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Part 35: Crazy Ladies

Part 35: Crazy Ladies

Quite the lovely view, isn't it?

The haunted mansion is a fairly straightforward dungeon. There's around four floors and the goal is to get to the top.

The white damashi appear in force, quite naturally. Still just the same annoying tricks, though.

The pink damashi are here, too, just like they are everywhere else. In fact, they're more dangerous than the white ones, since the pink always level with the party while the white are stuck where they are.

Then there's the, er, Rich Damashi. They attack by throwing money at you. Supposedly there are Poor Damashi, too, but I never encountered them. Probably for the best, though, since they apparently have a steal ability.

Then there are the Crimsons. Tiny robotic versions of the Death Crimson ship. Why not?

Their special is particularly brutal, dealing 150-200 damage to the whole party and attacking slightly faster than Meis. And naturally, these are the guys I fought more often than anything else.

Up on the third floor, Meis and company are able to notice Nelsha's lost backpack. Unfortunately, it's stuck behind that grate and there's no way of opening it from here.

On the top floor, there seems to be a dance party going down.

You can talk to the performers (and open that chest behind them), but only one has something important to say.

This damashi will ask if you want to hear them sing. Saying yes will get you a lovely bunch of chipmunk squeaking...

And then the door backstage will open, leading to the boss chamber.

The really bright, pastel boss chamber.

...Oh. She's back.

Yay! Nice to meet ya! You're all so cute! But why do you look so serious?

Did I ever tell ya how I got these scars?

Do you want to know why I'm here? I'm taking care of the Damashi. I'm nice, don't ya think?

Bingo! Lots of people tell me I'm cute! So, you wanna go out with me?
Meis! *SLAP*

Wow, it all looks so different when it's from Meis' point of view.

We hear there's a crazy woman who's using the Damashi to scare people. Are you her?

Crazy woman? That's not something you say to a lady! I've no idea what you're talking about.

Hey, Nelsha! Is she really the boss of the Damashi?
Yes, she is the one for sure! She even has the Damashi steal stuff from people. She is really bad.

Sparks fly from Ratchet's finger, and the trapdoor under Nelsha opens up.

Let's toss this trash! Bye bye!

Well, to be fair, none of the characters who were there last time were dumb enough to stand on the obvious trap twice.

Nelsha thumps down a floor below into the storeroom.

Oh good, that's one problem solved. Now we just have to figure out how to get her out of there.

Back upstairs, Wyna is getting pissed off again.

Don't you know that pretty roses have nasty thorns? Stupids!

Sparks fly and the trapdoor opens again, but what's everyone staring at?




At least I don't traipse around in a miniskirt like some kind of tramp!

Meis decides that he needs to defuse this situation.

Everything looks good on me!

Cheap wig? Excuse the <Beep> out of me! What about your hair? It looks like shrimp tails or something!

Language, girls! Meis tries again to distract the pair.

No hairstyle looks bad on me!

Shut up! Your eyes are so big, they're popping outta your head! You freak!

Meis gives up, realizing that conflict is inevitable.


Ratchet is so mad, she's venting steam.

Grrr...I can't stand you anymore!

Ah, a good old-fashioned fistfight.

And...damn, Nelsha wins.

Suddenly, a dressing curtain rises up out of the ground to surround Nelsha.

Bam! Regular Nelsha is back.

What are you talking about?
Don't pretend like you don't know what happened. You're the scary woman everyone's talking about.
What? Really? Nelsha did that? There are spirits living in Nelsha's dresses and so when Nelsha wear them, they possess her and she changes. That's why Nelsha don't remember anything.

Anyway...Nelsha got her Dress Box back, thanks to everyone. Nelsha will take you to Myscatonia to show her thanks.

Suddenly, Ratchet returns to her feet!

Hey! Wait just a second! This fight ain't over yet!

And with that, the real boss battle begins. Unfortunately, Nelsha has to be the starting frontline character, and-hang on, am I really supposed to be just level 34 at this point? Damn...

Anyway, between her level and her status as a new character with no spells, Nelsha is an unfortunate choice for the frontline. Her special attack is to change her dress, and while we've been picking up her other outfits along the way (that's what the Nurse, Nun, Soldier, etc. were), she only has one use of her Disco Dancer outfit for this battle. Still, if I were to use the Change Character option, she would be both out of the fight and out of any XP she might have gotten, which is why I tough it out.

As it is, I left in the Disco Dancer attack and each of Ratchet's specials, but cut the rest. Enjoy the abridged version of this long and tiring fight.


Yeah, that reaction about sums it up. She didn't blow up-not like usual, anyway-but Ratchet is gone for good now.

And...what were you saying now?
Huh? Did Nelsha say something?

Oh, yeah! I remember now! I was saying that I was going to take you to Myscatonia.
Then be quick about it, woman!

Well, anyway, let's go to Myscatonia.

The group reenters party mode, but not before Kyleen gives Nelsha one last good glare.

Next time: slightly less crazy things happen!