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Part 63: Secret Report: Another Day

eh fuck it here's the post anyway.

Secret Report: Another Day

Floor 11 is the angel bunny's floor.

Spider's Silk is a LA pin. And I finally bust out Kalidescope.

Only to not use them because Brasbanfrogs.

I forget this pig's gimmick because of Beat's fusion.

Pig's pin is a Tigre Punks one. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for Brasbanfrogs.


With three floors to go they're busting out the top tier stuff.

Interesting brand. Tigre Punks is full of nice stuff with long boot times.

So for the most part I don't know what the hell my own pins even are.

This is the last Carol ever. They're all dead. Finally.

And a free Mako Sinnergy, which is good as I'm pretty sure I was running out.

: I asked him to come. I was waiting in front of the CAT mural...

: Only later did I hear about the accident. I was so mad. Then I felt awful... I shouldn't have asked him there. If not for me, he'd still be here...

: Like I'm going to lose Mr. Hanekoma. I don't think I could take it. It almost broke me last time. If it happened again, I

: Do what I can to help him... so he won't go away. There's gotta be something...

The last floor is Gatito so I go with an absurd Black Uranus plan.


This is a hell of a pig.

Probably because it almost killed me.

I wish they used this pig more because that's seriously badass.

It gives the Gatito resonance pin.

But wait, there's more!

This floor has TWO pigs! And this guy brought friends!

This Pig drops the Pig pin.

And it's the last one for the Noise Report. That's all of them but the bonus boss.

Pig is a fun pin I should've got sooner. PP and EXP aren't nearly as valuable as sweet, sweet drop rate.

Speaking of which...

Anyway, for the bonus boss I'm going to use the Eden set and remove the bottom screen as a thing to consider.

Doomfunk you must draw this. I don't think anything could be complete until you do.

: Phones? What's that?

: And what are you doing all the way up here?
: Just a little errand. I'm here to pick somebody up, but I wanted to check something while I was here.
: Check what?

: This calls for serious action.

: I want to pay you back for all you've done for me!
: Well, gee, Phones...
: You just seem so busy lately! I mean, I know I probably can't do much, but... but let me do what I can!
: ...... Thanks.

: Really!? I'm happy to work the café, or clean up or whatever!
: I've had my eye on you for a while now... But the other you's in the middle of the Game.

: I can't exactly interfere... even if it's just to test you a bit.
: Mr. Hanekoma, what's gotten into you?

Music: Give Me All Your Love (All My Love)

(Its the music for this boss okay)

Oh Jesus it's finally here, Pantera Cantus.

30,000 HP, completely absurd damage output, and he's fast as hell about it too. He hits for thousands and can wreck you in seconds, and even with max defense and a lot of SOS Defense Boost II he'll still get a few hundred in a hit.

I've never fought him with any measure of legitimacy. I've always cheesed it in some way.

Here's part of the Eden set fight. I say part because that Level 3 fusion, despite the 99.99 multiplier, isn't enough to kill him. That's only like the first third of the battle.

It takes a second Level 3 fusion.

Then a level 2.

And then he still had a bit of HP left.

So yeah, the battle took forever because Joshua was entirely puckless and had a lot of SOS Defense.

And despite taking over nine minutes I get a C for time.

But nope. That run sucks. That's boring. That's lame.

Remember The Speedy Cat set? And Speed Factor? What happens if I stack them with Black Uranus's already fast reboot and launching?

Magic Happens.
With original audio.

So, yep, that happened. Juggling the bonus boss. Watch that video. I assure you it is the best one in the LP.

: Why are you attack-
: You said you wanted to help me? Heh, that day may come sooner than either of us expect.
: What?
: Later, kiddo.
: Wha- Wait! Please, wait! What on earth... Was that really even him?

At least we get some sweet headphones out of it.

They're incredible to say the least, giving Neku 43 Attack and Defense with ability, along with a good chunk of HP. Not quite as good for damage as the Black Book Bag, but if you're not SOSing these are top-tier accessories.

And finally, the Black Planets are assembled.

I think we've earned showing them off.

What happens when all 6 pins are in the same deck is that the efficiency of each is tripled. Uranus is a 300% Peircing Pillar, Jupiter is a 180% Lightning Bolt, and Mars is a 105% Pyrokinesis, as examples.

They are extremely powerful and capable of tearing Noise in half. There's even SOS builds, which rely on jinxed threads for the low HP rather than Tin Pin Thrift. Called Cosmic SOS, they're the source of the highest DPS in the game given the pins absurd power.

Of course, this is stalling. This is the last Secret Report in the game: