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Part 7: Day 4: Erased (Part 1)

Day 4: Erased (Part 1)

Reaper guy mentioned a meeting, here's that meeting.

Music: Forebode

: Tick, tock, yourself, Konishi. Why are we even here? I can think of a decillion better ways to spend our time...than by having MEETINGS. Right, Megs?
:You will address him as "Mr. Kitaniji."

:Are we all here?
: Hey, Megs-- Who’s the bulldozer?

: He'll be handling affairs in my stead.
: You do me a great honor, sir. Watch! I will turn this week’s fracas into a fricassee!
: You planning to erase them, or EAT them?
:Yes, crack your jokes. But his skill is proven.
:That’s right. Higashizawa excels-- in tactics, intel, willpower, decisiveness, performance, his Player erasure rate... He surpasses our expectations on every count. A man of sound judgment like Mr. Kitaniji would not choose him otherwise.

: Cooperation is garbage. Anyway, I’m out. This is subtracting from my arts and crafts time.

Minamimoto leaves.

:Wait just a-- Mr. Kitaniji hasn’t spoken yet!
:Let him do what he wants.
:Yes, sir...
:Now, then...Higashizawa. You’re doing very well.
: Thank you, sir! Over half the Players have been erased.

Higashizawa gives us several servings of food puns.

:Excellent. I look forward to it. I spoke to the Composer about your promotion. We are in agreement.
: Thank you very much, sir.
:I feel you are ready...but, I have one condition.
: What, sir? Name it.
:I expect you, as my proxy in the Game, to leave no Player unerased.
: Fear not, sir.

I don't think I can swallow any more of these.

Anyway over to Neku and pals!

: Hey, you awake?
: What are you doing?
: Just people-watching. I mean, look at them all...

: And everybody’s got their own story.


: Who needs a town with this many people? All they do is get in the way and screech at each other. They’re the REAL Noise. Wish I had a giant Mute button.
: But yo, you ever try scanning ‘em all? It’s like havin’ the radio on every channel at once.
: Yeah... Like everybody’s values are all trying to come in the loudest. No other town compares.
: Shibuya’s a battlefield.
: Yeah...It is kinda like that. A clash of creeds.
: But man... All these people, and they can’t even see us, yo.
: Yeah... Makes you sad, huh?
: Sad!? I’m thankful. Nobody sees me. Nobody bothers me. And nobody expects anything of me. This is like a dream. Once I survive the seven days, does the dream end? ......
Neku's phone beeps, breaking this train of thought.

: Nothing the four of us can’t handle!
: Yeah!
: "Reach Towa Records. No time limit. Fail, and face erasure.--The Reapers"
: Huh? No time limit? But...that’s waaay simple!
: Towa Records is a ten-minute walk. Why wouldn’t they set a time limit?
: So we’re just walkin’ a couple blocks? Man. I was pumped for a brawl, yo!
: Guess we don’t need to team up.
: ...
: But this is too weird. Hundred yen says they’ve got something else up their sleeves.
: Yo, hold up! I jus’ got a great idea!

We don't get to Beat's great idea just yet because Pinky and her friend are on a roof. At least this one has good lighting.

: Who made today’s mission for ages 3 and up!?
: Aight, easy, girl. Deep breaths. Stress is bad for your complexion.
: Well, excuse me! Easy missions make me furious! Ugh. I need to go destroy some Players--
: Whoa, let’s think about this. Put yourself in the Players’ shoes. You’ve made it to Day 4, the mission’s a breeze... What are you going to think?
: Hmph... Point taken. Guess the boss thought it through.

Kariya is the most chillax person in Shibuya.

: We can’t go full blast all week. We’d never make it.
: Please. Since when does your dial even GO to full blast?
: Details. Anyway, we’ve got our own orders straight from the boss.
: All right... You win. Let’s see how this plays out.

