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Part 25: Episode 24: Films About Ghosts

So about that whole “crashing into a ghost ship thing.” Probably bad news or something. Those jerks drove their ship right into us! They’ll definitely hear from my insurance lawyers.

Sailor: "!? What on earth is this?"

Sailor: "I can't believe this."

Puler: "What are you doing!? Get back to your stations and check on the damages!!"

Crew: "!!"

The crew salute and go back to actually doing their job instead of screwing around checking out the ghost ship. Our group decide to show up now that the deck is clear.

Albert: "There is a heraldry. It looks like a royal ship of Mille Seseau."

Meru: "Is this, like a phantom ship!?"

Dart: "Oh boy!!"

Kayla: "Commodore!! Bad news!! It got the engine room!!"

Puler: "Kayla!! Let them hurry to fix it!!"

Kayla: "Aye aye sir!!"

Dart: "We cannot pursue Lenus like this!"

Puler: "Sometimes the ocean shows it capriciously, but I have never seen such a thing. Wait for a while, there is nothing we can do now."

Wait? He isn’t like “Hey, go check out this ghost ship and murder everyone.” We’ll do it any way, but STILL.

Haschel: "Dart!! I can't find Shana anywhere!!"

Voice: "Yeeeeeek!!"

Dart: "Shana!?"

God damn it, Shana. We turn around for 2 seconds and you end up on the god damn ghost ship. You should be thankful I’m finally getting you some dragoon levels and you’re useful now. Dart hops onto the crew to hopefully find Shana before the shit hits the fan and she sinks both boats.

Shana: "Yeeeek!!"

I just knew this nonsense was going to happen. Been nice knowing you guys. Going to all drown now.

Oh, hey. The ghost knights are on her side. The smash down the skeletons and the purple ghost flees to below decks and the knights fade away.

Dart: "Shana!! Why did you come here!?"

Shana: "I don't know. When I woke up, I was in here.”

Albert: "At least you are safe and sound."

Meru: "Come on! Come on!! We are here already so we might as well just take some tour here!?"

Dart: "No way!"

Shana: "I want to go too. I don't know why, but I want to know about this ship! Oh please!"

Albert: "We'll go with them. Then, it won't be a problem."

Dart: "Okay, but if anything happens, we gotta go back."

And now we get control. We actually aren’t going to check out the deck yet. If we head to the left we can hop back on to the Queen Fury where we can rest up for free. We can also go down where Kongol was and hit up an item and weapon shop.

Equipment wise the only thing of note is a Glaive for Albert raising his attack by 9. The REAL important one though is in the item shop. Most of the enemies on this ship are Dark and we can pick up Dancing Rays which is an attack all Light item. Shana is coming with us this trip so she will wreck shit with it.

This is another area where we don’t get random attacks. Any time we run into one of those floaty blue orbs we get pulled into a battle. It’s not to bad to avoid them up top, but a few other areas it’s a lot tougher. Also of note is the blue glowy door that we can’t get into for now.

Standard enemies on board come in three flavors. In pretty much all the battles there will be two Will’o’Wisps. They are fire based and get the honor of being the only non-dark enemies on board.

They have a fairly weak physical attack which they usually use. It still does 130 damage to Shana though. Or as in the screen shot they can drop almost 300 damage on Kongol because, well, Kongol is highly flammable to all forms of magic.

There is also Deaths. Shockingly, they have an instant death attack. I’ll usually open up any battle with them by dropping a Magic Signet Stone on them to block them from doing anything.

Most of the time though the center enemy will be a skeleton. Their main deal is chucking a bone at someone, usually Shana for a fair deal of damage. On the whole not terribly dangerous and with convenient healing I really am not concerned.

And from the screen where we cross back to the Queen Fury there is a door we can go in. And in that room, one chest. THE CHEST. This stupid chest. I actually need to run into the ship a bit further before I can do anything with it though.

We head down the stairs where we found Shana and into this Hallway. I’ll be seeing a lot of this hallway. I didn’t try to go out of my way to grind here, but I ended up picking up 2 Dragoon Levels with Shana, 1 on Dart, and 3 on Kongol largely thanks to this hallway. The 50% SP bonus off Wargod’s Sash is pretty awesome.

