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Part 19: Day 3: Roamin' The Streets (Part 2)

Day 3: Roamin' The Streets (Part 2)

Or, lots and lots of roamin'.

Keep in mind during all of this I fight a lot of Jungle Boomers and get a lot of yen. A lot of yen.

Miyashita Park has this symbol. Blue Noise are optional bosses. This one?

Blue Noise: Progfox (Normal)

Music: Junk Garage
Junk Garage is awesome as hell. It also plays against unchained blue noise.

This fox a jerk of a fox who teleports around, transforming into various creatures and objects and using various attacks, accumulating tails until he hits nine. What happens then?

Why, he basically turns into Bahamut and uses Mega Flare on you.

It hurts.

Also at some point in order to avoid fiery death or something I run. Joshua, is of course snarky.

: ...
: I suppose it's inevetable... sometimes.
: I suppose you're an ass. All the time.

At least it's a pretty thing, you know? It's Hard drop is another teleportation pin. The Progfox just loves teleportation in general.

Pig in the underpass, another one with fakers.

Anyway, attempting to go back to Cadoi City...

: Who’s there!?

: You gonna bleed today, yo!
: Beat... You’re OK!
: Better’n OK. See for yourself.
: You’ve got...wings!
: Pretty badass, huh? Proves I’m a Reaper, yo.
: A Reaper... You really joined them?
: Neku, you have Reaper friends, too? My, my. You certainly do get around.
: He ain’t no friend a’ mine. I only came here to erase you punks.
: What? You don’t really--
: Yo, you hear what I said?

Boss Battle: Reaper Beat

Not only does he hit like a truck, but he's fast and hard to stun, and you have a little under 40 seconds to beat him before the game just proceeds on anyway.

Of course, it takes some brand rigging and a good deal of luck but...

I do eventually beat him.

Since he uses Hybrid again, have another OST remix.
Music: New Born (Hybrid)

Oh hey it's this pin.

Guess what it's evolving to.

: Pfft! That it? Your psychs is limp, yo! I was hopin’ for a real fight, man. But your weak ass ain’t worth beatin’ down. Go on, get lost. An’ consider yourself lucky.
: Hey, wait!

Beat leaves.

: Such egregious rule-breaking!
: Then he’s really my enemy now...
: If not, he could’ve fooled me. He wasn’t pulling any punches, Neku.
: But why would he join the Reapers?
: I should be careful, hanging out with you. If that was a friend, I’d hate to run into one of your enemies... Brr! Anyway, let’s move on.

At Cadoi Shooter is lamenting yesterday's loss.

: A response?
: It means we’re close. It’s got to be around here.
: Around here where?
: I don’t know...I need to pinpoint this. Let’s keep looking around.

The Scramble-104 wall Reaper has an easy request, given that my egrigous use of Sweet Talk Tether has a tendency to increase NP's rank.

Going any way but to 104 results in this. Clearly the destination is beyond there.

But if I didn't dig around for optional content then this LP would be dumb and pointless.

Like these guys at Molco.

: Don't ask me, man... Nobody can ever really tell what he's on about. Still, we gotta get rid of this heap before he sees us...
: No joke. If he sees us hauling his baby off... our asses are so grass. Same if we ignore Ms. Konishi's orders.
: getting stuck in the middle of those two bites

: Looks like they're carting off that trash heap. At that rate, it'll take them a while.
: Well, let's leave them too it.

Another heap in Spain Hill.

: Another junk heap... the Grim Heaper strikes again?
: Know anyone else who'd put something like this together?
: There's something written on it...

: ....Uh, what?
: I think he's saying he's better than gravity.
: ...Uh... huh.

Tipsy Tose is kinda busy.

He gives Tin Pin lessons. Given that I can already beat Shooter while two pins down I don't need them.

: Now you're ready to slam with the best. Perhaps another day, you may even face... ME.
: ...Who is this guy?

: That' Kariya six, Uzuki zerooo.
: One more! I can still make a comeback!

: What the...
: Reapers!?
: Are they fighting?

: Shut up and play! And slaaam...
: Tin Pin Slammer?
: They must be bored.
: Wait a...

