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Part 55: Episode 5: The Divinely Handsome Prince of Shibuya and his White Angels!

Episode 5: The Divinely Handsome Prince of Shibuya and his White Angels!

: Only seven days till the Prince's Birthday Bash!
: I'm on it!

: "Stuff?" What the heck are they planning?
: Say, Green. What are you making?
: T-shirts with letters stitched onto them.
: We're gonna, like, wear 'em in the front row? They spell out a message.
: Dare I ask what?

: He's gonna, like, totally love it?
: ...

: Hey, why don't we play?
: Like, sure?

But that's her nickname.

: ...Please stop with the codenames.
: Well, here's my pin. I'm so, like, jealous, Shiki? You've got your Prince fan gang and now your Tin Pin gang...
: Oh, this? This kind of just happened...
: What are you saying, Green!?

: Our meeting was foretold by the prophecies!
: Not only did he name us after crayons-

: Don't worry about the shirts, Nao-Nao. They'll be ready.
: Awesome!

: In the flesh! Care for an autograph?
: Aaaaaah!

: REEEEEEENCE! Omi-omi-omi-oho ho ho ho ohh! emm! gee!

: Hey, you three were finalists at the slam-off. Do you usually all hang out like this?
: WOW! You know about us?
: Tin Pin's my latest little addiction. I know everything there is to know about it.

: You're a Prince fan, right?

: There she goes again. You'd think she'd be dying for some quality time with her idol.
: It's too embarrassing!
: As opposed to wearing weird T-shirts at some party?

(The nonlinear structure of playing people in Another Day makes no sense sometimes. I guess they assume that, since you have to go by 104 to get to this screen, you've talked with Nao.)

: HEY! We're going to look awesome!
: Whoops, now she's mad.
: B-b-but yeah! I totally can't play the Prince!

: ...Fine
: And don't you dare beat him.
: Whose side is she on?

Whoops I accidentally the Prince.

: But I'd expect no less from a finalist. Here, a gem from my pin treasury.

: I TOLD you not to win!
: ...Help!
: Y-Your Highness! I'm so sorry my brain-dead friend has no manners!

: Don't be silly. I had fun. Let's play again soon.
: Y-yes sir! If he pleases you sir, he's your to play with anytime!!!
: ...I'm what?
: Wow... He's gorgeous.
: ...I'm WHAT?

This is also quite a haul.

: Do you need to ask? It's, like, the most important day of the year. What fan could miss it?
: Great, that makes all of the White Angels!
: White Angels?
: One of the Prince's fan gangs.

: A fan gang war?

: We've gotta be ready!
: Angels and Diablos? That seems... kinda off. ...Yeah, that's all great. Now will you play Tin Pin?
: Oh, sorry! I was off in Prince Land.
: Right...
: Good luck, Blue!

Peace Full has 4 whole hands and plenty of uses for the two whammies I use most. I kinda like it actually.

: Here, this is yours.

: Heh heh. See you at the Bash!
: Yup yup!
: Have fun slamming and all, but don't forget to be ready for those Diablos.

I originally planned for this to be twice as long but noticing I was just now halfway done was a bit disenheartening. This takes a while when I have to transcribe manually.