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Part 105: Tokimemo Girl's Side Chapter 15: Go the Distance

Tokimemo Girl's Side, Chapter 15: Go the Distance

Before going deep into the year, I'd like to ask one question:


It feels like I'll be asking that question a lot this time around.

3/2: The things I do for science

These are Stranger Danger's potential nicknames:

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Half of these are so creepy!

3/8-3/12: Finals

For once, I wanted to provide a screenshot of Goonko doing well in class. Please ignore the fact that this is the home ec test.

3/13: White Day (observed)

Tsukushi: Sis, you awake?
Goonko: Hey! How many times have I told you to knock?
Goonko: Huh? Why're you heading to school this early?
Tsukushi: White Day is on Sunday this year. I've gotta hand out all these presents today or they'll be too late.
Goonko: And you need to be this early for it?
Tsukushi: Well, I got a lot of chocolate.

Tsukushi: Being too popular sure does cause me a lot of problems.
Tsukushi: Anyway, I'm heading out now. See ya!
Goonko: (Hmm. The other boys might think the same thing and make today White Day, then.)

Wataru: Hey! Fudou-senpai! This is my thanks for the chocolate.
Goonko: (I'm pretty sure this is an obligatory gift from him.)

Kazuma: Yo, Kimiko. Here, take it.
Kazuma: It's my thanks for the chocolate. Well, it's nothing big, but--

Kazuma: Th, the chocolate made me pretty happy.
Kazuma: See ya.
Goonko: What did he get me? Let's see...
Goonko: (A wristwatch.)
Goonko: (Oh, this is pretty cute! Maybe I'll wear this the next time we go on a date.)

That was a subtle hint, Goonko.

STRANGER DANGER: I'm glad I caught you, Fudou-kun. I've been looking for you.
STRANGER DANGER: Here, this is my thanks for Valentine's Day.
Goonko: (Hmm, this seems like it's an obligatory gift too.)

1st: Hazuki Kei
2nd: Arisawa Shiho
85th: Mihara Shiki
131st: Konno Tamami
147th: Sudou Mizuki
165th: Fudou Kimiko
242nd: Suzuka Kazuma

Kei not falling asleep on his desk means that another character finally gets to talk to Goonko after test results are posted.

Goonko: Hey, Kazuma.
Kazuma: Y, yo. Well, I guess you didn't do too bad this time.
Kazuma: I mean, compared to me you did great.
Kazuma: But I know that if you just put a little effort into it, your grades will shoot up.
Goonko: (I'll study harder next time!)

3/21: Basketball!

While every game has been an easy win so far, there are only a few more months until the national tournament. Goonko is winning with a 218 Sports score, but if the pattern from previous games holds, she'll need at least 250 to take first place. That means it's time for some serious training!

3/28: Mizuki gets serious

From: Sudou
Re: The final school year

Ça va?

Have you already decided what you're going to do after high school, Fudou-san?
Mizuki thinks that she might not be able to go to college in Japan.
After all, Mizuki will be 18, and after graduating, I'll need to make my debut in high society, you know.
Father keeps insisting that I go and live in France with him.
But you could get so lonely without Mizuki.

What will Mizuki do?

That's an incredibly roundabout way of saying "waahhhhh I'll miss you" but that's Mizuki for you.

4/5: Senior year starts

Goonko: (The new school year starts today!)
Goonko: (I wonder who'll be my homeroom teacher this year?)

Reiichi: I'm the homeroom teacher for this class, Himuro Reiichi.
Reiichi: Starting today, you are all third year students. In other words, you're the most senior students.
Reiichi: To all of you, this is an extremely critical year, when you will decide your futures.
Reiichi: I would like all of you to think over all of your choices this year, and make sure you are making the right decision.

Reiichi: It looks like some of you have been my charges for three years.
Reiichi: Just consider it your fate and accept it.
Reiichi: "Time flies like an arrow."
Reiichi: That is all.
Goonko: (I got Himuro-sensei as my homeroom teacher for all three years.)

