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Part 38: 3 Days Left: Vanishing Point. (Part 2)

Three Days Left: Vanishing Point. (Part 2)

: Think they've still got a full deck?

There are a lot, but they aren't doing much yet.

So I buy some pills.

And I use my impressive stock of Adamantite to get 10 Orichalcum.

Upon attempting to go to Udagawa...

: ...
: We're surrounded!

So they are.

: Dammit! We gotta fight, yo!

What's supposed to happen is every now and then a new Bass Reaper would join in and the battle is a test of endurance.

But if at any point all of the enemies are erased, the battle ends regardless of the number of casualites. Hence, only one gets to enter the battle.

: Yeah...
: What the hell they want, man? All that redumption garbage... I don't get it, yo.
: ... It's not just the streets. The Reapers are acting weird, too. What's causing the UG and RG to change like this? ... Is it really them? The pins?
: Yo, Neku! Snap out of it, yo! We gotta find Ironface!
: All right...

: Wall's busted up.
: Like something came crashing through from the other side.
: But this wall's Lv. 4, yo! Nobody could smash through this. Not even the top brass, man.
: Then what did?
: Whatever, le's move.
: Hey! Hang on! It could be dangerous!
: But what if Ironface is back there?
: All right... But stay alert. It could be a trap.

I fucking hate you guys, you're killing the pacing.

So why would this be worth a quest item?

It's the best accessory before the postgame, that's why.

I get Beat's level 3 fusion, but I will probably never use it. Oh well.

Aw hell yeah, finally got it! Rush Hour plays nowhere else in the game except from the CD. I figure it is worth letting it have the menu for a while.

Music: Rush Hour

It takes about 5 battles despite my 4 Pegaso pins and 1 watch, but I eventually get Pegaso to the top, on the bodies of dead penguins.

Vortex Saber M is a hell of a duder. just blow in the microphone and it deals a hell of a lot of damage to adjecent enemies. 100% efficiency a lot. It's good.

I've gotten a microphone since last week, but there's a lot of lag between blowing and sabering.

: This place... This is where the Grim Heaper was messing around.
: No sign of Ironface. Le's just someplace else!
: Hang on! We should check this out.
: How, yo?
: I'm gonna take a picture with my phone.

Two days ago gives the same message. Nothing.

But four days?

: No way!
: What? Yo, lemme see it!

: What was he doin' out here, man?
: Why...
: See, I told you he was fishy!
: Why would you come here? It doesn't make sense. This can't be you, Mr. H...

: We gotta find Ironface first!
: Mr. H's place is on Cat Street. We haven't checked there yet.
: I get it. Two stones wid one bird! Then le's get movin'!

Oh hi fellas!

You're looking... hale.

: Yo, look.
: Huh? Wassup with you guys?

Well shit.

It's got them, too.

: Yo, snap out of it, fools!
: Dammit! Not them, too...
: What the hell is goin' ON!?
: They're coming our way!

Boss Video: Berserk Uzuki and Kariya

Lightning Rook can catch Kariya in a loop. This is a lot like the previous battle but they have better stats. That's pretty much it. This is on normal so they die faster.

Meh the pin, part 33.

: Huff...huff... That should... stop them... Beat, let's finish this.

: Cut 'em some slack!
: Slack? They're just gonna attack us again!
: I know! I know...but...

: Well, they're definitely acting different from yesterday. But if you're wrong--

: ...All right, it's a deal. Huh? Look there.

: How come Team Lolly's got 'em?
: Yeah... They're Reapers.
: I thought the Reapers was supposed to be wearin' them O-Pins. Hey, you think they the same thing?
: I dunno... Anyway, let's make tracks before these two wake up.
: Good call, man... Le's bounce.