: Who plays the Game twice? Anyway, I'd love to erase you right here, BUT it's hands off this time.
: Hands off? What's that supposed to mean?
: Orders, srraight from the top. Game Master says nobody touches the players.
: But, wait. Why would he-
: I wish I knew.

Uzuki's phone rings.

: Yashiro here. ...Hello?
: I-I like...
: What? Speak up! Is this a crank call?

She hangs up the phone.

: Ugh, who in the hell? OK, that was creepy... Anyway... Long story short, I can't play with you right now... so BYE.

Uzuki and Kariya leave.

: Why call all the Reapers off? What's he thinking? I don't get it.
: Who knows?

Anyway I stop by AMX to only to find that they don't have anything new in stock. Down at Center Street...

: I mean, we went, but... Makoto says he's outgrown Tin Pin Slammer. We left halfway through.
: What? That sucks!
: He's like a totally different person lately. I... I wonder if it's something I said...
: It's not your fault, Ai! Don't beat yourself up.
: Thanks...
: Hey! How about some ramen?

: C'mon, let's check it out!
: A ramen place, huh?
: Mmm, ramen.

I didn't know what to answer so I asked a chatroom and the first nonjoke reply was Miso so let's say Miso.

: I'd say it's miso.
: Interesting...

: ...What!?

Kudos to you internet chatroom guy for picking the best option.

Edoga The Shop has this wonderful skirt that I can't get because it requires the skirt the cosmic corner guy wouldn't sell me.

Enough shopping at D+B 104 makes the shopkeeper like me enough to hand me large chunks of silver. Uh...

Anyway, maybe that new ramen place is worth checking out.

: Hmm...
: What, pick something up?

It turns out, this new ramen place is already a huge sensation.

: Let's go take a look.
: H-Hey! Wait up! What are we even looking for?

Hip Snake is 1970, The Brand. Imagine you're at Woodstock and people are wearing clothes.That's Hip Snake more or less. Tye-dye shirts, bell-bottom jeans, the works. If you work it right, you've got a carefree retro charm going. If you don't, you are a douche.

Cosmic Corner is the closest thing to a full-fledged Hip Snake retailer in Shibuya. He doesn't have much yet, but at least he's selling today.

I'll be ignoring Shadow Ramen, the awesome new place, until next update wherein I hit the whole plot there in one fell swoop.

Lapin Angelique, French for "Angelic Rabbit" is as its subtitle suggests; gothic and gothic lolita fashions, featuring the colors black, black, red, black, white, black, and black. The brand has a dark elegance to every piece.

...Except maybe the blond wig.

Anyway I snap up a bunch of it because LA goods happen to be quite good, some even in unorthodox ways.

Jelly Swechnos on easy. The game doesn't hide them from you for too long.

Eventually some show up, and the battle is now really, really clogged.

...He gives us a hamburger...

It is purchased in seconds. Extra pin slots means more killing more pins to evolve and master that I'll never use!

Some of the battles in Shibukyu here have quite a few Jungle Boomers, who are of course dropping 5,000 yen pins like crazy.

With all this yen I buy Joshua a very nice pair of shoes.

My favorite food! Now to master Para-Para dancing...

This is the most efficient HP increasing food in the game, but it's hard to make since it needs several onions and some meat.

Why bother cooking it for return customers?

Some more purchases unlock the boots' ability, which I like a lot.

Mus Rattus proves to have some value by offering more materials. All of these material quests so far require a yen pin and 10 rare metal.

Neku and Joshua aren't quite dressed to kill just yet.

Meteor Hook evolves into Meteor Spike, the best of Pavo Real's Apport T pins.

Octo Squeeze evolves into Vacu Squeeze, one step closer to Gimme Dat Sheep.

Lapin Angelique's goods are mostly famous for their numerous SOS abilities. SOS boosts are very signficant if you can handle them right.

Like the SOS Power Up II on this Dragon Couture suit here. Oh god I want this suit SO BAD because it is SO GOOD but he isn't selling the garment to trade in yet.

Enough shopping at Wild Boar 104 finally gets me a source of leather.

With several slabs of leather I get not one but two of these awesome jackets.

Now they're dressed to kill.