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Part 34: 5 days left: The Composer (Part 1)

5 days left: The Composer (Part 1)

: The scramble!?
: But we was just at A-East, yo! She dumped us back at the starting point? C'mon, man. We gotta head back!
: Wait!
: What for!? We know where she's at!
: We know where she WAS. But we couldn't find her.
: Yeah, we did look pretty hard, but--
: We don't really have any proof she was really there.
: You heard her laughin' at us!
: It's possible that was all just a setup. Let's check some other places today.

: Aight. Fine. But it's Day 3, yo. I don't got much more time. This sucks, man... I am so boned! Why can't there be some easy way outta this?

: Yo, who'zat?

: Whatchu want, Pinky?
: Hey, leave my hair out of this.
: ...
: You here to take us out? If you gonna bring it, then bring it! We're in a hurry, yo.
: Oh yeah? You don't want THIS?

: The GM passed it on to me. She made me substitute GM for the day!
: Yo, gimme that back!
: Hooold on. This is your entry fee. You can't have it back unless you win the Game.
: Bwaaah! Tha's right... Dammit!
: But how about we have a little bonus round? If you finish my mission, I'll give you back the pin.
: Yo, fo' real?
: Like, totally. I'm subbing for the GM. It's my call.
: And of course you'd never try to trick us.
: What? Oh, come on. You think this is all a ruse? Fine, I'll just destroy the pin, then-
: Wh-whoa! Don't!
: Ahh, now you believe me. So! Here's your mission.

: Huh? What'd she say?
: You have 60 minutes. Fail, and-- Well, I'm not an official proxy, so I can't erase you.
: Then why you think we gonna listen to you?
: I can't erase you... but I CAN erase this pin.
: What! You sneaky-
: Oh, get over it. Now... Ready, set... GO!

Uzuki dashes off.

: Yeah... I guess. We don't need Ironface if we get the pin back. Yo, le's chase after Pinky and clear this mission!

So, Pteropus. It's the strongest Patrol Rounds T pin. It's also bad by virtue of being Patrol Rounds T, but it fires huge boomerangs that cover a ton of area, so it's useful for knocking noise out of attacks, I guess.

Also new Corehogs. Melodi Corehogs drop Sweet Talk Tether on easy and believe it or not that pin is still relevant. I'm still running it. Normal drop is One Stroke, Vast Wealth, the +uses branch for DC Burst Rounds pins. I still prefer One Grain, Infinite Promise's power. I'm still running it.

: Huh? Yo, weren't you listenin'?
: ... No. I couldn't hear 'cause you sneeze like a freakin' elephant.
: Man... Get wid it. Today's mission is- ...

: Right, Sport.

: so RS 4 must be, uhmmm

: Oh yeah! "Reaper Creeper"! That's what RS 4 is!
: ... You just pulled that out of thin air.

: OK, so... how does RS 4: Reaper Creeper work?

: ...Are you sure?

: ....
: Aight, Phones. Le's find us some peeps to Creep.
: How 'bout the guy who just walked by?

: I've let it make decisions for me... Too many. Not that I can complain. I owe much of my success to it. But doesn't feel right.
: What? He ain't gonna do it?
: Weird, for him.
: Should I keep relying on this? ... Of course! I'll just ask it! Wouldn't that be a fitting end!
: Yeah, pops! 'Atta boy...
: ...
: Reaper...

: Aw, quit jerkin' us around, pops! Hurry up and Creep!
: ...Are you SURE this is what we have to do?
: Y-yeah! Reaper Spurt 4: "Reaper Creeper". I used to be a Reaper, yo!
: ...
: Trust me, Phones. Now let's get that guy to-- Huh? Where'd he go?

: Oh, crap! We gonna lose him! Book it, Phones!

Anyway on to 104, maybe he went that way?

: Hey, wasn't that... What's she doing?
: Hey! Phones! Focus, man. The guy ain't here. We gotta check someplace else!

Nope, need pants.

Alright, now I can win me a m-


We've got Neku enough stuff to turn him into a genuine hippy.

Or maybe the bellbottoms work better? I don't know.

This piggy actually attempts to murder you if the timer goes down. I think it has the 2nd strongest hit in the game, behind the bonus boss's strongest attack.

But I'm not sure because BBBB BBQs the pig fast.

I get this pin which is a bad pin. Let's pay it no more attention.

: Hey... I know him.
: Nothing I do ever works out. I give up...
: Huh? Hey, Mick.

: ...... I'm a chronic failure. I left my job 'cause I thought I had all the answers. Man, was I wrong about that. Nothing's going the way I planned.
: What have you been doing with the ramen place?
: I closed it down for a while.
: What? Why!? The place was packed.
: At first. Then sales started to tumble, and I had no idea how to keep people buying.
: ...... Mick, we had this talk before. The trends can make and break you in Shibuya.
: Yeah, I remember. "Be more trendy." Is that it?
: No, it's not that simple.

: Clothes are a form of self-expression. You're not being trendy if you're not being you. Work the trends. Wear what feels right. Don't let the trends work you.
: ...... OK. I think I get it...
: Well, I gotta get to my next appointment. See you, Mick.
: Wear what feels right... DO what feels right... Aww... But what feels right for me?

A quick trip to 104 later and I have this thingy. Like other Pavo Real stuff it's bonuses to all stats.

Wild Boar got some sick bling yo.

Death Thrash Minks, the most powerful of minks.

Tells you something about how pitiful minks are, huh? Ultimate Drop is Mink at a .3% rate.

The only Noise that drops Carcin is the Carcinometal so I guess those are about, too.

Heavy with a shitton of Bombers. And Reaper class to contrast wtih Bat's Angel. Not a bad tin pin.

There he is indeed.

But Uzuk is laughing still. What's got her so tickled?

And she's laughing at AMX too. Must be something really amusing.

: Hey. There goes the Reaper again.
: What, Pinky?
: Yeah. She just took off. You didn't see her?
: Yo, are we lookin' for the guy or not?
: ... I dunno. I think she's acting weird. Like she's teasing us.
: Whatever, man.
: You sure today's mission is-

: ...
: Ahhh. Got the sniffles. Aight, le's go, Phones! We gotta track down that guy an' finish the mission!
: ...

So at Tipsy Tose he finally stops.

But Makoto is here too, also sighing.

: ! M...Makoto!
: Oh! Boss...

Who cares about these dorks or clearing the missions?!


Against more guys modeled after Square-Enix employees and... Ken Doi.

He ain't kiddin'.

Pin Professor, Vice-Wizard of Slam, and The Ramen Don

But I manage to get a win, thanks to Bat having three hands and therefore failing to adequately die.

I get this pin.

Lightning Bolt is an excellent psych

on the two post-game pins that have it. Tin Pin Artist doesn't have the power to really impress. It's interesting for the novelty of having one of the better psychs, at least. Lightning Bolt is kinda like Entanglement except it lasts shorter and hits much harder.