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Part 52: Episode 2: Tragedy at the Slam-Off!! Black Skullers Emerge!!

Tragedy at the Slam-Off!! Black Skullers Emerge!!

This happens as soon as you step in Molco's screen. It doesn't yet lock you into anything as Another Day is all about doing what you like.

It does however take a bit of time even if you are just going to Spain Hill. But I'm here to SLAM!

: Wow, listen! They even hired a booth babe!

Oh hi Higgy.

Keep in mind for the rest of Another Day that Higishizawa sounds like a 20-something woman.

: C'mon, now. Dilly-dally, shilly-shally ♪

: Dilly... what? What the heck does that mean? And more importantly,

: What is this, Freak Fashion Friday? Tin Pin, yours is a mysterious world...
: Move it! Comin' through!

: This place is packed, kid. You shouldn't be running.
: I had to! I can't miss registration! I've been training for WEEKS for this!
: Training, huh... You mean wasting your time.
: Are you gonna enter too?
: Well, yeah.
: SWEET! Good luck!

: Wha- Who does this kid think he is?
: Oh, snap! The TIME! See ya, man!
: That half-pint talks a big game. ...Weird. Where have I seen him?

After this you're free to go about your business. Do what you want. I want to slam.

: Surprised at all the people, though. Tin Pin really draws a diverse crowd.
: Yeah, it's great! I knew they were the ones for the job.
: ... They, who?

: I'm impressed by how orderly it all is, considering the turnout.

: They're new in town, so I was a little wary... but I'd call it a success.
: Guess the sponsor can't do it all, huh?
: Goodness, no! The bigger the event, the more folks it takes to pull it together. That's business.
: Wow. I guess pulling something like this off takes all kinds of folks...

: I can still squeeze you in!

One last chance to leave, if you're absolutely unsure. Or your pins suck or you have the wrong deck entirely. I've already got my slamming deck ready.

: Sign me up.
: OK, let me just jot down your info. There we are ♪ Now, just listen for your name, 'K?
: Uh... 'K.
: Enjoooy ♪

: Please report to your designated blocks. The two-round preliminaries are about to begin.
: First up, the prelims! This should be easy. Just focus on the game, Neku. Keep those emo urges at bay...

It's a four-player free-for-all. I've got six pins, everyone else has two each.

The end is obvious.

: OK, round two... Game on!

Three pins each, on the invisbility board, but I'm still me.

I mean, I'm using Beat's sister as a toy. I better win or else I'm a horrible jerk.

: Yesss! That should weed out most of the noobs... Everybody left has skills. But only I have my magic touch!

: for the Shibuya Tin Pin slam-off finals! Introducing our commentator, deputy editor of "Pinhead Weekly," Koki Kariya!
: Thank you, thank you. Shibuya's at the top of Japan's slamming leagues. He who rules Shibuya's tables rules Japan. I can't WAIT to see who rules today.
: ... And I'm your MC, Yodai Higashizawa!
: All right, Yodai, let's hear about our finalists.
: Absolutely ♪ Entry #5...

: Look at that poker face, Yodai. Clearly he's big on plaing mind games.
: Next up... Entry #108....

: With such a wide spectrum of tactics,

Goddammit Joshua.

: Next up... Our third finalist from the standard registration pool, a dark horse among lesser foals... Entry #325...

: Wow... Everybody's staring. Damn right. 'Cause I'm gonna win!

: Our fourth and last finalist is a special guest-
: Special guest? What the hell?
: The Sultan of Slam! Three-time champ and title holder...

: What!? That was... He's... I knew he looked familiar. I've seen his mug in PW!
: Hey, bro!

: Don't sound so surprised. I'm gonna be the man to break you.
: There you have it, folks!

I already have one.

: Okey doke ♪ Now then...

: Huh!?

: Is this part of the program!?
: Do it, fellas!
: Aye aye, ma'am!
: What the-

This is a white screen. It represents scuffling.

: HEY!
: Get your-
: Watch the hands!

: What!? They were stolen!?
: Mine, too!
: Somebody grab 'em!

: Give them BACK!

: We appreciate you bringing 'em all to one place.
: What are you talking about!?

: is to have them gather for you. This entire slam-off was a sham-off!
: Zip it, Yodai!

: Sorry, ma'am!
: Give me back my pins, NOW!
: No can do, shorty. We're gathering them for a reason. We need them more than you do.
: Who are you!?

: Exposition.
: Sorry, ma'am.
: We're done here, boys!

: ... Wait a sec.

: Whew!
: Please remain calm. Due to mass pin thievery, we regret to announce...

: Guess they have no choice. Well, time to head home...

: Uhh... Y-yeah... Darn them. If folks knew my pins were spared, I might wind up a suspect.
: There's only one thing left to do!

: Our... what?
: Well, DUH. Our pins! Pins are every slammer's soul, bro.
: Oh. The pins.

: Or to call the cops like a normal person...

: Wait, why me!?
: FEAR NOT! I'll be right behind you!

NEXT TIME: Can Dr. Pin save Tin Pin Slammer from the evil designs of the Black Skullers? Will Shooter's skills and Neku's magic touch be enough to triumph over evil? Fear not- they are not alone in this quest!