Poison Bones, from Vespertillo Canor, is our first pin to inflict a status. Defense Break makes our attacks do more damage, so it is by default pretty good.

Anyway let's hear Beat's great idea!

: How ‘bout you two race us two, and we see who gets to Towa Records first?
: Whaaat?
: C’mon, Rhyme, le’s book it!
: Wha...huh!? Wait, Beat!

: Yeah. He keeps me on the ball. Sometimes he can get a little crazy, though. Beat’s the one who asked me to be his partner.

: Wow, so you--
:Omigosh. Rhyme, is that what I think it is?
: Huh? What?

: How’d you know about it?
: I saw it in a magazine. I looove following the latest clothes and accessories. Lucky...I wanted one sooo bad.
: I’m sorry I can’t give you mine. But it was a present from my brother.
: You’ve got a brother?
: Yeah. Older. He’s really nice. Hope he’s OK...
: Oh, I’m sure he’s doing great. And you’ll see him soon!
: Yeah... I hope so. So you’re into fashion?
: Totally! I want to be a designer. I love making clothes. But right now it’s just a hobby.
: I still think it’s pretty cool.

: to be head over heels about something. I don’t know what it’s like. Not really.
: Why not? You don’t have any dreams?
: No... But when I look at Beat I think: keep moving forward. Because someday my dream will find me.
: Yeah.
: Beat’s really good at skateboarding.

: If he can do it, then so can I. Right, Shik--

: Whatchu doin’? Move it! We don’t want Phones to win!
: Just a minute, Beat! Patience is a virtue! Well, I’d better go. See you at Towa Records!
: Whoa! Beat’s just a speck now. Rhyme must have a rough time keeping up.
: I’ll say.

: If he wants to run, good for him.
: Then we can slow down for a bit?
: Sure, why not? There’s no time limit, and those two have got a head start.
: So...we can take a little side trip?
: Where are you going with this?
: Mind if we stop at Ten-Four?
: ...I guess not.
: Really? Thanks!

Oh hey it's the Noise Report. I was beginning to miss this thing.

It shows the Noise you've fought, what pins they drop on what difficulties, and how frequently. The numbers here are the base drop rate, and every level below your current one adds another multiplier to drop rates. Neku had a max of 7, so by dropping his level to 2 he had a drop rate of 5, making that 5,000 yen pin a 100% drop.

Anyway, we finally have a chance to go in to 104 and do some shopping.

Or so I though.

: No, silly. Ten-Four’s always like this. Ah! Omigosh! That outfit! Is that the line? You don’t know how badly me and Eri--...... Sorry...Me and my friend used to come here.
: ...Friend? The girl on her phone?
: Noise!?
: Hey...Over there!

: I gotta snap a photo with my phone!

: Oh. Not Noise...Just noisy.

: He’s the latest superstar. People love his don’t-give-damn attitude.

: "F Everything"? What kind of blog is that?
: Hmm? You, young man!
: Huh?

The Prince graces Neku and Shiki wtih his presence.

: if you can’t even coordinate an outfit? Have you no sense of Shibuya’s trends?

: Who the... Sigh. Trends?
: Yeah, you know. Like what brands are hot?

: Ah, the blessed voice of wisdom. At least one of you knows how to dress.

: I have to! Shibuya is every girl’s war zone.
: Good thing I’m not a girl...
: You should know a trendy outfit can turn a pigsty into the loveliest of gardens. But you, in that outfit?

He leaves, having done his part (which is being cooler than Neku).

: Arrogant snob. I am not...a...a spicy tuna roll!
: He’s right, Neku. As long as we’re here--
: Oh, no. Count me out. I don’t care about trends. I wear what I want to wear.
: Ugh, no, you can’t do that! They call it a fashion statement for a reason! How you dress sends a clear message.

