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Part 25: Dammit, Not Again

Update 25: Dammit, Not Again

: (Thank goodness--looks like everyone's all right.)

*Examine: Morris*
: (Morris still has his nose in his schoolbooks, I see...)

*Examine: Vin*
: (Vin...?)
: Man...I feel like a truck hit me.
: Yeah, you look really worn out. What gives?
: The state basketball finals are coming up.
: You want us to come be your cheering section or what?
: Bah! Who needs your support?
: (So Vin's on the basketball team...)
: So now I've got a full course of training to get through every day.
: That's why I'm so beat!
: Well, what can you do? It's only 'til the playoffs are over.
: ...Vin...
: Wh-what? What is it?
:'s just that...
: Good luck in the finals.
: Huh...? Oh, uh...thanks...
: I'll see what I can do...y'know.

: Still and all...
: ...... Thinking about Ben?
: know...
: Yeah...
: (The guys sure are acting weird.)
: Did...something happen to Ben?
: !! What are you talking about, man?
: Oh, s-sorry...
: (Something's not right. I've got to think this over one more time. I took care of the fire at the secret hideout. What else was in that flashback...?)

This is a prompt to go and re-confirm that flashback.

Flashback: The Secret Hideout posted:

: (I put out that fire about seven months before the typhoon hit.)
: (And if nothing happened to the secret hideout after that... ...the typhoon would have hit about seven months later. Ben will have forgotten it was his turn to look after Shiloh...)
: (...and the incident between him and Aaron would still have happened!)

{Soundtrack: Silence}

: ...Ben...
: (What should I do? If I don't save Shiloh, Ben's done for...)

: This is how I do things, Ethan. Will you at least TRY to sit back and enjoy it? ...Heh heh... Heh heh heh heh heh...!!

There's the sound of the Pen glowing, a Hole opening, and a Hole closing.



: (...Wh-what was that?)
: Hey! Earth to Ethan!
: Huh!? B-Ben! You're okay!
: Wha-a-at?
: Ethan's pretty beat, Ben.
: S-sorry, guys... (What the heck happened? Jack did something--I know he did. What could he have changed...?)
: Yeah...everyone's exhausted.
: Of course...with what happened to Morris and all...
: (Huh?) Wh-what happened?
: C'mon, Ethan! Snap out of it!
: You've gotta face the facts eventually... Morris...Morris is gone!

: !!
: They killed him--right there in the classroom!
: His neck...they snapped it like a, Morris...
: ...Why? Why...!?
: Morrisssss...
: (Morris...was murdered? I need to find out more--and fast.)
: (Maybe Vin and Ben can tell me something.)

They say that, but the actual thing you have to do is confirm some flashbacks. Most of the ones are the same, but the relevant one is...

Flashback: Empty Classroom posted:

Once you've seen that, talking to them opens up the conversation.

*Question: Who did it?*
: If we only knew...
: We have no idea. Which of course means no one's above suspicion.

*Question: When did it happen?*
: Ten days ago now--no, even longer, I think.
: was out for a while there.
: I see...
: (Could that have been...Jack, in that school flashback...? I'm almost certain Morris was in that flashback at first.)

*Question: Where was he?*
: I think he was at his own desk when...when it happened.

The nametag says Ethan here, but it's pretty clearly Ben speaking.

: You sure? I heard they found him on the floor.
: With his neck snapped.
: ...Something like that...
: But why would someone do that to Morris...?

*Question: Who did it?, reprise*
: We don't know...
: They say it may have been someone from the school...

*Question: When did it happen?, reprise*
: They found him...the morning of May 2nd, was it?
: (So he was killed on May 1, I take it? ...Maybe that's when that flashback was from.)

*Question: Where was he?, reprise*
: Probably his desk.
: I bet he was staying late and studying, like he always, did.

And that's all.

