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by Cake Attack

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Original Thread: The League of Extraordinary Bracers has Arrived! [Trails in the Sky]



The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is the sixth Legend of Heroes game, a series developed by Falcom, perhaps best known in the western world as the makers of the Ys series. The title was first released in 2004 on the PC, but like so many great JRPGs, never left Japan. That is, until XSeed localized the PSP remake of the game, which brings us to today. But that’s not really what you care about. What you want to know is:

Why play Trails of the Sky?

I admit, Trails was somewhat of an impulse purchase for me. I was, at best, expecting to have a decent time with it. Which is why I was shocked at just how good the game is.

Trails is the cure for the JRPG blues. It’s a fairly lighthearted adventure, with likeable characters, dastardly villains, and positively charming writing. While the game doesn’t tread the newest of ground, it’s full of polish and little touches that make it clear the developers were truly trying to make the best game they could.

Although it’s gained a cult-following, Trails never quite picked up stream in the west. I hope to change that, if only by a little, by showing off a great title a lot of people may have missed out on. On that note, I plan to show off nearly everything the game has to offer. Sidequests, the main plot, the works.

Isn’t this a trilogy?:

Yes, Trails in the Sky is actually a trilogy. What we’re playing is Trails in the Sky First Chapter (FC), Trails in the Sky Second Chapter (SC) is being released in 2014 by Carpe Fulgur and XSeed (thanks guys!), and we may never get Trails in the Sky The Third (which isn't actually the third part of the story, but something more akin to a bonus scenario). This means technically the series is still incomplete, but I’ll be LPing SC as soon as I can after it comes out.

Anyway, there’s only so much you can say about a game, so let’s get this started and play:

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