Goonko: (I need to talk to Himuro-sensei for guidance counseling today, but what will I tell him I'm planning?)
Option 1: Go to college
Option 2: Go to work
Option 3: Ask other people what they're planning

Might as well check on everyone we know, though it's pretty clear who's going to be doing what.

Goonko: (Kazuma is going to study abroad in America. He must be planning to play basketball, too.)
Goonko: (Mizuki-chama is going to study abroad in France. So, she'll have to go back there...)
Goonko: (Tamami-chan is going to culinary school. Oh, I bet she's going to try and become a nutritionist.)
Goonko: (Mihara-kun is going to go around the world. Wait, does that count?)
Goonko: (Shiho-chan is going to try and get into a first-rate college. She's been working so hard for so long.)

Honestly, it doesn't matter what Goonko plans on, because we're aiming to get a sports scholarship! Let's keep the basketball rolling.

But for kicks, let's see what happens when we tell Icehouse 01 that we plan on getting a job.

Reiichi: With your grades, your chances of getting a job are close to zero.
Reiichi: You'll need to work very hard.
Goonko: (Ugh! I'll have to study harder!)

4/8: Oh god why

STRANGER DANGER: Just the person I'm looking for, Fudou-kun.
Goonko: Oh, good afternoon, Chairman. What did you want to talk about?
STRANGER DANGER: Are you free this Sunday?
Goonko: Sorry, I have plans this Sunday.

Goonko: I have to, uh, polish my boyfriend's basketballs and inflate his shoes. Because he's a basketball player. And he will kick your ass.

STRANGER DANGER: Oh, I see. I suppose that can't be helped.
STRANGER DANGER: Sorry for calling you over here.
Goonko: (This Sunday? What was he planning?)

Nothing good. Of that, we are quite certain.

4/29: Summons from Mizuki

Goonko: (Huh? My cell phone's ringing. Who could that be?)
Mizuki: Allô! You seem as bored as always, so I called over.
Goonko: Huh? What's going on, Mizuki-chama?
Mizuki: Don't hide it! You were thinking "I really want to go shopping with Mizuki," weren't you?Goonko: I really want to go shopping with Mizuki!
Goonko: Let me go with you!
Mizuki: Of course!
Mizuki: See you at the entrance of the mall!

We get a repeat of the event that provides the Fancy Parasol, complete with another +10 Art. The only thing that's different is Mizuki's outfit, so I'll just refer you to 11/9 of Chapter 13 if you want to read the whole thing again.

5/5: Bomb-clearing outing with Shiki

Of note: This wristwatch is specifically tagged by the game as "A present from Kazuma." We're wearing it out with Shiki just to get used to it, and it's Goonko's first date since getting it anyway (basketball is a harsh mistress!)


Shiki: Music games, eh. Do you like this kind of thing?
Option 1: Yeah, I love 'em!
Option 2: Yeah, I like 'em.
Option 3: Well, I'm not very good at them.

Goonko: Yeah, I love 'em!
Shiki: I can't say I admire your hobby. You should think about doing something else instead.
Goonko: (Ohhh, I'm so stupid! I made an absolutely awful impression.)

Goonko: Which of course makes this day a success! I'm never going to get between you and your man, Mizuki-chama!

5/10: Walking home with Kazuma

Kazuma: Oh yeah, did you know that the chapel on the school grounds has a legend to it?
Kazuma: They say that there are times when the silent bell will ring.
Kazuma: And when it does, a man and a woman who are reunited there will live happily ever after.
Kazuma: They say that the bell guides people to each other.
Goonko: (Was that really how the story goes? But... it sounds kind of familiar somehow.)

Kazuma seems to have mashed Tokimemo Girl's Side and Tokimemo 2 together. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

5/20: Wataru reminds us that he exists

Wataru: Fudou-senpai!
Goonko: Oh, hi, Hibiya-kun. What's up?
Wataru: Senpai, are you heading home, dude?
Wataru: If you are, I'd like to accompany you.

Goonko: Alright, let's grab a bite on the way home.
Wataru: Nice idea, senpai!

