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Part 22: Day 4: Pinned (Part 2)

Day 4: Pinned (Part 2)

Tenho is ellipsing at Spain Hill. He gets ignored for now.

On to Molco...

: Oh, right. 777 said the call came from a pay phone.

Oh hey, it's Sota and Nao.

: And you two are... Ahh, yes! The winners of the slam-off.
: You, like, remember us? Super yay!
: You need something?
: So, like, I’m always with the same guy, and I wanted to talk to somebody else for a change? And most folks can’t, like, see us, so...
: What’re your names?
: I’m Joshua. This is Neku.
: Nice meetin’ ya, Neku, J-dawg. I’m Sota. The cute one’s Nao.

: Uhh...sure.
: Hey, did you guys know? No missions yesterday or today, but Players are still gettin’ wiped out.
: Wiped out?

: N-Nekky?
: We saw some real scary Noise before? We ran like bunnies! You should, like, totally run if you see ‘em!
: Let’s just all stay sharp and get through this together, huh?
: Uh, yeah.
: Hmm? Didn’t you know?
: Hey, man, don’t--
: Even if multiple Players survive...

: What? Um, like, uncool?
: The other Players aren’t your friends. They’re your competition. That goes for partners, too.
: No way... If, like, two people survive? And only one gets to go back? What happens to the other one?
: They play again, same as Nekky here.
: ......
: Whoa, like, this is your second time?
: ...Yeah.
: Then your partner made it back!
: No...she didn’t.
: Huh? I don’t get it.
: She was taken as my entry fee.
: No way! That’s, like, super cruel!
: I chose to play again, and she... It’s my fault she didn’t make it ba--
: No worries, man.
: Huh?
: She was your entry fee, yeah? That means you really care about her. No reason to feel guilty for that.
: Yeah! It’s, like, totally not your fault!

: And I’d play the Game a million times for Nao. Whatever it takes to get us back to the RG, dawg.
: ...... You don’t think I’m to blame?
: Forget blame, man! Plus, I don’t care if only one of us gets a second chance. I still ain’t sniping other Players.
: Yeah! Like, fighting so isn’t the answer? We all want to be alive again. Nobody “deserves” it most, right? ...I want you to win, too, Nekky. So, like, this is for you?
: A pin?

The Golden Hero Pin, Tin Pin Golem.

: And now it’s yours. Yay!
: You sure?
: We couldn’t use it. Not that we’re dumping our trash on you, but... Anyway, give it a try.
: Thanks.
: We should probably move on, yeah?
: Be safe, Nekky! Bye, Josh-Josh! Like, see you later?

Sota and Nao leave.

: They were charming.
: Nobody deserves it most...
: Hmm?
: It’s true... Everybody’s got their own deal. Their own dreams. None of them outweighs the next...

: Sorry... ...So how ‘bout we check out that phone?

I have no idea how to handle scratching pins with a mouse, but it's no issue since none of them are that great. At least the Golem here is pretty good for Tin Pin, though I recall its individual whammies being slow.

This item.

I love this thing.

It's so great it gets featured in the manga.

This ring requires boots. I don't even know what anymore.

Anyway Joshua's got a skirt for all of 5 minutes before I find a better bottom but here's Joshua in a badass biker jacket and a frilly pink skirt for anyone who cares.

And if anyone does I suggest you seek mental help.

: Chill out, Uzuki. Slow and steady, girl.
: Are you kidding? This is a direct order from Mrs. Konishi! Don't you blow my big chance to-
: Ugh, you again?
: You two actually look busy toady.
: Very busy, thank you. We certainly don't have any time to waste on you. Kariya, we're leaving!
: Right, whatever...

BJ is hanging out in the Scramble, apparently giving up on his ambitions of reaching A-East.

Besides some better pants for Joshua already, Wild Boar 104 starts offering cozy down as a quest reward with enough purchases. I try to keep at least 3 on hand at all times for something that will not come up until the post-game.

Dragon Couture is selling nothing new of note and none of the item names are familiar in any way no sir.

Ramen Don is se-

what is that

why are you selling it

Anyway Nexus Ray is a brutal 100% efficiency psych and I would totally use it...

...Except like most Gatito pins Big Bang here is part of a set, in this case you need both Big Bang and Big Crunch in order to shoot lasers. Big Crunch is an Ultimate drop from a boss we haven't seen yet.

Such is how most Gatito pins go.

Enough purchases and he puts out the second most efficient defense boosting food.

And with even more purchases he gives up even cooking the damn bird.

My ability to not play this game for days at a time has benefits.

