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Part 16: Winter 1997, All Downhill from Here

Chapter 15: Winter 1997, All downhill from here

The hardest part of the Utter Perfection run is over. We're about to enter year 3 with every pin exactly in place. Shiori is on top of the affection list, bomb schedules are spaced out in such a way that we'll never have two bombs at once, and our stats are almost to the point where we can win the game by doing nothing but sleeping and playing the trumpet for the rest of the game.

Let's take a look at our High School Superman in action!

1/2-1/4: Exercise
1/5 (Sunday): Preen
1/6-1/11: Concert Band
1/7: New event!

(ding dong!)
Goon: Hmm? Who could that be?

Yumi: Hi, Fudou-san.
Goon: Yumi-chan? What's up?
Yumi: There's a lot of snow piled up outside. Let's have a snowball fight!
Goon: Snowball fight?
Yumi: Hurry, hurry!
Goon: Agh, Yumi-chan, don't pull so hard!

Goon: Guh, it's so cold.
Goon: Whoa!

Yumi: Ahahahahaha! Got you! Got you!
Goon: You got me...
Yumi: Yumi's always been good at snowball fights.
Goon: I'm not bad myself. I won't lose to you!
Yumi: Yumi won't hold back either.
Goon: Alright, let's do this!

Goon: (I had a great time throwing snowballs with Yumi)

Yumi: That was a lot of fun. Let's do this again the next time it snows.
Goon: Yeah, sure.
Yumi: Bye-bye.

1/9: Event

Ayako: Hey, Fudou-kun.
Goon: Oh, Katagiri-san. What's up?
Ayako: Do you think you're free this coming Sunday?
Goon: Option 1: Yeah, I'm free. Why do you ask?
Ayako: If that's the case, want to go to the zoo with me?
Goon: Option 2: Nah, I'll pass.

Ayako: Is that so... that's unfortunate. Later...
Goon: (It looks like that hurt her. I probably should have been nicer...)

It's really useful to use these events as bomb gauges as well, and it looks like Ayako is closer than we thought. Well, also, it's really really bad to say yes, then no.


1/6-1/11: Concert Band
1/6: Snowball fight with Yumi (see above)
1/8: Event!

Yuina: Gunpei-kun.
Goon: Himoo-san. What's up?
Yuina: You are free this upcoming Sunday, yes?
Goon: Option 1: Yeah, I'm free. Why do you ask?
Yuina: Then we are going to the museum.
Goon: Option 2: Nah, I'll pass.

Yuina: You have displeased me. Farewell.
Goon: (I'm the worst person for saying that...)

Bomb warning!

I just couldn't get the explore-and-reload out of my system, I guess. But this serves as a great illustration of how much of a tightrope is being walked with saying no all the time.


1/6-1/11: Concert Band
1/10: Walk home with Yuina

It just seems like the safest thing to do.

1/12: Call Shiori

Goon: Want to go to the amusement park with me on 1/19?
Shiori: Let me check... yes, that's fine.
Goon: Alright, let's meet in front of the park on that day.
Shiori: Yes, let's. Don't forget, okay?
Goon: No way will I forget. Okay, talk to you later.
Goon: Yes! I can't wait for the 19th.

1/13-1/14: Sleep
1/15 (Holiday): Exercise
1/15-1/18: Sleep
1/16: Say no to Yumi
Yumi threat level: Yellow
1/17: Say no to Shiori
Shiori threat level: Green

1/19: Date with Shiori

Goon: (Today's my date with Shiori. I should go meet up with her in front of the amusement park.)

Goon: Were you waiting long?
Shiori: No, I just got here myself.
Goon: Phew, glad I wasn't late.
Shiori: Let's hurry up and get inside.
Goon: Yeah, let's go.

This time, Shiori's affection is high enough for a special event on the ferris wheel. Here we go:

Shiori: It doesn't seem very crowded, let's get in line.

Goon: Whoa, the ferris wheel stopped.
Shiori: Wait, really? What should we do?

Goon: It'll be fine, we'll be moving again soon.
Shiori: Okay, but... I'm still scared.
Goon: Hey, look on the bright side. It's like we get to spend extra time on the ride for the whole time it's stopped.
Shiori: Yeah, but...
Goon: what, do you not like being here with me?
Shiori: Of course not, because I...
Shiori: Oh, it's moving again.
Goon: Hahaha... that's good.
Goon: (Damn you, ferris wheel!)

Shiori: That was really scary.
Goon: Yeah, but more importantly, I want to hear the rest of what you were going to say.
Shiori: Oh, uh, I completely forgot. Don't worry about it.
Goon: You forgot? I wonder what it was... (Well, whatever.)

Shiori: Today was a lot of fun. Will you invite me out again some time?
Goon: Yeah, of course. I'll call you soon.
Shiori: Let's head home, Goon.

1/20-1/25: Concert Band
1/21: Say no to Yuina
Yuina threat level: Red
1/21: Bomb warning
1/25: Praised by Shiori for a perfect week
1/26: Call Yuina

Goon: Do you want to go to the amusement park with me on 2/2?
Yuina: Your luck has run out....
Yuina: ...for I appear to be free on that day.
Goon: Okay, let's meet in front of the park on the 2nd.
Yuina: You dare to give me orders?
Goon: Alright then, where would you like to meet?
Yuina: ...Your previous suggestion is acceptable.
Yuina: If your business is completed, then I am hanging up.
Goon: Woohoo! I can't wait for the 2nd.

