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Part 28: Day 7: Clash of Desires

Day 7: Clash of Desires

: Kind of a shame. We never found a way into the Shibuya River.
: ...... Joshua... Why’d you kill me?
: I killed who, now?
: Drop it, Josh. You said it yourself.
: I just asked what you’d do if I had.
: Look, did you or--Rrgh... The mission. When we’re through with this, you’re telling me everything.
: Hee hee. Whatever you say, Neku.

: Well, this is it. Just us and the Grim Heaper.
: ......
: What?

: No sense in worrying about it.

:Let’s go.
: After you.

Walls of Grizzlies are already random encounters. Dang. Well now I can chain them on Hard so...

Here's the noise pin for them.

Dragon Couture's psychokinsesis T pins have twice the efficiency of S and D, which caps with smacking a thing with an SUV for 230% of Neku's attack. This one gets enemies, but the other evolution has mondo attack.

: That’s a first.
: ...... This entire mission seems odd.
: Yeah... It is a bit different. No riddles. No weird numbers.
: ......
: Now this all of a sudden... Think it’s a trap?
: Who can say? Though I have my guesses. Hee hee. All we can do is play along. We can’t win if we don’t complete the mission.
: Right.
: Hmm... Cow and mouse...
: The heck does that mean?

D+B has new pins. The other one is boring but this one is pretty interesting.

I have two Chicagos. This will become relevant about 20 updates from now.

I want two.

Oh sweet Dragon Couture's burst rounds pin. It's arleady stronger than Tin Pin Custom, but this fucker can evolve!

Like so. Say hello to my bestest friend One Grain, Infinite Promise, a 101 attack pin that hits for 150% efficiency. I will be using this baby a lot.

Frozen Cool has already evolved into this. Piercing Pillar R doesn't have the same oomph as S and has an incredible reboot time, but it's pretty good for juggling.

The other evolution is weaker, but it has more uses. I prefer One Grain since I use it to pass the puck.

See what I mean? Attack++.

I had the first stage all week , I guess I decide to do something with it.

Fully evolved it's... still bad.

Inventory clutter wooo.

Expensive as hell, but stylish.

Anyway, there's a fairly notorious pig in Shibukyu Main Store today, as it runs the second it takes damage.

Just close the DS on it.

That's all there is too it. It's the only pig to react in such a way.

: This is where he’s hiding?
: It’s a good spot for it.
: How’s that?
: All the stray thoughts in Shibuya flow through here. They hit Pork City and rise up above the city...then come crashing back down again. Always building, never lessening...
: And he’s sitting on top of it all? Smug bastard.
: Attention seekers do tend to favor high places.
: That’s him all right. I just need to take him out. Sit tight, Shiki.

Pork City's gimmick is that only one brand's pins work each floor. This one is Mus Rattus zone.

Unbranded pins like my Tin Pin bros are unaffected. Sunscorch will be one of my primary weapons for now.

: Uhh, yeah?
: That’s the mission. Erase the Game Master here in Pork City.
: ...... You hear anything about this, man?
: Nope. Mr. Minamimoto told us to guard this spot. That was six boring days ago.
: ...... Well? What do you think?
: They’re here on a mission, right? Why not do the usual?
: Makes sense... If they’re here on a mission, that means Mr. Minamimoto wants ‘em here. OK. Meet my terms and you can pass. ......Want to get upstairs? You’ll have to wipe out all this floor’s Noise!

So we fight on negatives of normal areas.

: I don’t really know... It could be the imaginary number plane Mr. H told me about.
: Imaginary what?

: That Pi-Face’s work?
: Probably. But even so... Pork City is kind of an exception to begin with. He may just be directing its natural energy.
: Wonderful.
: Hee hee. This IS his base after all.
: Not for long. Let’s head upstairs and beat him down.

: Again?
: We’re here for the mission, thanks.
: ...... What mission?
: I dunno. But the guys downstairs let ‘em through.
: ...... OK. Meet my terms and you can go on up. But don’t expect it to be easy. ...... Want to get upstairs? Not until you de-Noise this floor!

This is D+B's floor.

Piercing Pillar R and S are different psychs.

There's the next tier of popguin! Anyway the Noise gets erased like woah.

We only have to go through two floors before getting to Sho. So let's go over our equipment.

Neku's decked out in SOS, Joshua is decked out in style. We're good to go.

: I should put my A-list pins back on.

My A-list pins are blatantly unfair.

: Is that a joke?
: We got a mission mail. “Erase the Game Master at Pork City.”
: What? An inverse matrix!?
: ...Doesn’t matter. You just saved me the trip.
: What’s he going on about? Didn’t that mission come from him?

: Same spot, same setup as last time...
: Last time? Nrrgh! Not now!
: You OK, Neku?

Cutscene video: Joshua's Fight

: Neku...
: You killed me...

: Hmph. That’s insignificant.
: What!?
: I’ve had enough chatter. Come get derived. This time I’m eradicating you from my spatial coordinates!

Boss Battle: Leo Cantus

Sho starts the fight in his human form, hanging out in the background and flinging Taboo noise at Neku and Joshua. After a few rounds of that he drops down himself to one of the screens, flings a few attacks, then absorbs the taboo noise on one to transform into Leo Cantus, whereupon he'll start beating the snot out of whoever's there. If the Taboo noise on the other screen get erased, he switches and repeats until one side is dead.

I don't think my puck-boosted One Grain, Infinite Promise took to kindly to his HP though. Though he has taboo defenses with only 3141 HP he can't take Burst Rounds to the face like that.

The Taboo noise drop pins and PP like normal, leading this to being a very rewarding fight.

Meh, the pin, part 22.

: Aww, what’s wrong? Weren’t you going to erase us at the speed of light?
: Heh heh heh... Haaa ha ha ha haaa!

: What the hell?
: The world’s made up of numbers! I’ve been reverse-engineering my desired solution all along! And here it is!

: I am victorious!

Cutscene video: Joshua's Sacrifice