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by Cyouni

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Original Thread: Draw the line, and turn the time - Let's Play Time Hollow



Time Hollow is a point-and-click adventure game for the Nintendo DS. It features time-travel and clock-based naming, and from the little I remember of it, manages to stay at least reasonably consistent with itself. Oddly, I also recall the opening for it being in a Dance Dance Revolution game at one point.

The writer for this game, Junko Kawano, was also the writer for the PS2 game Shadow of Destiny, which was also about time-travelling.

Box Description posted:

Alter the Past to Save the Present
With the mysterious disappearance of his family, Ethan must use the time bending powers of the Hollow Pen to change past events in order to save those closest to him.

I'll be using mostly screenshots, interspersed at some points with commentary. There will be some videos, but these'll be limited to things that are also videos in-game.

Spoiler-tag actual spoilers, but feel free to leave speculation untagged.

Table of Contents
Update 1: An End to the Ordinary
Update 2: Welcome to the New Age

Chapter 1: The Day That Vanished
Update 3: Gone in a Flash
Update 4: Where are you, Ashley? Why can't I find you? ...
Update 5: ...Why have you gone away?
Update 6: Cookie Counter

Chapter 2: The Day That Changed
Update 7: Dropped Off
Update 8: Unexpected Consequences
Update 9: Memory Check
Update 10: Foreshadowing

Chapter 3: The Day of Memories
Update 11: And Now for Something Completely Different
Update 12: I wonder if this is the place that started it all
Update 13: Weapon Disposal
Update 14: Telling Secrets
Update 15: Bargaining
Update 16: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings...

Chapter 4: The Day Far Away
Update 17: The Unseen
Update 18: Talking Backwards
Update 19: A Different Perspective
Update 20: Origins
Update 21: Looting the Body
Update 22: Birth of the Maid Cafe

Chapter 5: The Day of Resolution
Update 23: Let's Do The Time Warp Again
Update 24: Only you can prevent vacant lot fires
Update 25: Dammit, Not Again
Update 26: Cornered
Update 27: Taking Back What Was Mine
Update 28: The Goal Approaches
Update 29: Out of Time

Chapter 6: The Final Day
Update 30: His Father's Son
Update 31: Not-e Again
Update 32: Right All Along
Update 33: They're an Item

Epilogue: A New Day Dawns
Update 34: Back to the Past

Bonus Chapters
Update 35: Morphogenetic Sorrow
Update 36: You've Been Carded
Update 37: Rocks Fall, People Die
Update 38: Unseen Peril

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