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Part 25: Day 5: Turf (Part 2)

Day 5: Turf (Part 2)

: Let’s see that phone.
: Thanks. It’s been responding to most of Shibuya.
: I’ll have it fixed in a jiffy. Sit tight.
: Ah! Neku’s phone, too. The camera.
: Right. Got it.

: Why did he do it? Why would he want me dead? He’s trying to jack Shibuya... Do I play into that? ...... That’s crazy. What could I do? I don’t know how to jack a town! Then again... He made the pact with me. Did he kill me just so we could partner up? ...... If I want to ask, now’s the time...

: Hmm? What’s this, now?
: When we first met, you said you’d been watching me. What does that mean?
: ...... Ahh. So that’s what this is all about.
: Rrgh...
: I’ve always been able to see the UG.
: This is the freaky ability Hanekoma mentioned? Even when you were alive?
: That’s right. Lucky me, right? I saw things others couldn’t. I knew about the Game here in Shibuya. I saw the Players. Reapers, Noise... The whole works.
: So you were watching me from the RG.

: When was that?
: Oh, years ago. So I became a regular at his shop, listening to his stories. The more he told me about the UG, the more I came to see its charm.
: What charm?

: Life for me was one giant bore. Just the same thing, day after day... Now THAT felt like death.
: So you...came here?
: Yeah. I decided I belonged in the UG.

: You want to be here? Fine.

: Really? Let’s have a look.
: Dammit!

: Oh? Where are you going?
: Just a little errand. Shop’s closed for today. Later, boys.

Hanekoma leaves, muttering these numbers...

: ...... Well, the tracker’s fixed. Shall we? Oh, before we do... Neku?
: What?
: My turn. I suffered through your questions, didn’t I? Now I have one for you.

: What? You tell me, ass--
: No. ...Two more days. He wants me to play it that way? Fine. ...I don’t know.
: Don’t know? Is that even possible?
: My memory was the entry fee last Game. Most of it’s back, but...there are still a few holes. What about you?

: What? Ugh, nice.
: I’m here because I want to be. End of story. Ready to go?
: The questions bounce right off him. I can’t afford to get into a fight, though...
: ...Are you listening, Neku? The signal’s coming from the scramble crossing.
: ......

I don't think this pig gets past 9. It just gets erased too fast thanks to BBBB.

...What. But I just evolved a pin to get one of these. What is this.

Also there are new popguins about that I utterly forget to screenshot. I only realized this when I get to this shot of their drops.

: ‘Cause I don’t believe in hittin’ women an’ children.
: Why are you doing this?
: You stupid? I’m a Reaper.
: Don’t be silly. Reaper’s aren’t allowed to--
: “Reapers ain’t allowed ta, Mommy! Wah wah wah!” Shut it! This Reaper’s here to erase ya! Now bring it, yo!

: Yeah, and we’re all on standby. GM’s orders. Leave the Players alone. You may be new, Freshmeat, but you can’t just--
: I’m special!

: Special op!?
: My, my! A rising star, are we?
: That’s right, Lolly. Twinkle twinkle.
: Ugh! Why’d he pick you? I have seniority!
: Beats me. Now you senior citizens can hobble off, aight?
: Aaargh! Cocky little punk!
: C’mon, girl, take it with dignity. Let’s leave the kids in peace. Have fun, Freshmeat.
: Pfft, whatever. Aight, Phones, le’s dance!

I try fighting him on Hard now that I have BBBB but since I can't adjust the brand rankings he gets to live this time.

...And it's now you get this one?

: Beat, stop! You dropped--
: I’ma drop YOU, hard!

: That’s... Hey! Low blow, man!
: You dropped it the other day, Beat.
: Yeah, sure. Now gimme it back! If you think you can use that to bargain, think again, yo! I’ll pry it outta your cold, dead hands!
: No bargains! Here. It’s yours.
: ...... ...Why’d you gimme it? We enemies, yo.
: It’s important to you, isn’t it?

Beat wanders off.

: ...Bye, Beat.
: Is the delinquent Reaper gone? Hmm... A special op...
: What about it?
: Oh, nothing. Let’s go.

: Shibuya’s full of his stuff, hmm? It must take a ton of time. I’m surprised he keeps that silly café open.
: Huh? CAT opened a café? Where? In Shibuya?

: What!? Where the heck is it?
: Cat street, silly.
: Cat..

: NO WAY! Mr. Hanekoma!? Is CAT!? Whoa...whoa! OK, calm down.
: Hee hee. I’ll try.

: He never does interviews in person. He’s never released any photos, either. I never even knew he was a “he”! Man... Mr. Hanekoma... I can see it, though. From the first time I saw him, I knew he was special.

