since my general goal for this boss is “Heave unending streams of fire with Meru and Shana” I can deal with his. A bit to the left off screen we can pick up a Gushing Magma which is an attack all fire item. I’m pretty well stocked on these already, but hey can’t argue at more.

And now for the enemies hanging out here! Here we have a Mermaid and a Flabby Troll. Mermaids can be kind of scary as far as normal enemies go. They can and will drop terrifying damage on Dart with water magic attacks. Basically an upgraded version of the Tritons way back in the marshes of disc 1. Flabby trolls have some solid HP and hit really hard. They can do a number on my women folk.

We can also fight tiny octopii! Who are really annoying. They shoot mystery laser beams at you and can stun you. Nobody likes getting stunned. There are apparently some piranha monsters around here. They must be incredibly rare though because I never ran into one even doing all my extra fights for the addition/magic movies. There are also the drill crabs that were in the character movies. They drill into things?

I’m not particularly sure how something like this forms in nature. Although the dragon might be to blame. Feyrbrand’s lair was pretty similar if more purple. Also floating in the general area is another healing ball. Healing balls I’m really not a fan of. Because you can never use them when you actually need healing, cause they might be a MP item when you need HP. They’re kind of ok when you are just mowing down regular enemies.

This spiral has a few more items and heads up to our pre-boss save point. Burn Out just to our left and an attack ball up the spiral.

Here is your last chance to heal up. Boss fight is coming as soon as you hit the end of the path. Which means its time for plot and murder.

Lenus: "Here is the Moon Dagger that you wanted. I didn't kill those Humans as you said. But why did you suddenly start to say such a thing?"

Lloyd: "The blood-smeared road might be the only way to lead us to the world we desire. Death gives birth to tears. And tears give birth to anger. When anger turns itself into rancor, it opens to war. It's silly that I have to repeat it, and since once is enough."

At this point Lloyd is really wishing he hadn’t chosen a stripper to be instrumental in his scheming. Although I guess she did manage well enough. Even stripper winglies seem to have some potent magic.

Lenus: "Aren't they the ones coming after you, Lloyd!?"

Lloyd: "It's all in my plan."

Lenus: "Hmm. 'Plan' huh? Now, let me tell you my plan."

Oh baby! Lloyd looks so turned on. Standing there with his arms crossed sullenly. Of course our gang has to ruin her romantic moment.

Lenus: "Hey, you're disturbing my moment here!! You're gonna pay for this!!"

Dart: "Why...why is Lloyd here!? Is this all part of your plot!?"

Lloyd: "My will is with Emperor Diaz. Namely, everything was planned by the god."

Rose: "You are still talking about that crap!"

Our 11,000 year old party member that probably personally knew Emperor Diaz is probably a good source for calling bullshit on him. Hell, there’s a good chance she was there when he keeled over. Now wheher Lloyd knows he’s being jerked around or not is up for debate.

Albert: "You killed Lavitz, let us settle this score now!!"

Lloyd: "I have the calling to reform the world. I have no time to pay attention to little things, like Lavitz."

Dart: "Lloyd!!"

Lenus: "I can't stand it anymore!!"

Lloyd: "I am the one who torched your home to the ground. I am the one who deprived your friend of his life. And I hold the Moon Gem and the Moon Dagger in my hands! You abhor me, don't you?"

Lloyd: "I am heading to Mille Seseau. Pursue me, if you can survive!"

I’m pretty sure he just gave us tacit permission to kill his girlfriend. Not like he was being particularly warm to her in the first place though...

Lenus: "Easy easy! Wait a minute! Don't be so hasty! It was nice of him giving you an 'invitation'. But you gotta decline it. Because you will die now in here!!"

Oh hey! Lenus is the water dragoon. It’s sure nice of Lloyd to give us this nice gift.

Click to Watch

This is definitely a bit more cleaned up than my previous boss fights. Basically a highlight reel with at least a little bit of transitions in it! So basically worth watching far more than the earlier ones.

And hey, welcome to weird dragon number two! Lenus pops up her friend Regole out of nowhere. Strangely enough this fight is probably easier than the first Lenus fight. Apparently putting on Dragoon armor drags her speed down into the shitter. She’s still quick, but more in line with Meru. She also has less HP. She’s rocking about 3200 and Regole around 3000.

Welcome to a common sight for the first half of the fight. Shana and Meru are going to be dropping Gushing Magma like nobodies business. Each one does about 450-500 to Regole and 200 or so to Lenus depending on how fast my thumb was working.

I could just vomit out Final Bursts again, but A) I already did that once and B) I didn’t want to risk locking my game up since it seems to not run well on non-PS1 hardware.

Mad at being lit on fire, Regole starts leaping in and out of the water surrounding the island the party are on.

This causes a huge fucking tidal wave to come rolling in on the party from all directions.

