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Part 10: Day 5 :Empty Urban Legends (Part 2)

Day 5 :Empty Urban Legends (Part 2)

Or, the part with all the plot and talking.

: Where is all this merchandise coming from?

It's that guy again, talking about strange things. I hope powering down worked out for him day before yesterday.

: I’m not one to turn business away, but something about this mystery supplier... It smells risky... Hmm... What should I do? I know! I’ll ask "Reaper Creeper"!
: What’s up with that guy?
: Reaper... Creeper...
: Is he having a stroke?
: Hmm...It looks like some kind of divination.

: You mean where HE moves it. It’s not gonna move on its own.
: Unless we play a little trick. Think you could use your psychs to give the coin a little push?

Some kind of video: Reaper Creeper
It turns out that Reaper Creeper is suddenly INCREDIBLY HARD for me. Imagine every time this game comes up that I struggle like this.

: White! An answer, clear as day! Nothing beats Reaper Creeper when you need answers. All right, White means... Umm... What did I ask again? ...

This gets us another meme.

Anyway, finally we're off to free Spain Hill.

We do that with the killing.

After a few rounds...

"Guard" in this case means a total immunity to damage with a short window. Usually better to hammer a directional button to get her finisher's invinicibility but, hey, block has its uses.

: Huff...huff... This isn’t working...
: We’re not even making a dent. Why do more Noise keep showing up?
: You think something is drawing them here?
: If so, we’ll have to strike at the source. ...Wherever that is.

: sure?
: Yes! OK?

: Looks like they’re having an argument--and that’s drawing all the Noise.
: I think we found our source.
: OK. Let’s try getting rid of the Noise around them!

That's a lot of Noise.

I can just barely tap their thoughts.

I do not know why I care this much.

Anyway the Noise gets butt-devistated.

: That takes care of those Noise.

: Those two keep drawing more in. What’s their story, I wonder?
: Hey, Ai, are you free around this time next week?
: ...Probably. Why?
: N-nothing. Forget it.
: ......
: Whoa, feel all that negativity?
: What if that’s attracting the Noise?
: Huh?
: Remember last time? The Noise hijacked the tech because he was jealous.
: Hey, you’re right... But these two don’t look possessed. They’re just...calling out to the Noise. Wait... Of course!
: If we help them patch things up--
: The Noise will stop coming! Brilliant! Let’s try it!
: First we have to figure out what’s wrong...

You can fight the yellow noise as much as you want. Chains of 3 are pretty good for PP and drops.

Anyway, this is an Imprinting segment.

Ai's pretty pissed about the whole situation.

But she has a right to be, Mina is hiding something.

Let's imprint Tin Pin Ticket, for more information if nothing else.

No, really, Reaper Creeper is the meme we need to progress. This is just because I like you guys.

Aha, so Ai has a crush on Makoto, which is why she's angry!

But there's still something we're missing from Mina's side.

Anyway Reaper Creeper for Ai is the way to go. Mina is just confused by it suddenly entering her thoughts.

: Reaper Creeper... Oh, yeah! That magic game people were talking about at school, right? The one that answers your questions!
: Wanna try it?
: Sure! Sounds like fun!
: They’re going to use Reaper Creeper... Neku. Should we fake it?

Honestly Reapers are such goofy looking dorks sometimes you mi-

Wait, not enough black clothing. Sorry Neku.

: OK, let’s move the coin and rig the answers. If we want them to patch things up--

White means Yes, Black means No, The Gate, the red symbol, means "neither".

: But...that’s really risky. Ai suspects Mina. She thinks Mina is after the boy she likes. If she finds out Mina has been lying, their friendship is sunk!
: Exactly. That Mina girl is lying. And Ai is gonna find out eventually whether we cover it up or not. Better we clear things up now.
: Well... I don’t know...
: Lying isn’t right.
: ...
: OK, Reaper Creeper has a few rules.
: Like what?
: First, someone has to summon the Reaper.
: Ooh, let me do it!
: ...All right.

The problem with either making a lie or telling the truth is that we clearly don't know everything that's going on. So, I'm just going to mess with these two.

: Before we get in much deeper... If you’re here all right, go to White!

The dumbest video possible: I am a terrible Reaper

I am not a clever Player.

Eventually I get it there.

: So like... We said, "if you're here, go to White." But it went to Black. Which means... the Reaper's NOT here? ...Nah, we SAW the coin move. I think the Reaper's trying to pull a fast one on us.

No matter which choice you pick it goes here. These girls rerail this conversation with or without you.

: That’s right. And they can see right through a lie.
: Scary!
: All right, Mina. Next question.
: What are you gonna ask?
: Hmm... Why don’t I ask about you?
: About m-me? Why?
: Because I’m onto you, you tramp. You and Makoto. Reaper...Creeper...If Mina has a boy she likes, go to White!

I should mention here that Mina and Ai are RG folk, so there is absolutely nothing stopping us from reading their thoughts.

The Gate means neither, as you'll recall. According to us Mina neither has nor does not have a boy she likes.

: The Gate? What is THAT!?
: Um, Ai-
: The Gate means "neither." That makes zero sense! Whatever. I know she's lying. I saw her with him yesterday. Her and Makoto... together!