There are a few doors we don’t care about yet, but at the end of the hallway we find these guys. If we hit a sparkly spot on the ground each one will tell us a number 0-9. And we head all the way back to The Chest.

Now you may notice we only have 3 spots but four numbers. Welcome to the fun! Basically we need to input our numbers until we get the right combination. If we have any number in the right spot dart will go “...” But we have no indication on which spot is right. For our first shot at the chest we get 10 attempts. So we can pretty handily just brute force it by putting numbers we know aren’t in the combo in 2 of the 3 spots. Our first shot at it gets us a stun guard. Then we leave the room and the chest closes behind us.

Aaaand we run back to the ghosts to get another batch of numbers. Each time we do the chest we get less attempts to get it right. If you fail all the attempts you have to fight off some skeletons and the number changes. And if you reset the number will change. So you can’t get the number, save, and cheese your way through.

I was able to legit get the second and third items which are Panic Guard and Magic Ego Bell which prevents Bewitched. On try four we only get four shots to do it. It’s...doable but takes some luck or serious number crunching. I’m a little baby and used quick save and scored another Talisman. Oh boy, another instant death preventer I won’t use! Well, I’ll use one at some point but not til the end of disc 3.

Our final shot we only get two attempts. With a lot of possible combinations. If you get this one it is through sheer bloody luck. Or quick save! Your reward for banging your head against the wall for probably an hour or so is an Ultimate Wargod.

Which, to be fair is a pretty nice reward. It will automatically do additions for us and we get full damage, SP, and it counts towards a usage for leveling them up. Between Kongol only having his first addition, Shana not having additions, and Dart with Ultimate Wargod on to learn Madness Hero which I hate doing I’m almost not playing Legend of Dragoon! If we do the chest again we get a whopping 100g. And you still only gets 2 attempts. So not worth it.

And now back to your regularly scheduled plot. Which starts off in the captain’s cabin up past the hallway I ran through 30 times.

Ghost: "Where are you, Captain?"

The ghost then runs past us on to the deck. We can push through the massing sworm of Will’o’Wisps but the door is currently locked.

Ghost Crew A: "I don't want to...die. H...Help."

Dart: "What!?"

Ghost Crew A: "We...cannot make it. We'll be killed by him. I don't want to die. H...Help."

Dart: "What are they talking about?"

The ghosts then head back towards the hallway where a few doors have opened up for us now.

God damn it ship. What is it with you and chests. This one is filled with that purple jerk that was bugging Shana right when we got on the boat.

Who runs away like a little girl and makes me fight three skeletons. I use Shana just to vaporize them with a Dancing Rays

Dart: "It ran away!"

A wopping 10 feet away through that wall. This time he’ll actually fight himself but still brings two skeletons to the fight.

This dude is a Magic Bogey. In this fight he only uses his physical attacks which still do a number on Shana. He can also bow and shoot black stuff out of his hat for decent damage and a chance to stun.

Once again the jerk runs away, this time into the room with the number ghosts. When we open this chest three of them pop out.

Jeeerks. They are pretty magic resistant so it’s really just best to beat them down.

Once we finally beat them down another ghost pops out of the chest to talk to us.

Baaack down the hallway for the 42nd time and up to the captains quarters which we can actually get into this time.

As they look up the door slams behind them. The captain tricked us oh god.

Dart: "It closed by itself!"

Ghost Captain: "Please, help me!"

Dart: "...!?"

Oh he just doesn’t want us leaving mid-conversation.

Dart: "Wh...What!? This was done by the Black Monster too!?"

Ghost Captain: "We couldn't protect...the princess, so we couldn't finish dying. Please destroy the fear...please send the souls of the knights to rest. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!"

I think they could really have polished the delivery on this line.

Rose: “...”

If we run up and examine the portrait Dart says that it reminds him of somebody. We also pick up the Key to the Ship and a few hundred gold in chests.

When we get back onto the deck a bunch of ghosts decide they want to ineffectually attack at Rose.

Dart: "Rose!!"

Ghost Knight: "We'll protect her even if it costs our lives!"

Albert: "'After counting 108 years, when the Moon That Never Sets glows red, a moon child descends upon the earth, to fill the world with holy bliss.' However, what was actually brought was the child of destruction, the Black Monster. We are witnessing a tragedy from the past."

Shana: "It's awful. Why did it have to do this?"

