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Part 15: Day 1: Rulez

Day 1: Rulez

Music: Game Over

: He expects me to just start over? What the hell were the last seven days for, then? ...... Fine. What’s the mission? I’m not losing. Not now. Not a chance.

: Nngh! There’s the timer... The mission format’s different. X=30+74... They’re giving out Algebra homework now?
:Hmm, we did take down the GM last week. Maybe this is the big guy’s replacement. Better not count on the same tricks, then... I’ve got to stay focused--and stay alive. Too much is on the line. First, I need a partner--the toughest Player I can find! Hmm...Hachiko! I’m bound to find somebody useful there.

Like Neku's thoughts suggest, we're short a partner. Worse, Shiki, wherever she is, kept her stuff. Sucks, but I gave her a bunch of her-specific stuff for that reason.

: They expect us to work this week, too?
: Oh, suck it up! Don’t you want the extra points? Though it is a little weird to go two weeks in a row... Guess there’s a first time for everything.
: Not quite a first. Been a while, though. You prob’ly weren’t here, spring chicken that you are.
: Spring chicken? Been here two years, and I’m a spring chicken? Just how long have you been doing this?
: Meh. Details!
: Uh-huh. Anyway. What do you suppose the GM is--
: Yashiro here. ...... What!? You want us to WHAT!?
: Graaah!
: Easy, girl! What’s the deal?

: This is an insult!
: Take it down a notch before you pop a blood vessel. I don’t see a problem. This is our week off, after all.
: Ugh! This is why I hate the way he runs things!
: Really? I kinda like it.
: What’s to like!? It’s one big, cryptic mess! It pisses me off!
: He can’t help it. I’m sure he’s worked out some crazy plan--something way beyond the ken of mundane folks like you ‘n’ me.

What... what IS that?

: I have to win! ...For her sake, and mine. Now come on! I gotta find me a powerhouse!

: Dammit! I can’t do much on my own! Isn’t there anybody-- Huh? What was that!?

Video: A pact?!

: With who!?

Battle video: Carcinofolk

These Carcin are the first enemies with an elemental resistance. In this case, they resist postitive psychs like Shockwave and Vulcan Uppercut. It's only 10%, though, so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. What is a hassle is that our mystery partner is really bad at fighting right now. Compared to Shiki this guy is a liability.

Oh great, interface spoilers. He introduces himself in a moment but these are alyways annoying. At least this Joshua fellow has his dodge.

Music: Three Minutes Clapping
You should listen to this. It's a really awesome song.

: Who the--

: Please don’t tell me...

: Your what!? This pipsqueak is my new partner!?

: You seem like such a pro at this, I just...helped myself.
: A pro? How could you know that?
: I’ve been watching you, silly. Very impressive by the way.
: Huh? Was he a Player last time, too? But wait...No, there was nobody like him at the end. Who the hell IS this kid?
: Today’s the first day and all... Let’s just take it easy, hmm? Why don’t you start by giving the area a scan, partner?
: F-fine. Something about him just...grates.

Eh, sure, I'll scan the area. I wonder what I could find though, maybe someone complaining about ra-


Cutscene video: Joshua's thoughts

: Nngh! ...What? What did I just see? That place looked like...the Udagawa district?
: Something wrong? Are we not feeling well?

: Is this going to be a problem? I need you to pull it together. Unlike some people, I’m new at all this. I’m expecting a bang-up job from you, Mr. Escort.
: ...I’ll be fine.
: Will you? Wonderful. Then can we go?
: Something’s weird here... How was I able to scan him? He’s a Player.
: Hmm? What’s the holdup, Neku?
: It’s nothing.

Joshua's special talent is being condasending.

He's really good at it.

: If you ever find yourself stumped, I’d be happy to help you along. Just say the word. I promise you my advice is spot-on. Lucky you, having me as your partner.
: I’m going to choke this kid.

: Oh! I can’t say I’m particularly interested, but... I’ll go ahead and ask, for the sake of convenience. Do you have a name?
: ...... Neku.

