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Part 119: Let's show the guys that we know

Tokimemo Girl's Side, chapter 6: Let's show the guys that we know

6/18: Siren's first track meet

Siren: We're up against Daitokyo High in today's track meet.
Siren: (Even if it's just a practice meet, let's try and win this one!)

Wakaoji: Fudou-san.
Siren: Good morning, Wakaoji-sensei.
Wakaoji: You're pretty fired up this morning.
Wakaoji: Should I expect great things out of you today?
Siren: Yeah, you bet!

Siren: (I lost... what a shame.)

Due to the demands of high school life, Siren is probably going to be an awful athlete for most of her high school career. It'll be a nice change of pace from winning Nationals every time, to be honest.

Wakaoji: Good work today, Fudou-san.
Siren: But I lost.
Wakaoji: But you finished the race.
Wakaoji: You get the A for Affort Award.
Siren: (Ugh... that just makes it worse.)

Yes, it's a lame joke. What he says here in Japanese is pretty lame too - he shoehorns 賞 (shou, "award") at the end of a regular sentence, turning "You tried your best, didn't you?" into the name of an award. It's hard to explain.

6/25: Making a date with Teru

I stopped including date calls in the LP a while ago, but I usually make an exception for the first time calling a boy - especially when it's such a thrilling experience as talking to Teru.

Teru: Hello, Saeki residence.
Siren: Oh, hi, Saeki-kun. It's me, Siren.
Teru: ...Huh?
Siren: Did you not hear me? It's me, Fudou Siren.
Teru: Oh. You need something?
Siren: Well...
Siren: Do you wanna go to the movies with me on the 9th?
Teru: Me? Go with you?
Teru: ...Why?
Siren: Huh? No particular reason, I guess.
Teru: Eh, sure, I guess.
Siren: Alright, we'll meet in front of the train station on the 9th, then.
Teru: Got it.

What a scintillating conversation. You can truly smell the love in the air!

7/3-7/7: Midterms

10th: Saeki Teru
129th: Fudou Siren
223rd: Nishimoto Haruhi
292nd: Hariya Kounoshin

No real surprises here! Under normal circumstances, Teru would probably be a much worse student, but given that he's the Main Character of a High School Romance(tm), he's smart and athletic because waiting tables and surfing really lends itself to strong academics, right?

Siren: Not bad, I guess.
Siren: Oh, hey Harry.
Harry: Ren. You did pretty okay, I guess.
Harry: But kinda half-assed.
Siren: (Ugh... I need to do better next time.)

Pretty big words from the guy who came in dead last.

7/9: Siren's magical first date

Siren: (Oh, Saeki-kun's already here.)
Siren: Sorry, did I keep you waiting?
Teru: Yes, you did.
Siren: Oh. Uh, sorry.

I don't know if this is refreshing bluntness or just Teru being Teru, but at least it's honest.

Teru: Hey, you know, those clothes...
Siren: Huh? What, this?
Teru: Yeah.
Teru: I, uh, you know...
Teru: I really like that look.
Siren: (Yay! He complimented me!)

I forgot to get a picture, but Siren wore a simple one piece dress to this date. It's Pure type, so now we know. Also, please note Awkward Engrish Boy on the left, in the background. He's still as awkward as he was in the first Girl's Side.

Teru: I might fall asleep.
Teru: If I do, don't wake me up.

Teru: Dibs on the middle seat.
Siren: Sure.
Teru: Oh hey, it's starting.

This movie is "Slasher vs. Frankenstein", an obvious riff on Freddy vs. Jason. Teru haaaaaates horror, leading to this set of choices:

Siren: That movie was the wrong choice.
Teru: Yeah. I'm definitely seeing that one in my dreams tonight.
Siren: (Well, not bad, I guess.)

But it's okay! We can fix this! Magical save state time fairy, go!

7/9: Siren's actual first date on the waterfront

Siren: (It doesn't look like Saeki-kun is here yet.)
Teru: Oh. Hey, I didn't expect you to be here early.
Siren: Actually, you're late, Saeki-kun.

Teru: Oh. Whatever. Let's go.

Teru: What, you want me to do tricks? That one's "Shake", right?

I think Siren just tried to ram her fist into his armpit and he's smiling. He took that whole thing surprisingly well. Props, surfer boy.

Siren: So, want to go down the shoreline?
Teru: OK, let's go.
Teru: You know... they've kinda been doing a lot of development around here, haven't they?
Option 1: It's such a trendy place now!
Option 2: You think they can do more stuff here?
Option 3: I can't stand the loss of our natural treasures!

