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Part 49: Secret Reports: W2D1 - W2D4

Secret Reports: W2D1 - W2D4

W2D1 has the same condition as W1D1.

This is the soonest opportunity, right before scanning Joshua.

Hell yes.

So yeah, Joshua is playing in the game he said he wouldn't play in. It's about here the game between himself and Kitaniji starts to get derailed.

Oh right. I already showed this.

Also also fuck I hate the start of W2D2, you've got to scan Joshua then sit through the flashback to the end of W1D7 and fuck.

Now I can be inventive

The refight was actually on Ultimate by the way. I was hoping to get that 13% drop but it wasn't meant to be. Oh well, it's not like Dark Matter is bad.

The Noise symbol is sitting in Tipsy Tose, requiring you to get to Molco. Sheesh.

: Why go off and start your own company now? We were just starting to pick up steam!

: The marketing code, you follow? I know how to sell. It's all marketing and trends, boss. Shibuya's one giant ball of trends.

: Are they talking business?
: Ugh... Day-in, day out, work, work, work. They're like ants.
: Better get used to it. That's us in a few years.

Besides Joshua being a charming devil, we also get the item.


It's sacrificing creatures for +2/+1 and everything!

Oh for fuck's sake I have to go around?

I also clean tin pin related house to get an extra Tin Pin Custom.

Everyone else can sit at 400 for Shades' Headphones, but Joshua has an accessory that requires 999.

So it goes.

Fuck you Progfox.

Fuck you.

As a result I get a teleport pin.

And I beat Beat for another I Live For Food.

Just getting the meme is enough.


Mastered ones sitting in the pin list count

Also I cannot for the life of me remember where this pig is.

It's for free every time you see the scene with Sota and Nao Nao. Considering how long it takes to get there, it's not an efficient source.

Alright, visited Hanekoma, now for-


You have to do THIS first.

: Yo! What's up?
: You forgot Neku's phone camera. Honestly, Mr H...
: Oops! My bad!
: Can you add it now?
: I'm actually fresh outta parts...
: Sigh... Guess it'll have to wait then.
: Next time! I promies.
: Let's just go, Neku.

Oda Nekunaga.

My aesthetic is unconventional too, but that's because I have no technical skill as an artist.