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Part 34: Back to the Past

Update 34: Back to the Past

(Two days later, a letter arrived.)

Dear Ethan. I've decided to write you a letter. It'll be the first and the last one you'll get from me. If what you say is true, I won't be around when you get this. I've been watching over her from afar for a long time now. I think she'll be all right. Irving and his mom left town and never came back. Now Kori's living happily ever after with the other me and their (our?) daughter. Let me thank you again, Ethan. Sending me into the past, helping her get her future back--it's all thanks to you. I'm so grateful. No one knows what you've done, but this is one guy who can never forget. And I'll always remember that you liked her, too. ...That's all, I guess. Give my best to your parents. Take care-- Derek.

: ...I have a few more things left to take care of.

First, our flashbacks.

Flashback: Irving Dropping Out posted:

Ethan: (Kori must have seen whoever did it.)

Flashback: Bed at Home posted:

Flashback: Present Chronos posted:

Flashback: Accident-free Olivia posted:

Flashback: Pals at Chronos posted:

Flashback: Watch Catalog posted:

Now we have free rein to go anywhere. Let's check up on all our contacts.

: I'm Ethan Kairos.
: I'm Jacob Eleven. You can just call me Jacob. And my dog's name is Lucky.
: Okay. My friend has a dog, too. His name is Shiloh. Maybe we can take them for a walk together sometime.
: Uh-huh--that sounds fun! See you later, Ethan!


: (It's Aaron. What's he doing?)
: Even with a new coat of paint, this bike still looks like a piece of junk. And I can't afford a new one... Man, what should I do?
: (... Guess Olivia's been bugging him for a new bike...)


: Hi there!

: Hey, Eeth! Over here!

*Examine: Ben*
: (Does Ben still have his eye on Olivia?)

*Examine: Vin*
: (Vin's still knocking back the java, like always.)

*Examine: Morris*
: (Morris is studying.)
: (I wonder what the big deal is with all the studying...)
: (I should ask him sometime.)

Ethan: Uncle Derek... (The other Uncle Derek...)
Derek: What? Anyone ever tell you it's not polite to stare?
Ethan: ...S-sorry about that.
: How're your folks doing?
: Fine, thanks.
: How about the three of you come by for coffee one of these days?
: I'll tell them.
: Enjoy yourself.

He walks off.

: ...Hey, I just saw the owner's wife not too long ago.
: Eh?
: She was helping out in the kitchen. What a knockout!
: S-seriously?
: What gives? Is the owner's family a bunch of lookers or what?
: (His wife--that must be...)
: (...)

Morris: Hey, what's with that doofy look on our face?
Ethan: Huh? Oh...nothing.


: Hey! What's up, Ethan?
: I was just passing by and thought I'd stop a while.
: Where are you two headed off to today?
: Well, I can't give you the specifics...
: Aw, Ashley...
: (I see they haven't changed.)
: Hey, how about we go somewhere fun this summer? There are three of us girls--me, Emily, and one more. Is it just gonna be you and my big brother?
: Ashleyyyy...
: Sure--I don't mind.
: Hey hey! You serious?
: Really?
: Then it's settled. Leave all the planning to me!
: Got it.
: I'll be in touch!
: Oh, er...goodbye, Ethan.


: Oh, no...thanks. (This Eva probably doesn't even know who I am.)
: Do you go to that high school over there?
: Yes, I do.
: I'm going to start a little takeout lunch shop here. Once I'm up and running, be sure to come visit--and bring your friends, okay?
: Oh, cool! I'll tell the guys. We'll be sure to stop by.
: Great... I'll see you around!


: Well...
: ?
: Don't be shy. You can ask me anything.
: Okay. Thanks. For everything.
: For...everything?
: Oops! N-never mind.
: O...kay...


: No, sir. I'm fine.
: Say, Ethan... Have you heard the saying "Time and tide waits for no man"?
: Huh?
: Time marches ever onward, without bothering to look out for us petty humans... To put it simply, it means you should treasure the present.
: Yes, sir.
: And these words are my gift--to you.
: Huh?
: Make every moment count, Ethan. Goodbye.
: (Mr. Twombly...)
: (I'm glad he's okay.)