1/27-2/1: Concert Band
1/31: Say no to Ayako
Ayako threat level: Green
2/2: Date with Yuina

Goon: (Today's my date with Himoo-san. I should go wait for her in front of the amusement park.)

Goon: Have you been waiting long?
Yuina: Not really. You're right on time.
Goon: I'm glad I wasn't late.
Yuina: We're going inside now.

Goon: (Hey, they're doing a hero show over there.)
Goon: Option 1: Invite Himoo-san to see the show
Goon: Himoo-san, want to go see the hero show?
Himo: I do not. At all.

Option 1: It'll be fine, let's go!
Option 2: Okay, never mind.

Yep. Just for the laughs, it's time to choose 1.

Yuina: I suppose I have no choice.

Yuina: As boring as I suspected. I am leaving.
Goon: But the show's just starting.
Yuina: Wait. I just remembered something I have to do.
Goon: Where did she run off to...?

Yuina: Sorry to keep you waiting. We are leaving.
Man: Oh no! The heroes just passed out!
Goon: There seems to be something going on backstage...
Yuina: It has nothing to do with us. Let us leave quickly.
Goon: (Himoo-san, what were you doing?)

Yuina: Well, I suppose a holiday without research is fine every now and then.
Goon: That's good to hear.
Yuina: Anyway, we should head home soon, Gunpei-kun.

Himoo Yuina, ladies and gentlemen.

2/3-2/8: Sleep
2/9: Read Memorial Spot, then Preen

Memorial Spot March/April/May
Karaoke box open!

Movie: Speed/King (Action) [/i](Speed, with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.)[/i]
Concert: SNACK (Idol) (Venerable boy band SMAP)
Stadium: March - Pro Wrestling
April - Baseball
May - Baseball
Event: The cherry blossoms are in bloom in Central Park
The Scream Machine at the amusement park is open
Sculpture exhibit at the museum

Goon: (Karaoke, eh?)

If you've never been to one before, Japanese karaoke boxes are pretty nifty. Unlike karaoke bars, which have an open microphone and a screen on a public stage, Japanese karaoke boxes are filled with private rooms, which come with couches, a TV, and a couple of microphones. They'll often serve drinks and snacks, but the main thing is that you rent rooms by the hour and sing with your friends in a soundproof(ish) environment.

Random note: Because table space is so precious in Japan and very few people living in the city have even enough space for a table and chairs, it's fairly common for tabletop RPG players to rent karaoke rooms for a few hours and use that space to roll dice. It's a pretty fascinating lifehack.

2/10: Concert Band
2/11 (Holiday): Hang out with Yoshio
2/12-2/15: Concert Band
2/14: Valentine's Day!

Rei: Hello, and good morning.
Goon: What is it this time, Ijuuin?
Rei: Today is Valentine's Day, is it not? It's the same thing every year, but I must say that I am completely at a loss.
Goon: Is that so? Good for you.
Rei: Gaze upon it with your own eyes. It's just the same this year...

Goon: ......
Rei: I will have quite the problem getting rid of it all. Could you take half of it off of my hands for me?
Goon: I don't need it.
Rei: If you want any, just say the word any time. And with that, I bid you farewell.
Rei: HAAAAAA hahahahaha!
Goon: Give it a rest already...

Ayako: Oh, Fudou-kun. Here, I got you something.
Goon: Chocolate? Th, thank you.
Ayako: It... it's giri chocolate. Giri. But a little bit of it isn't giri.
Goon: I have no idea what you're trying to say.
Ayako: Um, bye!
Goon: I wonder why she was acting so flustered...

Refer to Chapter 8 for the explanation of the difference between Giri chocolate and Honmei chocolate, and why Ayako is so nervous about differentiating between the two.

Yumi: Oh, Fudou-san. Here, have some chocolate.
Goon: Thanks, Yumi-chan.
Yumi: You can accept any chocolates you get today, but please don't eat any other than this one, okay?
Goon: Huh? Uh, sure.
Yumi: Really? Cross your heart! Okay, bye!
Goon: (Did I just make a really dumb promise?)

Probably. Speaking of which:


Megumi: Um, um, uh, here... please... accept this.
Goon: Gladly! Thanks. Mikihara-san?
Megumi: I'm so embarrassed...
(running footsteps)
Goon: Her face was all red, she must've been really embarrassed to do that.

Yuina: Ah, Gunpei-kun. I made these while I was running an experiment, so you can have them.
Goon: Hey, thanks.
Yuina: I think it should be fine, but if your extremities go numb, let me know immediately.
Goon: Why's that?
Yuina: I put a little bit of something special into this.
Goon: I'm glad for the thought, but...
Yuina: Now, if you will excuse me.
Goon: (What's in this stuff?)

Himoo Yuina, ladies and gentlemen.

