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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 12: Looters of the Missing Tabernacle

Dec 07, 2007

The mansion o' horrors will be a breeze after those circus freaks... did things to me.

We got it! But the ordeal is not over yet. There are still more comic book exclamations to endure.

Add a shattered pelvis to the list of broken spinal column, permanent brain damage, rabid yak mauling, and circus date-rape. But we got that fabulous fabulous idol.

That was a close one. At least I got the idol.

Oh shit.


Please don't tell my parents, they'll make me do chores!

They're just sleeping!

...broke into her house...

The door was unlocked!

...and stole one of her most valuable pieces of art!

No you've got it all wrong!

Oh really? Well let's hear your explanation.

As much as i'd like to go the Indiana Jones museum comment route...

I was just taking it out for a walk.


He says he was just taking it out for a walk.

Well isn't that nice of him.


You heard me fester.

Yeah! You can't just let me roam around freely and expect me not to steal everything I can get my hands on!

Just go away fester. I can handle this.


Hahaha, get the fuck out of here you two-bit dick hole.

He's new. I'm governor Marley...

Taking my Idol out for a little breather, were you.


Relax, Mr. Threepwood. I know why you're here. Believe me, you're not the first who's tried. Although I have to admit, not many get as far as you have.

Come on Guybrush, she's all over you, break out the smooth talking already!


My lookout told me of your arrival. I've wanted to meet you ever since I heard your fascinating name. Tell me Guybrush, why do you want to be a pirate? You don't look like one. Your face is too...

Oh holy shit, we are so in. Come on, you have it in the bag, say something, anything!


It's high school all over again...

Well, you're obviously not in the mood for idle chitchat are you? I suppose you've got many more exciting things to do.

Goon Guybrush fails horribly. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I'm going to crawl into a hole and cry in shame for a little while.

Next time, we cry in shame!