: (I'm starting to get a pretty good picture here.) ...So you guys haven't been at Chronos lately, huh.
: Chronos? No...not for a while.
: We might never go back. Frankly, I would feel funny not having someone to talk to... And I don't know if my appetite for crepes will ever be the same.
: Yeah, you're right... (So that's why Ben's okay... He never met Aaron at Chronos in the first place.)
: How about you, Ethan? You sleeping okay after all this craziness?
: Don't worry about him. He's got that alarm clock, remember?
: Oh yeah--from Ashley and Emily. You using it?
: Huh? Oh, er... Yeah, well, you know...
: So anyway...I'd better get home.
: Yeah, me too.
: (The guys are taking this really hard. I'd better help Morris ASAP.)

: This is far from over, Ethan...



: ...Mrowrrr...
: My bedroom... (What's Jack done this time?)

Ethan's phone goes off. I spent the full time listening to it, and it's an 8-bit version of the opening's chorus.

: !
: ...Hello?
Ben: It's me...
: Oh, hey, Ben. What's up?
: (Thank goodness--Ben's all right.)
Ben: Listen, you want to go over to Vin's place?
: Vin's?
Ben: I just kinda wanted to see him, and since we don't have school today... This whole Ashley thing must be really rough on him.
: !!!
: Wh-what Ashley and Emily thing...? (The past--it keeps changing and changing! Rats!)

This is not a transcription error. I'd bet Emily was mentioned in Ben's sentence as well, but that got cut for some reason that shouldn't be space. There are longer lines.

: Did--did something happen to those two?
Ben: What do you mean? C'mon, Ethan--stop playing dumb.
:, I'm sorry.
: (Could Ashley have been...)
: ...Killed? Ashley and Emily both, murdered...?
Ben: ...Yeah, probably. I'd say that was no accident. I mean, they were beaten black and blue, right?
: (...I knew it!)
Ben: When will it end? Our neighborhood must be cursed... Everyone's saying it's the same killer who did in Morris... Hope they find him soon--I'm terrified...
: Ben...
Ben: So are you up for a visit to Vin's house? I'd rather not go alone, but I'd gladly go with you.
: Sure--I'll meet you there.
Ben: Thanks. See you at Vin's house.
: (...Jack...! He killed them in that Chronos flashback, I'm sure of it!)

Apparently we do have to go meet them, but it's not exactly a long or interesting meeting. I'm not even bothering to get a shot of the scene.

: Hey, Vin...let me and Ethan know if there's anything we can do.
: ...Ashley... Why...why her?

That's it, but apparently it's necessary to proceed. I tried going on without it and wasn't able to investigate.

Let's see if we can save Morris first--

: Did something happen here?
: What's it to you?
: I live nearby, and I'm worried that something's going on...
: Live nearby, eh? Have you seen anyone suspicious?
: N-no... So, er, what happened?
: We got a tip pointing us to some clues about that serial killer...
: Huh?
: Uh-oh--I've said too much. Come on, now, move along.
: Y-yes, sir.
: (Looks like I won't be able to go inside for a while.)

Well, that was weird. Back to Ashley and Emily, I guess. We've already done something similar before, so it's pretty clear how to resolve this.

This is new, though.

: Ashley's in my class...I can't believe what happened to her.

: It was after school... the day she was killed. Something like 4:30. She was here, looking at something.
: (Really...?)

: I'm not really sure, but it looked like an envelope.
: Can...can I go now?
: Yeah, sure. Thanks.

Flashback: Ashley at her Locker posted:

Ethan: (It looks like Ashley was at the entryway at around 4:30 PM. She had the envelope...which means she hasn't met with Emily yet.)

: (This is where Ashley takes the envelope. My birthday present money must be inside.)
: (...I know. I'll write "Stay away from Chronos" on the outside. "There's a prowler in the area--it's too dangerous. Make sure Emily knows, too." ...There we go.)
: (Wonder if she'll think it's weird, getting a note from me out of the blue like this.)
: (At least this should change the past for the better.)



: ...Mrowrrr...
: My bedroom... (I've got to see what's changed!)

: Now, then... How about...this...!



: (Was that...Jack? Again?)

{Soundtrack: Silence}

: (Vin still seems messed up. I wonder what's happened to Ashley and Emily?)
: I can hardly believe I'm asking you this, but...
: ?