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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 41: 41 - Epilogue

Who the fuck said it was over?

Mar 11, 2008


A long time ago, In an parallel dimension far far away.

A boy materialised on an island.

He had one dream. To become a man, or a pirate, or something.

He needed help.

He would face many trials along the way.

He trained hard.

And bested many foes.

He made some slightly different choices to the dimension we're all familiar with.

And got the treasure before the idol.

And then... When he got the idol...

Why did you have to risk your life for me? Maybe you cared for me more than I thought... Just as I now realise how much I care for you. It's my fault the Governor's in this mess and I swear I'll get her out of it!

Then he went about business as usual for a little while...

And set sail for Monkey Island

Cut to quick jump cut.

While there, he tinkered with a piece of art he found.

And launched a rock.

Just narrowly missing hitting his bestest ever friends!

As scary as that was, he plodded on with his adventure.

Until finally, he had the potion to defeat LeChuck and was on his way to face him...

When his bestest buddies showed up!

Hi Guys! Thank god you're not dead! He cried.

Hi Guys!

Say Bob, you're looking a little pale.

Well, naturally I'm pale. I am dead, after all.

Dead? How did that happen?

Oh the usual way, out for a days plunder, ghost ship shows up, LeChuck kills everybody on the crew, and then signs us up on HIS ship. You know.

Gee, that's too bad.

We're about to head back there anyway, you can come along.


How did you get in here without using the head?



Heh, uh, never mind. We've got to get back to Melée Island!

No kidding.

Yeah, we're out of sunscreen.

Come on, let's go.

And off they strolled.

And when he worked up the nerve to face LeChuck...

I had to stop you from marrying Governor Marley!

I'll marry her yet! What are YOU going to do to stop me?

I'll whack you with a rubber chicken!

Please don't kill me.

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't.

I have a wife and three children!

Take THIS you vapourious voodoo vermin. You'll never menace decent, tangible pirates again, you billowing bag of...

I was only kidding you know... We can settle this like gentlemen...

Oh no! It's JAMMED!

There followed an epic, stunningly rendered battle between with LeChuck, people flew, buildings exploded, pandemonium, a truly amazing spectacle.

And then words appeared over everything for some reason...

And with the 2000th screenshot, it's over.