Goonko: By the way, Hibiya-kun--
Wataru: What's up, dude?
Goonko: Do you have any particular food that you like?

Wataru is the only boy so far who's kept his hands on his side of the table, so thankfully, he doesn't look like he has gorilla arms like Kazuma and Shiki do when you see them at the cafe.

Wataru: Whoa, Fudou-senpai!
Wataru: You mean you're gonna cook for me, man?
Goonko: Wow, you jumped way ahead of yourself there.
Wataru: I definitely love curry, and I guess pasta too.
Wataru: Oh, and I'm totally okay with Japanese food, dude.
Wataru: Man, I can't wait to try your cooking, dude!
Goonko: (He's off in his own little world right now.)

5/22: Praise(?) from Goro

Goonko: The fitting room is right this way, ma'am. I'll take you there.
Goonko: (I'm finally getting the hang of this job.)
Goro: You've become very smooth with your customer service, haven't you?
Goro: Keep it up, girl~!
Goonko: (Hanatsubaki-sensei praised me!)

5/30: Best flea market ever

Pickups from the spring flea market:

Antique rose earrings

A long t-shirt

A red jean jacket

A plain jacket

A tulle skirt

8-length compression pants

AND THE ALUCARD SWORD (well, a replica of it, at least)

6/1: The best news ever

The bungee jump is open at the amusement park! Thanks to a tip from my stream, I was compelled to bring every possible character there.

6/12: The sports festival

For the final year, I went for the bread-eating race, which actually doesn't involve eating any bread until the finish line.

And I killed it.

Kazuma: You're amazing, Kimiko!
Kazuma: It's like you're a different person out there.
Kazuma: I am never, ever going to get between you and food, that's for sure.
Goonko: (Yay!)

Wait, is that praise?

Goonko: (Oh yeah, what should I do with this anpan I grabbed during the race?)
Goonko: Break it in half and give it to Kazuma
Kazuma: Whoa, this is for me? Th, thanks!
Kazuma: I'll eat it now.
Goonko: (He seemed to like it.)

Goonko: No sports festival is complete without the folk dance!
Goonko: And it's about to start.

Goonko: (My next dance partner is Kazuma.)
Kazuma: Kimiko! Y, you're next?
Kazuma: I'm pretty lame at this, so don't get too close to me!

Goonko: (Oh, and next up is Mihara-kun.)
Shiki: Oh, I see, you're the next lucky lady?

Goonko: (And next up... oh, it's the chairman.)
STRANGER DANGER: Fudou-kun, it is an honor to dance with you.


Goonko: And that's how the sports festival came to an end.

6/13: Date with Kazuma by the waterfront

It was a close race between the Alucard Sword and Kazuma's present, but we need to see how he reacts when he sees his gift being used.

Man: Hey, miss, why don't you and me fall in love?
Goonko: Wh, what do you want? I'm waiting for--
Man: Seriously? He must be an awful boyfriend if he's keeping a girl like you waiting.
Man: You should dump his ass.

Kazuma: Sorry for being an awful boyfriend.
Goonko: Kazuma?!

Kazuma: Now, could you please take your hands off my girlfriend?
Man: Wait, you seriously have a boyfriend? Dammit...

Goonko: (Whew, he left. Thank goodness.)
Kazuma: You okay? Oh, and sorry about calling myself your boyfriend just now.
Goonko: D, don't worry about it.
Goonko: (I was glad to hear it anyway.)

Pretty sure that outside of the Tokimeki Memorial universe, Kazuma and Goonko have been boyfriend and girlfriend for about a year and a half now.

Goonko: Let's go to the top of Habataki Tower!
Kazuma: Sounds good to me.

Kazuma: Alright, let's race up the stairs!
Kazuma: Loser pays!
Goonko: Wait, seriously?
Kazuma: No, of course not, you dork!
Kazuma: I'm scared of what'd happen if I left you behind. I'll go with you!