: Look, you’ve got potential. You could be sooo much cooler. And I KNOW fashion. C’mon, it’s so easy to be trendy.
: Well, I’m not going to force you. But your clothes... They’re, um... ... ...Not, like, bad, but... ......
: Ahh! Nothing, nothing! Just forget I brought it up. ......
: Suddenly, I feel naked.

A conversation. About clothes.

This is okay because there's several hundred articles of clothing in this game. Gotta lay down some rules.


: So what’s so great about trends?
: Oh! Changed your mind?
: ‘Course not. I’m just asking.
: Well, Shibuya’s kind of unique. Trends here change really quickly. And they change YOU, and the people around you. So it’s better for you if you can stay in control of them.
: Better how?

These 13 brands are Mus Rattus, D+B (Dangerous Buffalo), Tigre Punks, Lapin Angelique, Dragon Couture, Hip Snake, Pegaso, Sheep Heavenly, Jupiter of the Monkey, Pavo Real, Natural Puppy, Wild Boar, and Gatito.

If you're noticing, there's an animal motif here. If you're noticing the animals and their order, this is the Chinese zodaic.

Except for Gatito, depending on who you ask the cat was late to the meeting and/or it got booted out for trying to harm the Rat. Gatito is CAT's brand, which is immensely rare due to how rarely he works outside of grafitti murals and naturally low runs. Despite this, CAT enjoys immense popularity due to his unique style and designs. In fact, no one is quite sure who CAT is, or even if CAT is male or female, or even just one person or a group of artists!

Anyway, the more pins and threads of a brand Neku and Shiki wear into battle, the higher on the brand charts it goes in that area. Sync rate decreases less after each battle if their threads match, and pins get damage bonuses if they're the right brand. Shiki's attacks are unbranded.

Back to talking!

I’m already cool

: I don’t need help being cool.
: I know what I’m doing, Neku. I’ve been studying fashion bit by bit, so I can be a designer one day.
: No kidding.
: I’ve always liked to sew. I started with little things like stuffed animals.

: Seriously!? Wow. They look like what you’d buy in a store.
: Heh, thanks. But the clothes, I just sewed them. Eri did the design. She’s the amazing one.
: Eri? Oh. The girl from her phone.
: I still have a lot to learn. But one day...

stuffed animal

: Why do you still have it? Stuffed animals are for kids.

: your psych? You use that piggy as a weapon?

Shiki could only get one psych to work.

: "Mr. Mew"? How olf is she? Three?
: Look, I only know how to use tele...whatever.
: Telekinesis? OK, but why a stuffed animal? Couldn’t you pick something more powerful?

It was from a pin called Groove Pawn. By the name it sounds Pegaso-ish.

: Besides, I’m not really moving him. He just sort of does his own thing.
: Umm... That’s not telekinesis.
: Hmm... I guess not.

The psych is named Psychomancy. She animates Mr. Mew and tells him to kick asses. He kicks asses by clawing at the enemy and uppercutting them.

: What if it’s possessed--waiting to pork-chop us in the back of the head?
: I know he turned out awful, but...without him, I never would’ve started sewing for real.

future ambitions

: So, a fashion designer, huh?
: Yup! I want to make clothes for a living. Nice clothes make people happy. And that makes me happy, too.
: Hmph. She’s got her whole future planned out. Never woulda thought.
: So that’s why you’re so picky about clothes.
: Heh heh, I try. But I still have a ways to go. There’s so much to learn.
: Cool. I didn’t give her enough credit.

Enough characterization, it's time to shop!

Music: Black Market

Music: It is Fashionable

Music: Economical Shoppers

The higher the gauge, more abilities and special products are unlocked. Besides, the clerks get more friendly and pleasant.

104 has four different clothing shops. D+B's main shop in Shibuya is here, so D+B is often the default top brand if rankings are left on their own.

D+B, short for Dangerous Buffalo, is mostly women's clubbing wear, the kind of stuff you wear on Saturday night to go to the hottest joint in town. Wanna be noticed across the dance floor? D+B's for you.