: Gah! Wh-what!?
: Weren’t you headed back to A-East?
: ...... ...I wanted to lose myself in the crowd for a bit. Y’know?
: Can’t say that I do, actually.
: We just had a few questions for you.
: Look, what do you want?

The mic

: About the stolen mic--
: Stolen? Please. 777’s full of it. I’m sure he just left it someplace. Either way, he should’ve been watching our stuff.
: I hear that you wanted that mic for yourself.
: So what if I did? Doesn’t matter now. I don’t need it anyway.

Got an alibi?

: Oh, uh... I was... You know, uh...Dogenzaka!

: Mm-hmm...
: Wh-what? Just gimme some space, would ya? I want to spend some time alone.

Wassup Thunder! is a bad pin and it evolves into bad pins and I don't even know why I am bothering.

Shadow Ramen is already closed? Damn!

: ......
: I’d like to ask you a few questions.
: ...Sure, whatever.

The mix

: 777 said the mic was the band’s soul. What makes it so special?
: It just is. Back when we were still busking on the streets, we all pooled our money to buy it. It’s a symbol of our bond as a band. As friends. I stuck wings on it, to remind us of that. Got us through some rough times.
: I see...
: But lately 777 and BJ have been fighting over who gets to sing--over who has rights to the mic. Talk about irony...
: You must be happy, then--the object dividing them is out of the picture.

: Hmph. Never mind.

Got an alibi?

: Where were you yesterday at 2: 00?
: ...R-right here?
: Are you asking us or telling us?
: Ah, yes. BJ said he found your phone on Spain Hill.
: Yeah... Must’ve dropped it here. Well, I don’t see our mic here. I’m going back to wait with 777.
: You’ve been very helpful.

The crux of all this is the Molco Phone Booth of Love.

: Thank you, Captain Obvious. 777 said the call came from a pay phone. Is this the one?
: This looks like a job for my phone!
: ...Huh? What, the tracker?
: No, the other new feature.
: What other new feature?
: The camera.
: Don’t most phones already have a camera?
: Hee hee... Watch and learn. I simply set the time to yesterday, and...


: Let’s try a different time.


: So it was right here at this time yesterday.
: What the heck? How did your phone--
: Weren’t you listening to Mr. H? He added a couple of new features. One’s the tracker. The other one’s this camera. It takes photos of the past.
: Holy... That’s Mr. H’s work? Who the hell IS he? So, could you shift the time later to see who took it?
: Let’s try.


: Hmm, very suspicious.
: Let’s take one more, just to be--
: Can’t.
: Huh?

: How should I know!? Ask Mr. H!
: Suddenly, it’s a lot less impressive... Then we’ll use mine. ...Huh?
: Something wrong?

We're more or less done here. Let's bug BJ again with our magic time portal pictures.

: That’s the phone booth near Molco. Aka the phone booth of love. ...Right?
: Gah!
: Isn’t there some kind of urban legend? They say if you use this phone to confess your love, the other person will love you back.
: Oh, um...really!?
: I don’t know who you called. But you were there yesterday. That much is fact.
: But I--

: She’s NOT a tramp!
: Damn, Josh.... Remind me not to tick you off.
: You can’t tell ANYONE about this! OK, so I was there yesterday! I made a call Are you happy now!?
: Quite. You’ve been very helpful, thanks.
: Ugh... I’m headin’ back to see 777. Hopefully he’s found the stupid mic by now. Seriously, if you tell a soul, you’re dead.
: I don’t think we’re getting anything else out of him. Let’s move on.

: Break down those boundaries. RED SKULL.
: Hey, it’s that commercial...
: Ooh! Ooh! Look, it’s playing!
: That CAT pin is phat!
: You can’t find that pin anywhere!

: Bet they don’t appreciate it at all.
: Like the guy handing them out at the ramen place. Looks like everybody has Red Skull fever.
: Shiki and I were pretty thorough.
: ......Looks an awful lot like the Player Pin, hmm?
: ...... So who makes the Player Pins, anyway? The Reapers?

: The Composer... The guy in charge of Shibuya?
: Correct. We’re in the Composer’s Game. The Reapers are just his enforcers. They execute his designs.
: Some designer.

: ......Can he and his Reapers go to the RG?

: Just, people in the RG can’t see us here. We’re like air, Neku. Invisible, but very real. Players are only visible in shops with special decals, but Reapers can materialize at will. They’re perfectly visible in the RG--minus the wings, of course.
: So they have wings here, but not in the RG?
: Apparently a Reaper’s wings house his power.
: So they’re basically just normal people in the RG... ...... So the Player Pins only exist in the UG. The Composer makes them. And now the Red Skull pin...with a very similar design. Hell, it’s freaking identical. Coincidence? Not likely. So, what? Are they both just... No. They’re made by the same person? Then...that would make the Composer...

