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Part 15: Bargaining

Update 15: Bargaining

: ...Further in. I'm picturing it on the other side of where the counter is now.
: ...What should I do?
: What else CAN you do? You gotta go back there.
: I know, but... Can I at least get all the facts straight before I do?
: (I hope going behind the counter nets me all the info I need...)
: What kind of facts do you need? I can tell you a few things.
: Let's see...

*Question: Where was Shiloh?*
: Our hideout was up in that tree, and Shiloh was tied to its base. It would have been about where the counter is now--beyond it.

*Question: What day was the typhoon?*
: I get it. If Shiloh hadn't died in the typhoon that day...
: Is that the angle you're thinking of taking this time?
: Yeah, that should work.
: You know when the typhoon hit?
: Not the exact date...I know it was August, ten years ago.
: I wonder if we can look it up somewhere.
: ...How about the library?
: Huh?
: So we can look up the date of the typhoon. They should have back issues of the newspaper. Those'll do.
: Then let's go to the library first.
: Yeah. We'll be back later.
: Hmm? Oh...okay. See you.
: C'mon, Ethan.

But first, since we're going to the library, let's take the chance to be not-a-jerk.

*Give them back*

: Hey! Are...are those my glasses?
: Um, yeah. I found them on the ground, so I picked them up for you.

And that's it. Emily's glasses are restored, and all is right with the world. Back to the main reason we came here.

: ...In the newspaper archives, right? What would you like me to look up for you?

*By date*
: (We came here to find the date, so obviously we can't tell her what it is.)

*By event*
: Are there any articles about the August lightning strike in Kako, ten years ago?
: One moment, please...

Clacks as she taps at the keyboard.

: There's one match. I'll copy it for you.

Lightning Article posted:

Morris: 5:40 PM on August 12, 1998. Will that do?
: That should be enough.
: Let's head back to that shop.
: Uh-huh.
: (They probably think we're some kind of weirdos over there...)
: (But who cares? We've got to help Ben!)

We can't go back inside the shop until we verify our flashback, so let's do so now.

Flashback: Lightning Strike at Hideout posted:

Ethan: (I guess now I should be able to undo the incident with Ben.)

All clear now, we head back inside.

: Er, excuse me...
: Yes?
: May we please see the back room? We'd like to get a good look at the furniture in there.
: (That's good enough. If I change the past, this'll all be fixed up, anyway.)
: Um, actually...those aren't for sale.
: Please, just this once!
: ...Are you students over at Kako High?
: Th-that's right. I'm Ethan Kairos, a sophomore.
: Really? I graduated from Kako High myself.
: Yeah?
: That was about 20 years ago now. I remember my homeroom teacher...Mr. Twombly--yeah, that was it.
: Oh, we have him for homeroom now. The English teacher, right?
: Yeah, yeah--that's the guy! Wow, now you're taking me back!
: It must be fate! So how about doing two fellow Kako men a favor?
: ...Ah, why not. Just this once, though.
: Thank you so much!

: I think so, too.

Shopkeeper: I had two girls from Kako buying a clock in here not too long ago. They said it was a birthday present for an upperclassman. Seemed pretty happy about it.
Ethan: (Ashley and Emily, I'm guessing?)
Morris: Yeah, those two throw their money away on the dumbest things.
Shopkeeper: Ha ha ha...maybe so, maybe so.
Ethan: (Hey, Morris...! Watch the attitude, eh?)

Ethan: Thanks, Morris! Now I can--

{Soundtrack: Silence}

Ethan: Huh?

Ethan: Sure.

Morris: When you're done with this little project of yours...
Ethan: Yeah?
Morris:...use your power on me.