And now, to recreate the beginning of the game.

: ...and the letter I got from Dad.


*Item: Watch & Letter*

And we close the Hole.


: C'mere, Sox.
: Mrowr.

: ...... That'll do.

: Mrowr.
: (...I doubt everything's back to normal. The past has changed, and Irving's meddling has disappeared somehow.)
: (Now to send the Hollow Pen back to my past self... Call it a test, to see how good I've gotten at using it.)

: (I know--I'll open a Hole right about where I was sleeping. Like the Hole I found in my room in the first place...)

And then we don't open the Hole. Instead...

Ethan: (...Maybe not right now.)

: Mrowrrr...

Sox runs off.

: (Maybe he wants to go for a walk, too.)

So right now we're going on a Sox scavenger hunt.

: Um, er, ...huh?
: ?? What is it?
: ...There was a cat here just a minute ago.
: What...?
: It was really cute--kept saying "mrowrowr".
: (......Sox.)
: ...But I guess he's gone now.

: Well, hello there! How are you?
: Mrowrowr.
: Really?
: Mrowrrr...
: Oh, my goodness!
: Mrowrowr...
: Heh're a real cutie.
: Mrowrrr...
: Okay, see you later!
: Mrowr!
: ( never know when you're going to run into Sox, do you?)

: Your cat's over at our house!
: Huh?
: Whaddya mean, "huh"? Didn't you know? He naps on our porch all the time!
: Like this--with his big ol' belly hanging out. Ha ha ha!
: Oh, er...sorry about that.
: No need to apologize! It's not like he's bugging us or anything.
: (It's as though Sox thinks the whole town is his backyard...)
: Oops, I'd better get going. Mom's got me running some errands.
: See ya!
: Er, yeah--later.
: (That Sox keeps popping up everywhere!)

: (??? What on earth is he doing?)
: Yoohoo! Here, kitty-kitty-kitty!
Ethan: ......
: I've got some more num-num for you! Heeeere, kitty-kitty-kitty!
Ethan: ............
: Bah. Nowhere to be found. Catch you later, kittycat!
: (Kittycat...could he mean...?)
: Mrowrrr...
: So it WAS you, you little troublemaker...
: Mrowr.
: Hey, Sox! (He's gone... .........)
: (If other people keep feeding him, I should give him less to eat at home.)

: Yeah, I guess so.
: (I thought for sure the guys would be here...)
: Your buddies should be here soon. Coffee, right?
: Uh-huh.

The bell rings.

: See? What'd I tell you, huh?

: We were just taking Shiloh over to Morris for a nice bath.
: ...So Morris is working?
: Yeah. Busy as ever, too.
: Oh, yeah--that reminds me... I saw the Chronos kitty when we were over at Morris's place.
: Huh?
: The Chronos mean Sox?
: Uh-huh. Morris says Sox is a regular visitor over there.
: Yeah, he did say that, didn't he.
: Oh, uh...really?
: ...But I could've sworn I saw him in front of my house, too. Yeah, I did--today and yesterday both...
: Sure your eyes weren't playing tricks on you? Sox was here yesterday.
: Right, boss?
: Who? Sox? Sox was looking after the place all day yesterday.
: Seriously? That's weird. I'm positive I saw him...
: .........
: (...What kind of walks is Sox going on, anyway?)

Now we've found Sox at all the places we could find him during the game to refill our Pen.

: C'mere, Sox.
: Mrowr.
: Don't be wandering around and making trouble for people, okay?
: Mrowrrr...
: (...? But the window's closed.)
: Mrowrowr.
: (.........)
: (...Whatever.)
: Mrowr.

And then we attach the note and get ready to toss Sox through the Hole again.


*Item: Hollow Pen*


Ethan: Huh? (Did...someone say something? ......... ...Guess it was just my imagination.)

Ethan: What is it, Sox?

: (Good luck, me...)
???: (Same to you, Ethan...)

A meow accompanies that line.


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Ethan: But we're already there...


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But we're not quite done yet... There are a few more things I want to show off before I close this up. Some alternate realities, if you will.