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Part 30: Forget the World, Time for Lovely Ladies

Part 30: Forget the World, Time for Lovely Ladies

While I could use Teleportum anywhere on the world map, I decided in this case to wander over to a train station, just so I'd remember how to get back in when it comes time to.

Along the way, I met a few new enemies. Nomadic Genies are, understandably, powered up versions of the regular sort.

Blood Kiwis are pretty annoying, since their favored attack is a very quick jab that drains health. It only drains 8 points, though, so I figure I'm really overleveled for this area of the game.

Aside from being a cyborg hawk, there's nothing too special about this guy.

What JRPG is complete without the goddamn thief enemies? I think these guys can even steal items along with money, which really sucks.

At least they carry plenty of cash.

So, in the northwestern corner of the southeast continent, you can find the last of the train stops.

It's only interesting feature is that it is completely uninteresting.

It's no "The Mystic Armor is somewhere," but that's a pretty unhelpful hint there.

Still, it's a nice segue into the next bit.

You remember this cave, don't you? It's where the first Mystic Altar was located.

Well, if you're willing to run through the dungeon four more times (in and out twice), you can fortify a weapon, items like that Rusty Sword and Blunt Stick I found on Lavantis and Wire.

There's the sword floating over the empty altar. Now if I come back in a few real-time hours, I may just find a pretty awesome weapon waiting for me.

Mind you, like I said before, Meis' smithing eventually eclipses even these weapons. Still, if I do this early enough, I'll have a pretty nice weapon to use for a while.

Meanwhile, back in Boyzby, it seems that they've moved the town smithy since Jyabil died. You can find it in this house here.

In this house, we can find another familiar face.

Apparently Kanouha moved here because he knew all the ladies are fine.

Only been here for a short time, and he's already picked up a few new floozies.

Apparently Kyoka went with him, and she now works at the tavern next door.

How are you doing? People are good to me here, I'm really enjoying my life. And...have you seen Master Kanouha?

Don't you think he should stop being that way? He should remember how old he is. Ever since coming to Boyzby, he has been seen with a beautiful woman in his home. If that's true, please warn him not to! I'm so ashamed...

OK, I have to get back to work now.
Take good care of yourself.
Thank you for visiting me. Please come back and see me again!

By that she apparently means, "I'm on the dating list now."

Understandably, her first granted ability is a special attack for Soushi.

Kyoka's minigame is actually a pretty interesting blend of "memory" and a shell game.

Basically, you're given a limited time to memorize the order of faces below (less time with each round), then a random face is selected above. The goal is to match which card has the revealed face on it. Incorrect guesses mark the card and flash the faces for a split second, but you also can't guess again for a full second.

Later rounds have the cards moving around quite a bit, but they never change their order, so it's not too hard.

A perfect A on my first try. Games like this are much better than something as random as blackjack if you ask me.

As for presents, well, you remember all those fans we kept picking up just after meeting Kyoka?

Go figure that they're her favorites.

Her favorite dating spot is, oddly enough, the bar that she doesn't work at.

Also, here's a Print Club photo.

Kyoka enjoys cheesy lines, complaining about her brother, and being really, really Japanese. You don't see much of that in these videos, but she's the only one to bring up Tea Ceremonies and the like. Also, while Meis may be Kyoka's first real boyfriend, even she can tell that he's usually full of shit.

Kyoka grants, in order, Silence (works like how you'd expect), Rain +, Cure All at 5, Silence +, Sodina's special attack Lastment, and Storm (mass Water spell) at Intimacy 8.

I also brought Sodina up to 9 while I was in town (man, I am really blowing through these Charisma levels), which gets me access to Spark, the mass-affecting Light spell. Naturally, I'll still be throwing plenty of bottles of the stuff, since Meis is much better at attacking than spellcasting.

Our last stop takes us back to the Langoud, where I can get Palma up some more.

Incidentally, I also finally found Wyna's favorite spot, which turns out to be her dad's banquet table. Apparently, while she does recall going through priestess training, she doesn't mention anything about Palma and only remembers that it was boring and she couldn't wait to get out of it. Also, she's completely clueless about Muza and Meis seems unwilling to help out the situation.

Oh, and Wyna gives Muza the special attack Tornado Voice at level 9.

So here's what Palma is like towards the higher levels. At level 6, she grants Rain +, followed by Dyna (a special anti-air spell) at 7 and another shot at Storm at level 9.

Next time: back to the plot.