: REAPER. CREEPER. If Mina has secrets that should be brought to light...go to White!

Schrodinger's antisecrets? I'm trying to think of something to say here.

: Please, Ai...
: I know the truth. I saw you!
: This is it, Mina! Last question!
: Ai, please stop...
: REAPER. CREEPER. Yesterday Mina met with Makoto. And she LIED to me about it. If I’m right...GO TO WHITE!
: What? Ai, you knew about that? Aww...You saw us?

: You knew I liked Makoto.
: I’m sorry. I just wanted to help.
: ...What?
: Makoto wants to go to the Molco slam-off. But he couldn’t get a ticket. He told me yesterday. So I started mailing my friends. I figured, you know, maybe if I scored two tickets...
: Oh, Mina. You didn’t...
: You and Makoto go have a great time.
: You got them for me?
: Yup! Now you can put the moves on him, hee hee.
: Mina... I’m so sorry... I totally got the wrong idea...
: No worries. It’s partly my fault for fibbing to you.

: ...Yeah.
: Neku! The Noise are thinning out.
: Good! Let’s finish the job.

A bear gets cracked open.

: Looks like Ai and Mina made up, too.
: Hey, let me take you out to eat. It’s the least I can do.
: Really? Awesome! How about sundaes?
: Sure! Let’s hit that family restaurant up the street.
: OK!
: Aww... See how nice it is to have friends?

: Sure, you may butt heads now and then, but life is more fun that way.
: Fun? Right. Every time you argue, you end up meeting halfway and getting nowhere. What’s fun about letting other people hold you back? I don’t see the point of a relationship built on lies.
: ... Neku...You don’t lie to MAKE friends. I agree, that wouldn’t be right. But sometimes, you need to tell a fib because you ARE friends. Not all secrets are bad secrets.

: Hey, Neku? Yesterday you said we were better off without friends. You really think so?
: ...

: She had a ton of friends. Everybody at school loved her, because she was so outgoing. And the outfits she designed were so cute. Eri was the one who got me started making clothes.
: I thought that pig of yours was the reason.
: He’s a CAT! Ugh. Anyway... She saw me making Mr. Mew. And then she said: "Wow, you’re really good with a needle." So we got talking, and she let me help her make clothes. I owe her everything. She gave me purpose.
: ...

: It made me want to be something more.
: ......

: I know... I...I’m sad, too. We’ll just have to live a little extra. For her sake.
: Yeah. If we get a second chance.

: Who’s there?
: A Reaper!

: I am Yodai Higashizawa... Game Master by proxy.
: Game Master... So you’re in charge?
: Correct again.
: Then Rhyme is gone because of you!
: I detest leftovers. No Players were meant to escape yesterday’s chowder of destruction. Do you know why you alone survived?
: ...
: Because you are strong. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. A logical hierarchy much like the food chain. The strong reach the top and win the Game, while the weak are left behind, the heels of the proverbial loaf.
: How dare you! Rhyme protected Beat! You call that weak? Take it back!
: I admire your courage and loyalty, young lady. Delectable. This calls for a taste test!

Battle video: Circle Pit Grizzly

This is one mean bear. It's the first really hard boss since it hits hard and has a lot more HP than the Swing Shark, at 3,500. That's more HP than the previous bosses combined!

Anyway, besides not noticing that it had switched sides on the top screen for a few seconds, this battle goes pretty well.

You know, since I didn't get killed.

Music: The One Star

This is extremely helpful when farming the really rare drops. Also when dying painfully but I don't do much of that.

Dragging Psychokinesis is really neat compared to slashing, since you can just hold a SUV over an enemy and it clonks itself in the head, or spin it around to clonk a ton of heads.

: Heh heh... I see I’ve sunk my teeth into something good.
: We’ll never lose to you! You’ll pay for what you did the Rhyme!
: Sadly, I’ve had my fill for the day. I only came here

: Me? ...Why?
: To get a closer look, of course.

: I...I don’t understand.
: Oh, don’t you, though? You can’t fool me. You know the feelings are there, so you bury them. Your talk of loyalty, of dreams and friendship... They’re no more than a lid on your stir-fry of jealousy. Oh, how deeply you must hate yourself. You have EXACTLY what you always wanted...but it’s not enough, is it?
: ...
: No one loves you. You can’t love yourself. And so the jealousy consumes you.
: Stop it!
: That friend sugar coating can’t sweeten the selfishness inside you. You think you’re more important than anyone else. And THAT’S where jealousy begins...
: No...I’m not--

: Why else would your entry fee be--
: Stop! Don’t say it!
: Heh heh... That complex of yours is a bruise on the tomato of your soul.
: No, I... I’m just...

: You’ll just go on hating yourself and being jealous of everybody else.
: No... Please don’t...

Shiki runs off

: Restored to life? What the hell are you talking about!?

: I’m...I’m dead?
: All the Players are. The Reapers’ Game is an examination, to see who is worthy of a second chance at life.
: ...
: Now, if I may be excused... See you on Day 7. Keep it fresh. Take care, young lady.

Higgy leaves.

: I’m...I’m d-d-dead? How?