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Part 5: It's Not the Size of the Hammer, It's How You Use It

Part 5: It's Not the Size of the Hammer, It's How You Use It

As Meis returns to Jyabil's place, he spies something surprising.

No less than four ladies smack past him in order to get into the smithy.

Meis gets dizzy from all the abuse and stumbles into the smithy himself.

He then sees something even more surprising.

Specifically, that Jyabil has dared to star in Meis' recurring dream.

Woman 2: Jyabil, have you sharpened my knife?
Girl 2: Mr. Jyabil, is my sword ready yet?

Does anyone else think the two girls asking about swords is a bit creepy?

Dude, if you don't want them, do you mind if I borrow them?

The four women proceed to speak over each other as they leave, without the usual subtitles. You can listen to them in the video, but I won't bother transcribing it here.

I can ask Jyabil to consider it, Meis.


It's a waste of time to train those who can't understand the feelings of the Spirits.

She's still defending me after I said THAT?!

Don't say that, you make me feel so old!

You need me to get anything, Master? Should I find your walking stick, Master? Or would Master prefer some prunes?

And now, a villainous interlude.

Alright, now I'm pretty sure that the Emperor's VA here isn't Tony Jay, but damn if he isn't in the same range of threatening baritone, turning an otherwise bland Giygas rip-off into something rather more memorable.

You know what? Don't even bother reading any of the shit I'm going to write. Just click on the Meanwhile above and watch the video instead.

The Minions of Evil light up whenever they have something to say.

This world is about to become yours.

Yes, we have found the person with that power. We have made him aware of the greatness of your power. It is only a matter of time before he decides to join us.

I need the Holy Flame of the Light to complete my plans. We need someone who belongs to the Dark Clan, who can also wield the Flame of the Light. Find he who is worthy, and bring him to me.

End interlude.

Meis awakes completely unaware of the blatant foreshadowing that passed during the night. Instead, he composes a mental letter to his father.

He then meets up with Jyabil downstairs.

You look impatient, like you already know how to do this. Well, you're a Spirit Blacksmith. Why don't you try?

Issue number 1: you need to do that on an actual anvil.

I mean, his glows. It's hard to compete with that.

Well, I can see your effort...

There's no secret to my hammer. You can use it, if you're still in doubt.

Alright! Watch what I can do with a good tool!
Go ahead, then. I'll let you use my hammer.

Again, your knee is not a good substitute for the anvil itself.

Damn it, how many times do I have to hit this stupid thing until I'm good at it?!

This line is voiced, but it's the only one in this sequence, so you don't get a third video.

Satisfied with his two-sentence pep talk, Jyabil wanders off.

He won't even let me touch his hammer. This shows you how highly he thinks of you. Oh, I have to do the laundry now. Why don't you take a break and see what's happening around town? It's a lot different from Kant. Come back when you're done, OK?

This is less an indication that Meis has to find the next plot trigger in town and more an excuse to explore town if you haven't already. As it is, there are a couple different things in town. First, Sodina has moved to the backyard.

I've gotta do the laundry now, so I can't go with you. I'm sorry.

As for the second, well, someone here is new.

Meet Nelsha. Nelsha doesn't use first person pronouns, and she's too old for it to be an endearing trait, even in Japan. Don't bother asking why, though, since surely she won't be showing up again after this.

Still, beggars can't be choosers.

Sure! Nelsha know a good place to eat.

She said yes, and that is a freaking paradigm shift for Meis!

Basically, Nelsha brings Meis to a nearby bar and asks him a few questions as a sort of tutorial for the dating minigame. You can listen to what she has to say in the video, but I'll be giving a more detailed run-through in the next update.

See you next time for some fetch quest action!