Siren: I can't stand the loss of our natural treasures!
Teru: Yeah. You know, when you look at it from out on the waves...
Teru: It's pretty sad to see the shoreline change like this.
Siren: (Yay! I made a great impression!)

Teru: You know, that kinda felt like a date.
Teru: What did we actually do today?
Teru: Anyway, I'm heading home. Later.

I can only imagine Siren and Haruhi talking about this line from Teru.

Siren: Do you think I should tell him?
Haruhi: Nah, keep doin' whatcha doin', it's funnier that way.

I don't know if I should feel sorry for Teru or not.

7/18: Teru's birthday

Siren: Hey, it's Teru's birthday tomorrow!
Siren: I should get him a present.
Option 1: Picture frame with sea shells
Option 2: The Big Book of Giant Monsters
Option 3: Surfing Photos From Around the World

We now know for a fact that he'll despise option 2, so let's go with the picture frame.

Teru: Ren. What the hell did you call me out here for?
Siren: Here! It's your birthday present.
Teru: For me?
Teru: ...Why?
Siren: No reason.
Siren: Why does that matter? Open it up!

Teru: Pretty nice...
Teru: Actually, it's awesome.
Teru: You know what I like, don't you?
Siren: Right?
Teru: Right. I'll treasure it.
Siren: (Yayyy, he seemed really happy!)

8/6: Fireworks, literal and figurative.

We spent damn good money on this yukata, and we're going to use it, even if Teru is just a means to an end.

Teru: Hey, you know, your, uh...
Siren: It's called a yukata.
Teru: Yeah.
Siren: What do you think?
Teru: ...Yeah.
Siren: So... you don't like it?

Teru: I like it.
Siren: (Good!)

Teru: We're kinda early.
Teru: Hey, let's go check out the Ennichi festival!

Teru: And don't bother whining at me, I won't buy you anything. Got it?
Siren: Saeki-kun, you're acting like my dad...

Teru: Oh, hey, the show starts soon. Let's head over.

Teru: You know, from this close up, it feels like we can reach out and touch them.
Option 1: The night sky is the canvas of the firework, isn't it!
Option 2: I wonder what happens inside a firework?
Option 3: That was really loud.

Siren: That was really loud.
Teru: Yeah, that'll happen this close.
Teru: But didn't it get your blood pumping and your body moving?
Teru: I got chills.
Siren: (Yay! I made a great impression!)

Teru: You know, that kinda felt like a date.
Teru: What did we actually do today?
Teru: Anyway, I'm heading home. Later.

Unlike the canned responses from other Tokimemo games for the medium affection levels, this actually gets funnier each time I see it.

Siren: Think I should tell him yet?
Haruhi: Hell no! He shows up in a yukata, says ya look good, the two of ya go to a festival, and he STILL don't have a clue?
Haruhi: This is priceless, keep it comin'! Ya better send me a picture of his stupid face when he figures out what's goin' on!

8/14-8/18: Summer camp

Siren: Time for summer camp! I should work hard!
Wakaoji: Fudou-san.
Siren: Hey, Wakaoji-sensei. I'm in your hands this week.
Wakaoji: Oh, you're really fired up, aren't you?
Wakaoji: That's really encouraging. Maybe I'll have you be the trainer this week.
Siren: That's your job, Sensei.

8/17: Gravity is a harsh mistress.

Siren: (Oh no, I'm late! Where's the team, where's the team--)

Track team boy: That's impossible! I can't change all the little things you're talking about!
Track team boy: And you seriously want me to clear the bar when it's that high?
???: Is that so?
Siren: Oh, good morning Wakaoji-sensei.

Wakaoji: You're late, Fudou-san.
Wakaoji: I got here 15 minutes ago.
Siren: I'm sorry. But what's wrong?
Wakaoji: Oh, I almost forgot!
Wakaoji: Are you listening?

Wakaoji: Take off from 3 centimeters deeper.
Wakaoji: Flatten your angle of approach by 2 degrees.
Wakaoji: Tip up your leg--
Track team boy: I told you, that's impossible to do!
Track team boy: If you're going to keep saying it like that, why don't you try it yourself, Waka-chan?

Wakaoji: I see your point.
Track team girl: Waka-sama, you shouldn't bother! You'll get hurt!
Siren: Wakaoji-sensei, you probably shouldn't go this far.
Wakaoji: Eureka!

Wakaoji: And now, I'll prove that it isn't impossible.

Wakaoji: Let's see... use the vector and angular momentum...
Wakaoji: The balance of inertial resistance, gravity, and drag...
Wakaoji: Here we go!

Wakaoji: Hup!
Siren: Whooooa!