Dart: "The Black Monster!! How much does he have to kill before he satisfies

Rose: "What was I thinking? Let's move on. You want to know, don't you?"

Yeah, uh. That was a perfectly normal response right there.

With that out of the way we can finally go in the door that has been blocked this entire time.

Dart: "!?"

Ghost Knight A: "How dare you come here, pursuing Princess Louvia."

Ghost Knight B: "But, as long as we are here with her, we are not going to give her up."

Dart: "We are not the Black Monster! We are...!"

Ghost Knight C: "How dare you monster, using human words to fool us.:

Wait a minute. WAIT ONE GOD DAMN MINUTE. Something from earlier is nagging me. I wonder what it could be...

Oh god damn it Rose. You murdered Dart’s family and the royal family of Mille Seseau didn’t you? I’m sure THAT is going to go over well when everyone finds out. That speech earlier to Dart earlier was just so he didn’t shank you in your sleep wasn’t it?

Well, with that shocking revelation out of the way we got ourselves a fight vs. five ghost knights and the ghost commander. They aren’t really that powerful, even the commander. But there is a gimmick here that takes a bit to catch on your first playthrough here. When you beat an enemy it doesn’t leave the battlefield like most fights, they just hang out on the ground. If you give them too long them a turn or so they’ll revive. So we need to off all these guys in quick succession.

My plan here is pretty simple. Kongol transforms and slams into the commander for about 400 damage with a Dragoon addition. Kongol’s dragoon additions are REALLY easy to pull off since they only have 3 hits areas.

Dart joins in the transforming fun and drops a Final Burst on the commander for about 550 damage.

A few of the knights take the opportunity to attack Dart and Kongol with normal attacks. This is a complete waste. Kongol takes 29 and Dart takes about 50. Ooooh no.

Remember those Light attacks I mentioned earlier? Well worth their 50g. One shot takes out all the knights. And the Commander is into the red.

Kongol comes raining out of the sky like a small meteor for another 400 and kills off the commander. 3 attacks and one magic item! Can’t get much quicker than that.

After we beat them up the ghosts swarm through Dart about as well as this worked in the previous cut scene on the deck.

Ghost Knight: "AHHHHHH!!!"

Head of Ghost Knight: "Princess? Princess!"

Shana: "It's over! There is no more Black Monster. Oh please.... Please suffer no more."

Head of Ghost Knight: " are...."

Shana: "...I...!?"

And with that the last of the Knights fades away.

Hermes: That just raises even more questions!

Shana: "W, Wait!! Is there still something that I don't know about?

Dart: "!? The door is open."

First we grab a Dancing Dagger from the chest on the top of the screen to get Rose’s next weapon. Then we check out the crib and it starts rocking on its own and a ghost nanny appears.

Ghost Nanny: "If she wasn't a princess of Mille Seseau, this wouldn't have happened."

Shana: "Princess of Mille Seseau?"

Ghost Nanny: "Oh my, you are...?”

Ghost Nany: “I have been wandering for 18 years and longing for you. I can now end everything. I can go to the place everyone is."

With relief the ghost nanny fades out like the other ghosts that thought Shana was the princess.

Shana: "Wait! What kind of relationship do I have to this person!?"

The crib stops shaking, but the rest of the ship takes it up.

Albert: "!?"

Shana: "Yeek!!"

Dart: "This ship is sinking!?"

Oh god load bearing cut scene.

Puler: "Now let's relax and wait for Dart and the others to come back.”

Kayla: "Whoa!?"

The crew quickly realizes shit is about to get real and maybe they should try not to sink along with the ghost ship. Which is apparently not just going to fade out like the rest of the ghosts.

Puler: "Kayla!! Get ready quick!!"

The whole party piles onto the ship as soon as they can but Dart and rose are lagging.

Shana: "Dart!!"

Rose: "Let's go!! We are the last ones!!"

Rose makes it onto a spike but Dart has to leap as the ghost ship pulls away.

Aaand doesn’t quite make it.

Rose is having none of this bullshit and keeps hold of him.

Rose: "No!! I won't let go!! I will never let it happen again!!"

Albert: "Rose!? Dart!! Rose!!"

Albert: "Dart!!!"

Shana: "Commodore Puler!! Put out the life raft, quick!"

Welp. Been nice knowing you two.