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Part 6: Day 3: Who 2 Trust (Part 3)

Day 3: Who 2 Trust (Part 3)

The tech is standing around, whining, and we have to Imprint things in to his head to make him do things. Blackout just makes him remember he's here to solve the blackout, which won't help at all. It's time to go collect some memes!

The girl in Dogenzaka now says something different, including yellow text.

This gets us the cough drop meme.

More pressingly, The guy in the back of the concert stage has the Fuse meme for us.

First, let's Imprint Cough Drops.

This makes him run off to Cosmic Corner.

He sells to the Tech, because he has a good reason to want the cough drops. This is entirely optional but it's worth doing.

Okay now let's stick Fuse in his brain.

Okay, NOW we've done what we need to with imprinting.

But while we're here...

: "Love in a Heartbeat"? Sorry, ain’t sellin’. And for the record: it’s just a name. Wearing this skirt will not actually help you fall in love. So, like...get that outta your heads. I wish folks would stop asking.

: !
: !

Cosmic corner guy best guy.

Anyway, back to A-East with 777 and the tech...

: Damn right you do! Now fix the lights!
: I-I-I will! But first--

: Cough drops?
: I've really been looking forward to your concert!
: ...Go on, get outta here.
: Right!
: Hey!

: Good thing he picked those up, huh? And now we have light!
: Finally we can see inside.
: Hey! Thanks for everything.

: One day it'll be worth millions!
: Ooh! Thanks!
: I better see you at the show. Later!
: All right! Let's finish this mission.
: Right!

They aren't kidding about that price tag. I probably shouldn't be so spendy with this, but, by the time it would come in handy for one heck of an item, I can get as many as I want.

I try leveling it up first, and in the process, Ice Blow evolves into the much mightier Ice Riser! Compared to plain old Ice Blow, Ice Risers is a great pin, as it has three giant icicles, all at 100% efficiency! And it hits higher attack than Ice Blow, AND reboots faster.

Basically I love this damn pin.

Battle Video: Ice Riser

Of course, that wasn't the best battle as I focused too much on hitting Ice Riser with the puck, but you can see from that 108! that it deals some sick damage.

Mastering it didn't increase its value. Pity.

It did give me enough yen to buy Shiki some of the fancier shoes in Shibuya, though.

: All fixed?
: Yup! Try flipping the breaker.
: OK! Here goes!
: Hmm? No good...The power blew again.
: What!? Why? I thought you fixed it!
: What’s wrong now?
: I dunno... Maybe the fuse wasn’t the problem.

Boss Video: Vespertillo Canor
It also contrains a bit of the conversation after, as there is a very short cutscene.

Vespertillo Canor is immune to damage while the lights are totally out, and while they're slightly out he takes reduced damage. Erasing the Gabba Bats on the top screen turns the lights on, and while they're on full-blast Vespertillo is helpless. All in all, if Shiki has a decent attack score she can plow through the Gabba Bats so the fight is simple.

Besides that, the thing gets three Ice Risers with the puck in his face. Not much can handle that kind of damage output.

Music: Give Me All Your Love

: Yo, looks like we made it.
: Yup! The timer’s gone now. Mission complete.
: But...I’m so confused...
: Huh? It’s fixed!
: You sure?
: Uh-huh. The lights should work now.
: OK, I’m gonna go tell the others!
: Looks like they’re in business.
: This place is gonna fill right up. We should step outside for now.

: Whoops. Good thing you two came along. We owe you!
: Man... You two shoulda gathered more info, yo. I’m talkin’ to you, Phones!
: Hee hee...
: What, Rhyme?
: Stop trying to act tough, Beat. We didn’t have all the info, either! You wouldn’t have found the little golden bat if it wasn’t for them. Know why?
: Let me guess. We had to beat the big golden bat first.

: Yeah... You act like you got the answers now, but you was freakin’ out before!
: So were you, Beat.

: Ha ha ha!
: Hee hee.
: Least I got the job done, aight?

: Who said YOU could laugh at me?
: Look. The concert’s starting.
: Wait...
: ‘Sup now?
: How come we were able to talk to him? You know, 777.
: ‘Cause he’s a Reaper.
: WHAT!?
: Mr. Hanekoma explained all this. Did you forget?

Yet another ~Flashback~.

: This Shibuya ain’t your Shibuya. It’s the Composer’s Shibuya, which the Reapers use to run the Game. No matter what happens, people won’t see you, won’t hear you-- and they definitely won’t help you. Your partner’s the only one who can keep you alive.
: So we’re basically invisible?
: Only those involved in the Game can see you.
: So...the Players, the Reapers,
: Right.
: Why am I even in this stupid game?

: What we value most?
: Do we get it back?
: If you win.
: ...And if we don’t?
: You lose your entry fee forever. And,

Okay, we're finally done with ~flashbacks~ to that conversation.

: So we’re on our own.
: ......
: You think... You think we’ll make it?
: We’ll make it. No matter what!
: Heh. Think you can deliver, Phones?
: Hey, you know... we really do make a good team. Starting tomorrow, what do you say we work together? We only survived today because of teamwork.
: I agree! And what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.
: If Rhyme’s down with it, then so am I.
: No objections, Neku?

: I still don’t know anything about the UG... Or about myself...or the Reapers... All I do know is that these guys aren’t my enemies.
: Hey, Neku. Remember what Mr. Hanekoma said.

: I remember. And now I see why. What else can I trust? Especially in a backwards Shibuya like this. Just don’t drag me down.
: Yay! That settles it. Here’s to teamwork!

Meanwhile, in an ominous and probably poorly-lit room...

: Six? My, my...
: That puts us at the 50% erased mark, one full day earlier than expected.
: Higashizawa’s doing nicely, then.
: Yes, sir. That concludes today’s report. We have our regular meeting tomorrow. Same time as always, sir.
: Right. Good work. Heh...
: Is something amiss, sir?
: No, no... It’s just-- I have a feeling that tomorrow’s Game will be very entertaining.