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The World Ends With You

by Orange Fluffy Sheep

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Original Thread: Learn about musical genres and trigonometry with The World Ends With You!



Released in the US on April 2008, The World Ends With You (It's A Wonderful World in Japan) is easily one of the best games on the DS. The game takes full advantage of the dual screens and touchscreen features with a unique gameplay style that I think is just incredible. Combine this with a surprisingly good story and a great soundtrack and, well, it's great.

This is a hybrid LP, so the screenshots don't cover things in the videos, and vice-versa.

Some style notes about dialogue:
: Normal text after a portrait like this are things I am saying aloud, even if to myself.

: Italicized text are my thoughts, explicitly in thought balloons. Sometimes I switch between thoughts and speech in the same monologue.

: The game sometimes uses red text to denote a story term with a different definition from normal. Such red text will be bolded. Normally this only happens the first time the term appears.

Table of Contents


Once he's brave enough to wear his own pants, Neku will move on to this. By Amidiri.
Sometimes I am firmly convinced that my entire audience is insane. This is one of those times. By Lunar Suite.
Doomfunk examines both why sprites not showing clothes is a bad thing and why it's perfectly fine they don't.

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