: Hmm? Something wrong, Neku?
: No. I’m fine.

Anyway, we've done all we need to do to complete the Great Def Märch Microphone Theft Investigation.

: .it’s probably not turning up. I’ll go report it to the po’.
: Not so fast...
: Huh?
: I think I’ve identified your thief.
: You serious!?
: Wait, what?
: Hee hee. Let’s recap, hmm? The theft occurred yesterday at 2: 00. 777 received a strange phone call.
: What phone call?
: “Meet me by Cadoi City. We need to talk.” The microphone was stolen while he was away.
: ......
: According to 777’s caller ID, the call originated at a public phone. Care to know who placed it? We have conclusive proof.

: What, I’M telling them!? Uhh, this photo tells it all...

Uh... let's try 1:55 PM.

: But I looked there...
: You jerking us around? That photo doesn't show anybody!
: Uhm, Neku? Wrong photo.

Okay fine here's 2:02.

: I told you not to say anything!
: So it WAS you who called me!
: Whoa there. When did you get that call? Precisely, that is.
: Uhh, lemme check... 1: 40.
: Take a closer look at the photo. See? It was taken at 2: 02. BJ used the phone. That much is fact. But he wasn’t calling you.
: ......
: No, he was calling a lady friend, hmm? To whisper sweet nothings in her-
: AHHHHH! ...... OK! OK! I admit--

: Go ahead! Laugh!
: ...... Deep breath, Beej. That isn’t the point of the photo. Look what’s in BJ’s left hand.
: Hmm? Is that a cell phone?
: Certainly looks like it. But not BJ’s.
: I don’t get it...
: Look at this photo. Would you do the honors, Neku?
: ......

Uh... 1:45?

Okay jeez have 1:55.

: Ignore the microphone. Look on top of the telephone.
: It’s that cell phone!
: Correct. It was there when BJ arrived. He saw it, and took it. Now, why would he do that?

: Waaait a minute!
: You knew the owner. So you picked it up and returned it.

: Ohhhhhh.
: BJ didn’t want anyone finding out he got blown off. So he lied about where he found it. ...Well? I’d say this makes for an airtight case. Tenho left his cell in the phone booth. The question is...why.

: What? Why, man!?
: I thought it’d stop you two fighting. I don’t want us to break up... So...I just...
: ...... Sorry, bro. We put you through a lot, huh?
: Yeah, my bad, Tenho. I was outta line about wantin’ to do vocals...
: ...... But that’s all over now, right!? We good again?
: Heh, I’m cool.
: Good. Now let’s have that mic, Tenho...

: WHAT!?

So Tenho has a ~flashback~

: Once he left, I grabbed the mic. I was on my way to go hide it...but 777, I saw you coming back. I freaked and hid in the phone booth. I was just gonna wait it out. Then you called me. “The mic’s been stolen! Come meet me by Molco! So, I stashed the mic in the phone booth. I musta left my phone in there, too. I checked in with you, but when I went back... The mic was gone!

End ~flashback~

: Gone?

: A megaphone?
: With some freaky stuff recorded in it...

Video: Freaky stuff recorded in it.

: I’m sorry, guys! I just wanted us to stay together! Now, because of me...
: That megaphone could only belong to one person.
: Hee hee...Fascinating. It seems this mystery runs deeper! Care to enlighten them, Neku? Tell them who really took their mic.

Any choice but none results in

Which is no fun Josh.

So begins a series of ~flashbacks~ recounting the events.

: Meet me by Cadoi City. We need to talk.
: ...Huh? Hey! Who are you?
: ...... Now’s my chance!

: Oh, crap! 777! Gah! Gotta hide! ...... Whew... Hmm? My phone?
: Hello? It’s me! 777! We’re boned! The mic’s been ganked, bro! Hurry back to Molco!
: Ugh... Be right back, mic. Stay put.

: Perfect for my opus!

: OK. OK. Let’s do this. I’m gonna tell her. I’m gonna... Huh? That’s Tenho’s cell. What an airhead... Ah, well.

He calls and then-

: ...Sniff. Phone booth of love my ass!

: Now, to pick up the--Gah! It’s gone!? ...The hell is this megaphone?

: Knowing him?

: Our baby is in that pile of trash!?
: Start digging, boys!
: ......Sorry to drag you guys into this. I cleared the wall. Go on. We’ll manage from here.
: Best of luck.