Kazuma: Whoa, we're so high up...
Option 1: Look, it's a UFO!
Option 2: Hmm, I think my house would be right around there, right?
Option 3: We can see the whole city from such a great angle.

There is only one real choice.

Goonko: Look, it's a UFO!
Kazuma: Really?!
Kazuma: Hey, wait a second, that's an advertising blimp!
Goonko: (Ugh, I think I made a bad impression.)

It doesn't even make a dent in Kazuma's affection, and that face is pretty much worth it. As proof of the utter lack of damage this choice does, there's an extra event on the way home.

Goonko: Hey, Kazuma, there's a little tear in your hem right there.
Goonko: I'll fix it for you, I have my sewing kit on me.

Kazuma: Y, you can just leave it, I'm just gonna head home after this anyway!
Goonko: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now, just hold still for a second!
Kazuma: O, okay. S, sorry for making you do this.
Goonko: Don't worry, I'll be done soon. Now hold still or I might poke you.

Kazuma: Y, you smell nice...
Goonko: ...Huh?
Kazuma: Uh, uh, sorry! I mean, umm, you know, uh...
Goonko: Stop squirming already!

Kazuma: O, okay. Y, you know, I, uh--
Kazuma: Umm, you know, kinda, umm. You and me, uh--
Goonko: What's that? You're mumbling, I can't hear you. Something wrong?
Kazuma: Uhh, it's nothing! It's nothing.
Goonko: Yeah?
Goonko: There, I'm done! You can move now, Kazuma.

Kazuma: Sigh.
Goonko: (What was Kazuma trying to say, anyway?)

Whatever it was he was trying to spit out, it would've taken so much effort that Goonko probably would've stabbed him with a sewing needle.

Smooth, Kazuma. Smooth.

6/20: Back to basketball

Another win! Just another couple months to nationals. 20 Sports to go!

7/5-7/9: Midterms

Goonko: (Ugh, midterms are always so depressing. I guess I should head home and study.)
Goonko: (Hmm? The roses are shaking.)

Goonko: Oh, good afternoon, chairman.
STRANGER DANGER: Ah, Fudou-kun. Are you heading home?
Goonko: Yeah, I was going to go home and study.
STRANGER DANGER: I admire your dedication.
Goonko: Dedication? We're in the middle of midterms.
STRANGER DANGER: I see, it's that time again. Hm...
STRANGER DANGER: Himuro-sensei's had a twinkle in his eye lately, I figured that something like that was happening.
Goonko: ......
STRANGER DANGER: Ah, right, you were going to study, weren't you?
STRANGER DANGER: Good luck. Here-- this is for you. For encouragement.
Goonko: (He gave me a rose. I should put this in a vase when I get home!)

Alternately, you should burn it and make sure to avoid the fumes. Better safe than sorry.

1st: Hazuki Kei
8th: Arisawa Shiho
90th: Mihara Shiki
135th: Sudou Mizuki
137th: Fudou Kimiko
138th: Konno Tamami
259th: Suzuka Kazuma

7/17: Walk home with Kazuma

Kazuma: Yessss, summer vacation is finally coming!
Goonko: Hey, Kazuma, what're you going to do this summer?
Kazuma: Me? I'm probably going to spend most of my time playing basketball.
Kazuma: Oh, and I'm looking forward to summer camp, too.
Kazuma: And I'm gonna go to the beach and swim my guts out. I can't wait!

This is a generic "walk home with Kazuma in the early summer" response, and it's also inaccurate - there is no summer camp this year! Instead, the national tournament looms...

7/20: Shiki at the beach

We only have a sporty swimsuit for Kazuma, and Shiki will probably hate it. That's what the Alucard Sword is for.


Shiki: It's so hot... let's get in our swimsuits.
Goonko: I'll be right back!


Goonko: Thanks for waiting!
Goonko: What do you think?
Shiki: I won't say anything.
Shiki: I don't want to see you looking sad.
Goonko: (Mihara-kun seems to hate this kind of swimsuit.)

Shiki: So, what shall we do?
Option 1: Let's swim!
Option 2: I want to relax on the beach.
Option 3: I'm hungry, let's find something to eat.