Have I mentioned huge waves? They’re pretty big.

The walls slam together and form a vortex sucking our party up.

Which slams Dart for a lot of damage. Meru and Shana basically go “Sup bitches we’re magic based.” Shana takes a bit more, but she has the Physical Ring on so she’s at about 1000 HP right now. Meru has the Therapy Ring so she’ll heal up about 70 of that 120 next turn.

Dart gets a gap in between healing and speed upping Meru to get an attack in on Regole. Thanks to Heat Blade he can drop about 360 damage with Crush Dance. Nothing to scoff at.

Lenus’ first fancy attack starts out with her leaping about in some rain with pillars sprouting up behind her.

The pillars form a square which quickly fills with a cube of water.

She then kicks over the pillar she’s on and the whole thing kind of collapses for a bit less damage than Regole’s tidal wave.

Regole decides there are too many water characters on the screen and punches Meru. Also it really hurts and does 300 damage and drops Meru into critical. Luckily she is fast and gets a healing wind up to get everyone back into shape.

Oh hey. Its the upgraded version of her shuriken/cestus/thing attack from her first fight.

And despite looking all fancy it only does 170 damage. I’d take those all day compared to that tidal wave or another upcoming attack.

Regole is getting into critical range so I toss a Burn Out at it instead of a gushing magma to try to finish it off quick. It does a good 550 damage. A later one I apparently went mad on and did 800 damage. I guess single targets are a LOT more powerful than hit alls.

It doesn’t quite do the job though and Shana has to finish it off with my last gushing magma.

And now for one of Lenus’ big flash attacks!

When her Shuriken hits a huge pool of water starts forming around the party and she dives in.

Then she punches Dart while he’s trapped in the water.

Then heaves Meru into Shana cause, hell why not?

Then she kicks the whole god damn pile out of the top of the water.


Dart eats it for about 500, Meru about 100, and Shana 200. Pretty much the same as Regole’s attack.

Pretty much from here on out its clean up. Dart starts doing some serious damage with Crush Dance while Meru and Shana heave off the random attack items from my bag.

Funnily enough after all the flashy fireworks its Shana with a fucking 69 damage bow shot that gets the killing blow.

And Dart in for the cut scene finisher! Not very dramatic. Just a quick slash.

Lenus shakes, barely able to stand up after getting the shit kicked out of her. Wingly superiority my ass. Didn’t even have to bust out the dragoons

Lenus: "My for you!!”

With her last strength she heaves out a final energy ring.

And collapses to the ground.

Shana: “Dart!”

Shana dives into Dart and pushes him out of the way of the first ring. That is one fantastic expression on Dart’s face right there.

Then Dart bats away the other one with his sword.

Dart and Shana share a celebratory loving look while Meru looks pretty fucking bummed about whats going down.

Tough news for you Lenus. I’m pretty sure Lloyd does not give one flying fuck about you. Just wanted you to know before you died. I thought it might make you feel better.

Dragoon spirit clean up crew at your service!

Wait a minute. I thought you were supposed to vacuum up the corpse to the magical dragoon spirit land when you died as an enemy. Boooo. No we’re going to have to have a cut scene with your corpse ruining the view.

And after all of that we get our battle over screen. Everybody but Haschel gets a level up out of it and we get a water attack item and a second Jeweled Crown. Both our magic users will be hitting like trucks

And to absolutely no ones surprise the Blue Sea Dragon Spirit comes floating down to Meru.

Meru: "This...."

Dart: "It's Meru's Dragoon Spirit."

Rose: "Oh, I am surprised that Meru was recognized."

Meru: "Does that mean this Dragoon Spirit chose me? It means.... Am I one of the Dragoons?" [Acquired Blue Sea Dragoon Spirit] "I'm a Dragoon too!"

Meru literally spends the rest of this cut scene dancing around and bouncing like a 12 year old hopped up on a twelve pack of Mountain Dew. Somewhere in the background Lenus’ bowels release.

Rose: "'Dragoon Spirits attract each other, and Dragoons gather as the Dragon Spirit desires.... As Soa's fate leads....'"

Dart: "Are we drawn to each other like that? Is that what you are saying?"

Rose: "It's just folklore. You are going to pursue Lloyd aren't you?"

Rose heads out just leaving Shana, Dart, Albert and a still dancing Meru. Kongol and Haschel are completely absent from this entire fight and scene.

Albert: "Unfortunately, we have to go meet King Zior to tell him we couldn't bring the Moon Dagger back."

Shana: "No, thanks to you, Dart."

After an awkward silence familiar to 15 year olds at their first dance, Shana and Dart wander off leaving poor celebratory Meru on her own.

Meru: "Hey guys!! Don't you ignore me like that!! Heeey wait for me!!"

Bonus! Regole concept art.