Wakaoji: And it's as easy as that.
Siren: That was amazing, Wakaoji-sensei!
Wakaoji: Thank you.
Siren: Sensei... why aren't you getting up?
Wakaoji: My neck and my back have cramped. Please help.

On the plus side, Wakaoji recovers nicely by the time it's Siren's turn to cook the team dinner later that night.

Siren: It's my turn to cook dinner. What should I make?
Option 1: Microwaved curry
Option 2: Curry with the Fudou Siren seal of approval
Option 3: ปูผัดผงกะหรี่ (Poo Pad Pong, Thai crab curry)

As before, Siren's success at this activity is based on her Social stat, and even though she's spent a lot of time hanging out with Haruhi, it's still early in the game. It's time to split the difference and go for 2.

Wakaoji: Ah, you were the camp cook today?
Siren: Yeah, I was.
Wakaoji: I wonder what you made? I'm expecting great things.
Wakaoji: This is the true joy of summer camp.
Wakaoji: Homemade curry is the greatest!
Siren: (Oh good, he ate it all!)

8/18: Freedom

Siren: It's the last day of summer camp.
Wakaoji: I see very good progress in the times you posted over summer camp.
Wakaoji: Let's keep up that momentum in future practices.

Just like in the first Girl's Side, completing summer camp gives Siren a special stat-boosting item - in this case, the Zephyr Shoes, which improve athletics.

8/27: Haruhi and the end of summer

From: Haruhi
Re: Sigh~

School's startin' again soon, ain't it...
I don't think I'll be able ta stand not eatin' all the ice cream and parfait I want whenever I want.

Maybe I should rent some space in Waka-chan's secret fridge, huh?
If he's willin', ya wanna go in on this with me?
Then we can sneak in some snackin' durin' recess!
Alright, we're doin' it fer sure!


8/31: Oh yeah, he's a character in this game

Siren: (This goes here, and then... hey, I feel like I've gotten pretty good at this job)

Motoharu: Yo, Ren.
Siren: Oh, hi Masaki-senpai. Good work today.
Motoharu: You've learned the ropes really quickly.
Motoharu: It's great for everyone that you're a fast learner. Keep it up.
Siren: (Masaki-senpai praised me!)

9/1: The game giveth, the game taketh away.

Unfortunately, in the pursuit of Waka-chan, Siren becomes a good enough student that she attracts the attention of Helmet Boy. Pretend that he isn't wearing his winter blazer and this scene is exactly the same as it goes in his spring introduction.

But more importantly...

Siren: (Oh hey, it's Haruhi-chan.)
Haruhi: *sob*
Siren: (Wait, is she--is she crying?)
Siren: Haruhi-chan?

As a note, Haruhi does not cry pretty. This is the hiccuping, snorting kind of cry she's doing right now.

Haruhi: Oh... Ren!
Siren: Hey, what's wrong? What happened?
Haruhi: Nuh-uh, it ain't nothin' like that...
Haruhi: This book's just so movin'.
Haruhi: *sob* *sniff*
Siren: Wait, is that the romance everyone was talking about a little while ago?
Haruhi: Yuh-huh. I'm super soft to this stuff.
Haruhi: I understand her love for her man so much it hurts...
Haruhi: Aww geez, It's so friggin' saaaad!
Siren: And you were so moved you cried.

Haruhi: At the end, she watches 'im walk off ta follow his dreams, and she whispers...
Haruhi: "I know you can make it to the top of the music world. I'll watch, and wait, and have faith."

Haruhi: And then!
Siren: Yeah?
Haruhi: This is the best friggin' part~
Haruhi: He don't look back--instead, he looks up at the sky and shouts--

Haruhi: "My dreams mean nothing without you! Don't just watch and wait - come with me!"

Haruhi: It's soooo gooood! It's so easy ta put myself in that scene, right?!
Haruhi: I want someone ta say that ta me...
Siren: Did you mean "yourself" and not "myself"?
Haruhi: Wha--uh... nothin'!

Haruhi: Ahahaha, geez, ya should get yer ears checked or somethin'!
Haruhi: Y'know what they say, even a saint ain't got no third cheek to turn!
Siren: I didn't even do it once...

The proverb she quotes basically means "Even Buddha will get angry if you slap him 3 times" - very analogous to the Christian turning of the other cheek.

Haruhi: Now now now now, we don't need ta be sweatin' the small stuff!
Siren: Sure. But about what you mentioned--
Haruhi: Would ya look at the time!
Haruhi: I wish I could talk with ya some more, I really do, but--

Haruhi: Uhhh, buh-bye!
Siren: She ran off...
Siren: (She really got into it when she was talking about that story. She must be a real romantic.)

Next time: Wham, bam, thank you glam