: Hee hee. I’m happy you’re happy. Just don’t tell him where you heard, hmm?
: I won’t. So, if Hanekoma is CAT...

: Joshua’s looking for the Composer. Hanekoma’s helping him. The Composer wouldn’t be that dumb. Besides, Josh is too sharp not to notice. Guess I was over thinking things. CAT can’t be the Composer.
: I still don’t get why he’s so popular. It’s just street art.
: CAT’s work all follow a single, consistent aesthetic. And he keeps the quality up. Most important, his work speaks to people.
: I see.
: That’s tougher than it sounds.
: Is it? I bet you’d have little trouble.
: Huh?
: Use your Player Pin.
: What’s this got to do with--
: If you know what people are thinking, it’s easy to grab them.
: would be an advantage.
: Right. Why bother with talk? With sifting through the lies we all tell? You could talk till you’re blue in the face and not hear the truth. And we all see things differently anyway.
: It’s true. We’re not mean to see eye to eye.

: Sure, people don’t think alike. We don’t know what’s going through the other guy’s head. But we can TRY to find out, right? Expand our worlds through each other. Maybe that’s a better way to go--the real way to enjoy each moment.
: You OK, Neku?
: Yeah, I could try to be CAT with this pin. But why? Where’s the enjoyment in that? I’d rather broaden my world my own way.

: Who asked you!?
: Anyway, we really should make for the scramble. We may not be getting missions, but we still only have so much time.
: Him and his Composer hunt... He’s really serious? Kid’s crazy. He’s on his own.

I don't even know why I bother with this evolution.

Cyco Records in Udagawa starts offering this trade, but since I use Tin Pin Custom a lot, and the next day has a better way to get Tin Pin Wind, I don't bother.

Enough purchases at Wild Boar opens up this piece of fine art.

...Except I don't have adamantite.

And Shibu-Q Heads doesn't have Teketite to Adamantite, despite having this Adamantite to Orichalicum trade.

Also a trade for 10 Shadow Matter to a Dark Matter. It'll be ages before we see Shadow Matter.

I do buy some BRAVE+ for later.

and AMX has Junk Garage, which replaces Three Minutes Clapping as my menu music. Still waiting for Rush Hour...

: It’s coming from--
: Wait a minute. You want to take on the Composer.
: Haven’t we been over this?
: Look, I’m done with it. I have to win this Game. I’m not taking on any more risks.
: ...... Fine. I won’t ask you to get involved.

: ...... OK, but that’s it.
: Hee hee. You’re so generous. The signal’s coming from the station underpass.


...Well as close as I'm getting with Shibuya. At least I'm gettin' brand motherfuckers. Neku is one step closer to being a gothloli princess.

I think Jungle Boomers are the ones who drop this pin sometimes, but fuck me if I can actually remember where I get my shit half the time.

So I get one of its evolutions.

: Welcome to the Shibuya River.
: Since when is there a river here? That’s news to me.
: The Composer’s just ahead.
: ......
: ......
: ...What?

: Unless we get rid of that wall. Let’s head back and gather more info.
: Gather it where? Who the hell’d know about this?

With nothing left to do and no Happycore Bats to fight for Bat, the pair leaves.

: For now.

When suddenly...

: The same kind as before!
: Get ready!

Battle Video: Trance Rhino

I hate these motherfuckers and my only joy is that this is a timed battle so I don't have to chip away at its mighty 3,600 HP while it tears Joshua to pieces.

Also there's a bit of text and a cutscene in there.

Music: Emptiness And
Emptiness And is officially a bonus track on the OST, so no one has any coherent idea what the lyrics are. Doesn't help that it mixes English and Japanese lyrics, apparently.

: I told you, I hate working up a sweat.

: What!?
: That was one helluva blast. No way a Player could do that. You don’t see juice like that in the UG. You know, living folks aren’t allowed in the Game. That makes you a rule-breaker. I could erase you right now.
: No!
: But...I won’t.
: Huh?
: Too much work.

: Not next time, though. You’ll be erased before you know it. ...By Uzuki. Later!
: ...Whew. Lucky us, huh, Neku?
: Joshua... Was that true? You’re alive?

: You’re... But how can...
: There’s a loophole to everything. Sneaking in means I don’t have a Player Pin, but such is life.
: So you just--
: Please, it’s not a big deal. We formed a valid pact. We’re just like any other pair, Neku.
: ...No.
: Hmm? I didn’t catch that.
: No, we’re not, you punk! How can you say you’re the same as us? You’re alive! You’re here ‘cause you want to be! Not us! I don’t want to be here! I’m not playing the Game for kicks, dammit!
: No, you’re playing because you want to live again. You still get something out of this.
: You little bastard...

: Aww, Neku. You said you didn’t remember! You sneaky little thing. So what if I did?
: What!?