Goonko: I want to relax on the beach.
Shiki: Yes, doing nothing is great when on vacation.
Goonko: (Yay! I made a pretty good impression.)

8/9-8/13: Nationals!

Goonko: The team made it to the national high school basketball tournament.

Goonko: Hey, Kazuma.
Kazuma: Don't just take toss up outside shots because the defense is tough!
Kazuma: Slip past the defenders and shoot!

Goonko: That seems silly, why even bother when I can just make it from halfcourt every time?

Kazuma: The rest is up to how your will and your conditioning match up against theirs!
Kazuma: Kick some ass, Kimiko!
Kazuma: And never forget how fun basketball is!

The 5 teams you go up against in the 32-team tournament are all named after other Konami games, so I'll call them out in order while Goonko casually dispatches them.

The round of 32:

Goonko: The team's first opponent is from Hokkaido, Gensou High.

Gensou comes from Gensou Suikoden, the full name of the RPG series.

Goonko: We made it through the first round!

The round of 16:

Goonko: Our second round opponent is from Shikoku, Solid High.

I shouldn't need to explain this one.

Goonko: We made it through the second round!


Goonko: Our third opponent is Didiaaru High from Tohoku.
Goonko: We made it through quarterfinals!

That is a lot of effort to spell DDR in kanji.

Goonko: Our opponent for the quarterfinals is Bemani High from Kinki.

As music game aficionados know, the term Bemani doesn't just refer to Beatmania. It also covers the other non-dance Konami rhythm games like Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania.


Goonko: Our opponent in the semifinals is from Kansai, Goe High.

Ganbare Goemon is also known as The Legend of the Mystical Ninja outside of Japan.

Goonko: We made it to the finals!

Goonko: Our opponent is Dora High from Kanto.
Dora is short for Dracula in this case, which took me far too long to think of after lugging around the Alucard Sword for months.

I made sure to get both victory and defeat for this one, and 250 Sports for Goonko was indeed the threshold for victory.

2nd place:

Goonko: We took 2nd place! Everyone played so hard...

Kazuma: Umm, well--that was really close.
Kazuma: I completely understand how you feel right now.
Goonko: Kazuma...

Kazuma: But you played like a star!
Kazuma: You should hold your head up high.
Kazuma: You have my respect.

Well that's no good. Now on to the mega-happy ending!


Goonko: We did it! We won!
Goonko: Haba High is number one!
Goonko: (Habataki High's basketball club conquered all of Japan)

That parenthetical sounds oddly like the ending to a Nobunaga's Ambition game...

Kazuma: You did it, Kimiko!
Kazuma: You seriously won nationals!
Kazuma: I knew you had it all along!
Goonko: Thanks, Kazuma.
Goonko: I'm glad you're so into it. It still doesn't feel real to me.

Kazuma: You won, you dork!
Kazuma: The championship was won by Y O U you!
Kazuma: You should be happier than I am!
Goonko: (I'm glad all of my hard work paid off. I'm so glad I kept playing basketball.)

8/29: Victory leap with Wataru

So, I hear that Wataru likes sexy clothes? Well, he's gonna get all the sexy he can handle. Check out this incredibly garish getup! Oh, and the Alucard Sword.

Just kidding. I couldn't bring myself to walk outside wearing that awfulness. Sporty it is! Oh, and the Alucard Sword stays.

Goonko: Sorry, were you waiting?
Wataru: Nope, it's no problem at all, dude.
Wataru: Were you spending a lot of time choosing the right clothes to wear?
Wataru: It's always a tough decision for me too, man.

Wataru: Fudou-senpai, you look great today!
Wataru: I love the look, dude!

Oh, he seems to like Sporty too. I'll take it!

Wataru: What do you want to ride?
Goonko: Let's head to the bungee jump!
Wataru: Buh, buh--bungee?!

Wataru: I'll do whatever you want, senpai!
Wataru: Please, please spare me!

Next time: Men (and Mizuki) overboard!