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Original Thread: Displacing Octoroks since 1986. Let's Play Zelda!



Yep, the original, and also my favorite Zelda. I tend to have a thing for originals.

Of course, if I really wanted to play the original, I'd be playing this little guy here:

Released for the Famicon Disk System. Don't play it. Yes, it could save back before batteries were in cartridges, but load times are terrible and after the start screen it has to be taken out and flipped over to side B. It sucks.

So instead we're playing the cartridge version.

Anyone who saw my Megaman thread knows that I can't survive without level conditions, so whoever is guest commentating gets to give me a condition. If you want to commentate, give a death count guess for the next video, and whoever gets it gets to give a condition or guest or both. Can be anything from doing things out of sequence, only swinging the sword while facing right, or telling me where to go and lead me in an endless circle. I am at your mercy.

So, without further ado,


Pointless wandering, first dungeon. Cymoril guesting, condition is I go where she tells me. She gives up eventually.
Item collecting with Vegastar. Condition: every time I'm hit sing a line from a random song.
Level 2 with CherryDoom. Condition: Only use bombs.
Level 3 with Rellim. Conditions: Kill myself for every J-pop song I sang in the 2nd vid, can't pick up hearts.
Level 4 with Kyrosiris. No conditions, vanilla run.
Level 5 with Emalde. Condition: Run the dungeon with 1 heart. No heart pickups. It hurts.
Level 6 with Lurkdawg. There are no words.
Level 7 with Dr. Tree. Condition: only use the wand, hug the walls the entire time.
Level 8 with Tompa. Conditions: enter with 0 rupees, 0 bombs, 3 hearts, reverse my controls. Shoot me, please.
End of the 1st quest! with Scalding Coffee. Condition: Only use bombs and arrows to kill things. Breakable when needed to continue.
Level 1 with Emalde. Condition: no picking up anything, unless absolutely needed.
Level 2 with Proton Jon. Condition courtesy of Scalding Coffee: Count and name all enemies in a screen before moving. Fail and take a hit.
Level 3 with Raocow. Condition: Only kill things if I have to, apologize when I do.
Level 4 with Illin Like Quetzalcotl. Condition: Leave every room with less health than entered.
Level 5 with Weird Uncle Dave. Condition: Don't use the sword unless necessary.
Level 6 with Macklikethetruck. Condition: Take a hit, take a drink.
Level 7 with Jade Star. Condition: One weapon per type of enemy. Only savestate if health is lower than last savestate.
Level 8 with Krakhan. Condition: no more than 3 hearts the entire dungeon.
The finale.
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