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Part 33: Where's Scooby Doo When You Need Him?

Part 33: Where's Scooby Doo When You Need Him?

It seems that someone was watching the whole thing going down. Based on her reaction, getting mugged by a damashi isn't very surprising.

Boy: visitors. I'll have to do this for the rest of my life. Doesn't that suck?

Being an NPC in this game is really depressing.

The inn in town is actually pretty fancy. Not quite as fancy as the one in Sharan, but easily the best Western-style place to stay.

Some of the other bystanders have helpful advice on where to go after this dress-box caper ends.

Then, just as soon as I enter the northwestern section of town, some crazy shit goes down.

It starts when the clocktower strikes 13.

It's basically impossible for still images to show what's going on here.

That's why I went ahead and uploaded the video.

Because this is some messed up nonsense here, and you deserve to see it.

I mean, I wouldn't even know where to begin.

I told you someone would say it.

Young Man: I can't stop shivering! I hope I don't have the flu!

What? Why is he-what is he doing?

Meis is just as confused as I am.


A couple NPC's talk about a "crazy" and "ferocious" woman, apparently the one in charge of the damashi.

There are also a few MP pickups to find around town, including one in the local smithy. The drops seem to have reached the 80-140 range.

Seems like he's about to have bigger problems than a backed-up toilet.


Ew. Although I really wouldn't trust anything served at a place called "Yoshibarn."

Damn it!

Old Man: Old people are knowledgeable. But I don't know much...Well, I'm sorry, there's nothing I can tell you.

Double damn it! Curse you and your time-wasting lies, old man!

Moving on, the northernmost regular house has a couple pickups to find.

Interestingly, instead of a bar like all the other towns, Burutto has a full restaurant instead.

The clocktower is the last stop, although there isn't much here beyond a dating spot. In fact, you may be stuck for a while, figuring that the next plot trigger must be somewhere in town.

Nope! Turns out you're supposed to listen to the hints that the spirits are all coming from the forest to the north, and head straight for the source.

Oh hey, a blue rose. Haven't seen these guys since way back in the first dungeon.

Welcome to the most annoying dungeon of all: the dark forest dungeon. Why is it annoying? Because when you get lost here, you get sent back to the start. And there are a lot of ways to get lost here, and very little indication for when you're on the right track.

Our primary enemies for this region include these Fire Spirits. In a forest, yes. I don't know either. Anyway, they're weak in terms of hit points, but they cast the mass Flame spell almost exclusively, so try and put them down fast.

The other enemy is the Howling Wolf. They do some pretty decent attack damage, plus they'll occasionally howl, which has a very low chance of Controlling the frontline character. Being Controlled means that the character will either go into standby or else cast buffs and healing spells on the enemy (the combat system really isn't built to handle friendly fire). It's annoying enough on its own, though, so it's a good thing it almost never works.

So after a long, annoyingly repetitive journey through the forest, I eventually found the right exit.


What the hell is going on?

Next time: I rig a casino game and get away with it.