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Part 32: 6 Days Left: Style. (Part 1)

Six Days Left: Style. (Part 1)

: Hey! Ain't you down wid the plan?
: Yeah. Like we talked about yesterday.

: Once I'm Composer, this Game business is done! An' then... ...... Man, le's jus' go.

: You haven't even read the mission.
: who'zat?

: So primitive. You think I can't see what you're up to? You were going to ignore the mission and cause some kind of trouble.
: So what, yo!? I'm a Reaper. I don't gotta do some stupid mission!
: ...As I thought. Well, I regret to inform you

: Pfft. Whatever. You can't fire me, 'cause I quit, yo!
: Oh, don't act like a child.

: ...No, I can see it comes quite naturally to you.
: Heh heh. Damn right!
: ...... Uh, dude...

: WHAT!?
: Sigh... Since I can't reverse evolution and speak your language, I'll keep this brief. You may be a Player now, but you still broke Reaper rules. Which means you have a penalty coming. They explained to you that a Reaper's points determine his or her lifespan?
: Yeah, so? Big deal, yo.

: You was gonna make me sic Noise on the Players! That ain't what I signed up for.
: ......
: Then I can't fathom why you did. One person's success is built on another's sacrifice. And besides... If I'm not mistaken, your only motive for becoming a Reaper is sitting perched on your shoulder. One little Noise? Talk about petty.
: Shut up! What do YOU know?

: including today.
: What!?
: Five days?
: Then I ain't gonna last the Game...
: The Reapers' wings are not license to do whatever you please. Ponder that during the time you have left. Now then, Player, in honor of your fall from grace, why don't I claim your entry fee?

Suddenly a flash of light, and Konishi has something in her hand!

: I wonder what you hold dearest. Could it be... this Noise? It is, isn't it?
: Give her back, you Iron Witch!
: Hmph. I have a better idea. Since this seems to be distracting you...
: NO! Don't you do it, yo!

Cutscene Video: She do it, yo.

: Now you can focus on my mission.
: Why you... Gimme that pin!!!
: First, your mission.

: Or until you perish. Whichever comes first.
: Yo, I don't need no six days-- I'm gonna finish this right here an' now!
: A predictably hasty response. ...Let me finish. Keep jumping the gun and you're going to fail. Don't you care what becomes of this pin?
: Dammit! That ain't fair...

: I will stay in that place for the next six days. You need to find me.
: So it's like hide-and-seek.
: We just gotta find you? Tha's easy, yo.

: I picked something at your age level.
: Whatchu jus' say!?

: I'm looking forward to watching you squirm and choke-- powerless to find me... powerless to stop death from finding you. Take care.

Konishi leaves.

: Yo, get back here, dammit! Nngh!
: The timer.
: Dammit! She got away.
: That's the way to 104.

: I need that pin! Otherwise bein' the Composer means nothin'.
: Wait, why? That Noise that was with you. What wa--
: That ain't no Noise, Phones!
: Huh?
: Le's bounce!

Anyway, any way but to 104 has Beat nagging us to go to 104.

: You know... I think it's the same pin.
: Something about this stinks.
: Better hold your nose, then. We have to wear 'em. GM's orders.
: You mean her Iron Mugliness? She's really gone and done it this time.
: Oh, c'mon, live a little! Secret weapons? Unchained power? Sign me up!
: Uh-huh. Ever wonder why they keep the chains ON?
: I guess... it must take a toll.
: Something must be spooking the higher-ups if they're breakin' these puppies out.
: It does seem like overkill for one little freshmeat traitor.
: Maybe. Maybe not.
: Huh? Please.
: Anyway, I see you've finally cheered up.
: Well, yeah? Work is finally getting back to normal. Rewarding! Hee hee.
: 'Atta girl! Now how 'bout a day for bowl of--

: ! Oh! Y-yes, ma'am!
: Tsk...

And the scene ends there. Time for shopping.

I get Beat's level 2 fusion to start.

Gold jangle silver jangle. A sale at 104 without honor or humanity.

This was available in the middle of week 2, with this ability referencing the next partner. Considering I mentioned in the OP that the manual discusses Beat's fusion stars I don't know why I avoided showing it.

Oh hey the Massive Hit psych.

And the D+B resonance pin though it'll be a very long time before I get either Shadow Matter or Dark Matter.

I don't even know anymore. JoTM pins that aren't Yoshimitsu rapidly taper off in quality.

Mus Rattus pins! No one cares but my wallet.

My poor wallet.

Ovis is the hard drop from Ovis Cantus.

You'll remember that I got Hard on W2D1 after I fought Ovis Cantus.

Haha, welp.

Might as well get this thing, though I rarely use Mus Rattus pins.

Anyway another evolothon hits.

Did I already show this one off? Well it goes to...

This, another branch in Sheep Heavenly's useless pins.

This however has something going for it. Curing defense break is quite nice against rhinos and shrews.

Behold, the single hardest hitting pin in the game. Massive Hit is horribly impractical but capping at 200% efficiency with over 200 attack means one fucker dies.

Wild Line has more hits but if you aren't hitting a Massive Hit with the puck you're terrible at the game.

Why did I even GET this thing?

The HP recovery is shit but it cures all statuses! But Defense Break is the only status that actually hurts.

It's kinda okay, I guess. I mean I have a pair of BBBB so most things just will never see use.

: Whoa, don't do anything crazy!
: Yo, quit bustin' my berries, man. I'm talkin' 'bout THIS. This wall opens with my Lv. 1 keypin.
: The one you used to "open" the wall yesterday?
: Heh heh. She forgot to take it back. There. Open. Le's move!