D+B's two locations each sell one of Shiki's fusion stickers, and by all the abilities that relate to her, including a +3 fusion star ability, it's primarily her brand. Good her starting Brave is so high, some of these things can require up to the 150's!

Anyway the most notable purchase is the skirt there, as it provides a decent boost to HP and Defense, as bottoms are wont to do.

Mus Rattus, Latin name for the Black Rat, is... well, you won't spend more than 1,000 yen on much of anything here, but they're...

Plain, ugly, and probably made of paper. The low price point is offset by low boosts, shocking if an item increases attack or defense by more than 1 point. However, the Bravery requirements are usually also extremely low, so low Neku can usually wear some of it without vacuuming up crepes!

Since we've got a lot of Mus Rattus stuff from one of the other locations I'm mostly here to unlock an ability or two.

Wild Boar is probably what you think of when you think of "urban fashion". The styles harken to streetwise skaters and rappers, and their main location in Udagawa sells some nice skateboards.

The bravery requirements are low but the fashion ain't weak, so it's perfect for cowardly little Neku here who can't even wear his own shorts. Neku gets a nice hat, giving him a nice +4 attack.

The Shinobi pin there is one of four pins completely changed in style from the Japanese to the U.S. releases. It is part of a set of four unbranded pins based on major Japanese gaming magazines, changed to general Japanese iconography. It requires an Orichalicum, a pin usually dropped by some of the nastiest Noise around on Hard and Ultimate.

We won't be using it for a while.

Anyway, Edoga the Shop will have to wait for a moment as we are now really poor. Being fashionable in Shibuya comes at a steep toll.

: OK, let’s head to Towa Records. Beat and Rhyme are probably waiting.

Anyway, now these brand rankings start having impact as Neku can finally manipulate them. D+B is at top by default in 104, as I said, and guess what's D+B?

Good ol' Ice Riser.

The blue frogs are Bigbanfrogs, and they come with eight Bigbansprog. The sprog just latch on to Neku and slow his movement, while the frogs can belch damaging bubbles in additon to jumping off Neku's face. Bigbanfrogs drop 1000 yen pins on Normal at a high rate, making them wonderful for yen at this point.

There's also a pig here, the Pig Cha-cha takes little damage but has little HP so it balances out to be a normal pig fight with small numbers. We get another 5,000 yen off of it.

Edoga the Shop has no real brand focus, not being an official retailer. The sticker for Neku gives EXP for hitting an enemy in the air, but not enough to justify the scarletite. Fujiyama there is another of the redesigned pins. Anyway, we get Neku some shoes, hopefully inspired by Bowie, as his defense sucks.

Now we're sittin' pretty with our horribly mis-matched fashions. Shiki's significantly higher starting Bravery lets her have at much better threads, especially the +8 defense from the bitchin' platform shoes.

Anyway, let's finally go to the Scramble.

And now for a mean move!

Now is when the game admits pigs exist, after you've missed 5 in the previous two days.

You'll eventually get the chance to replay days, but until then...

Anyway this porker gets punctured by piercing pillar.

It drops another passive Pavo Real pin (but I repeat myself, given Pavo Real's pins) that boosts the effects of recovery pins. It's our first Angel class pin. A deck can only have one Angel and one Reaper class pin, regardless of psych.

This actually leads to sillyness like having two Force Rounds pins despite it being an A-class psych but we won't be seeing that for a while. Love Charge is already mastered so it gets to sit uselessly as I rarely use recovery pins.

I kill Bigbanfrogs for fun. Thankfully the guy doesn't keep them. Reapers never actually take the pins or items they ask for from you.

Oh boy, a 4th slot! This will let me disversify my offense even further!

And we get the option to chain battles, taking on more than one noise symbol at once with increasing danger in return for higher PP rewards and increased drop rates. I'll get into more detail when I actually get into a chain battle.

That's all for now!