: Gaaah!
: Well then, Neku. Shall we?

You can lock on to a single enemy more time to hit that enemy harder, But because you don't have Combo Map Upgrade 2 yet you'll never get farther than a snack machine.

Yeah, Joshua fights by summoning heavy objects with his cell phone. Don't ask me.

Music: Detonation

I try to make do with his mediocre brave and my insanely incomplete list of nice threads. Shibukyu Stationside is still open so maybe we can get a few things from there?

A Lapin Angelique parasol that gives Joshua a fusion star. I think I'll stick with the stats from Pavo Real's jewelry for now.

Joshua why are you so bad at fighting.

Oh hey, a Grindcore Mink. Negative resistance but a Positive weakness, so shockwave deals MORE damage! Drops Angel Magnum on Normal if you want to play with NP pins.

Y'know, besides Sweet Talk Tether. Sweet Talk Tether isn't going anywhere for a while.

: Another wall...
: So we need to clear out a few Noise to get by. All right. What better time to go over my combat skills?

: He has to be doing this on purpose...
: Put simply, I play things high or low.
: High or low?
: You should be able to pick it up on the fly. Ready for a little warm-up?

Battle Video: High or Low

Joshua does have something going for him. He can rack up fusion stars pretty well despite hammering left or right mindlessly, and with some attention you can get a nice constant stream going.

His level 1 fusion is the same strength as Shiki's, but his level 2 is 50% better, and his level 3 is x99.99 which is kind of absurd.

: We’re in this together from now on.

Look at this pin! Look how BAD it is! It's almost begging you to make fun of it because at least then you're paying attention to it!

This is far more crippling than it sounds.

: Neku... What do you suppose that is?

Zetta is 10^21, or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

: What!? Who said that?

: you factoring hectopascals!
: Hecto-what?

Hecopascals, as a unit of measurement and not a number, cannot be factored. In other words, it's an impossibility.

: Then you’re a Reaper.

: Nngh,
: Hmph. Now that’s a happy miscalculation. This brings me one iteration closer to my desired solution!
: Solution? ...Nngh! What are you talking about?
: Hee hee. Day 1, and the GM’s already putting in an appearance? Not one for tradition, are you?
: Tradition? Tradition is garbage!

: This is my Game. And I only allow two things. Flawless calculations...and beauty!
: I’d hear you were quite the eccentric...

SOHCAHTOA, or the memory device for remembering which sides determine which measurement of which angle.

: Now, time for a little quiz. How much weight will I let you Players carry in the UG?
: Pray tell.
: One yoctogram!

10^-27, a proton is 1.673 yoctograms.

: Precisely! You 000s have no value here. So! Now that I have you rounded up...

(times two, oh Sho you joker)

Boss battle: House Rhino

Totally immune to attacks from the front. Instead Neku has to be behind it to damage it. You can see oddities with it when Entanglement starts dealing damage just because he's behind it. 120% pos/80% neg resistances. Hits like a truck, inflicts defense break to hit even harder. Joshua decides to break it down to the music.

Music? Oh, right, Oop-arts again. Here, have a remix from the OST.

Music: Give Me a Chance (Ooparts)

Okay now the game has begun. We got a higher difficulty.

: Whew... Well, so much for Day 1.
: That Reaper knew me... How?
: Rather fascinating, wasn’t he?
: Uhh...
: At least we won’t be too bored this week, hmm?
: This kid, too... There’s something seriously not right about him.
: I wonder what the little math fetishist will think up for tomorrow. Exciting times, huh, Neku?
: Hmph. He’s shady... Still, "trust your partner," right? I need him if I’m gonna survive the UG--if I’m gonna WIN. Better get use to it.
: Well, the two of us should be able to cruise right through this week--between your psychs, my inspired brilliance, and our excellent teamwork. Hee hee...
: Ugh, I’ll never get used to this! But I’ll deal with the devil if that’s what it takes.