Shiori: Hey, Goon. This might not look like much, but...
Goon: Th, thanks! I'm so happy you did this.
Shiori: I was so embarrassed that I couldn't give this to you at school...
Goon: Why not?
Shiori: Because... I put something special into this chocolate...
Goon: Wait, you mean...
Shiori: O, okay, see you later!
Goon: Something special, eh...?

Goon: (I got a pretty good amount of chocolate this year. Seems like I'm pretty popular.)

As I mentioned before, Goon is probably the second-biggest BMOC behind Rei at Kirameki High School. He is lacking the fabulous wealth, but in pretty much every other aspect he's doing really well. Top grades, and at the next sports festival, we'll see just how athletic he's become .

2/16 (Sunday): Preen
2/17-2/22: Concert Band
2/22: Say no to Yumi
Yumi threat level: Red
2/22: Bomb warning!
2/23 (Sunday): Call Yumi

Goon: Want to go to the movies on 3/2?
Yumi: Yeah, sure.
Goon: Alright, let's meet in front of the theater on that day.
Yumi: Got it. Cross your heart, hope to die, stick a needle in your eye!
Goon: Hahaha... cross my heart. Say hi to Yoshio for me!
Goon: Woohoo! I can't wait for the 2nd.

2/24-2/29: Concert Band
2/25: Say no to Shiori
Shiori threat level: Green
2/28: Say no to Yuina
Yuina threat level: Green
3/2 (Sunday): Date with Yumi

Goon: (Today's my date with Yumi. I should go meet her in front of the theater.)

Goon: Were you waiting long?
Yumi: Uh-uh, Yumi just got here too.
Goon: Glad I wasn't late.
Yumi: The movie's about to start, let's hurry.
Goon: Yeah, we should get seats.

Yumi: It's open over there.

Goon: (Speed/King is an action movie packed with thrills.)

Goon: Wasn't that movie awesome?
Yumi: Yeah! Yumi had a lot of fun!
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)
Yumi: This was a ton of fun. Please invite Yumi out again some time!
Goon: Sure, I'll call you some time.
Yumi: Fudou-san, can we go home together?
Goon: Let's go.

3/3-3/8: Finals

Goon: (Yes! I'm the top score! I'm the Emperor of Tests!)

3/9 (Sunday): Call Ayako

Ayako: Hi~, this is Katagiri.
Goon: Hi, my name is Fudou Gunpei...
Ayako: Huh? Fudou-kun? Di, did you want to talk to me?
Goon: Do you want to go to the karaoke box with me on 3/21?
Ayako: Wait a second... OK, that's fine.
Goon: Okay, then let's meet in front of the karaoke box on that day.
Ayako: Wakatta wa, oh I see. Okay, talk to you later.
Goon: Alright, I can't wait for the 21st!

3/10-3/15: Sleep
3/13: Say no to Yuina
Yuina threat level: Green
3/14: White Day

Rei: Hello and good morning.
Goon: What is it this time, Ijuuin?
Rei: I was just wondering if you've brought your proper thanks for Valentine's Day.
Goon: Of course I did.
Rei: Reeeeally? Haha, do your best.
Goon: ...

Goon: (Okay, I should calm down and go hand out my thank-yous for Valentine's Day.)
Goon: (Actually, I did splurge on one special gift.)
Goon: So, who should I give this special little thank-you?

Shiori, of course!

Goon: Hey, it's Shiori, just the person I was looking for.
Goon: Hey, Shiori!

Shiori: Goon, what's going on?
Goon: Here, I want you to have this. As thanks for Valentine's Day.
Shiori: What? Oh, thank you, I'm so glad...
Goon: I'm glad you like it.
Shiori: Because I... uh, I need to get back to the classroom.
Goon: (She seemed really flustered. But I'm glad I gave it to her.)

3/16 (Sunday): Exercise

At this point, I saved because there was something I want to show everyone... and it requires standing up Ayako on the upcoming date, which is normally an awful awful idea.

3/17-3/20: Preen
3/20: Event!

Goon: (It started raining out of nowhere. I'm glad I brought my umbrella.)


Goon: Hey, that's Mikihara-san over there)
Goon: Is something wrong, Mikihara-san?
Megumi: Um, um, this sudden rain...
Goon: You didn't bring an umbrella?
Megumi: Y, yeah...
Goon: If it's okay with you, we can share mine.
Megumi: What? Ohhh, what should I do...
Goon: It'll be fine. Unless you don't like being next to me?
Megumi: N, no, that's not it at all! Because...
Goon: Then it's fine, let's go home. It doesn't look like the rain will stop soon.
Megumi: O, okay. Then let's...
Goon: Good, let's go.

Megumi: ......
Goon: (Mikihara-san sure is a quiet person...)
Megumi: ......
Goon: Mikihara-san, do you think I'm boring to hang out with?
Megumi: N, no, not at all!
Goon: Then why won't you say anything?
Megumi: That's because, um... uh... I get so nervous...
Goon: Y, yeah?
Goon: (She's nervous... that's pretty cute.)

3/21 (Holiday): Skip a date with Ayako by sleeping

Just like in real life, standing up someone on a date is a huge mistake. As I mentioned, it's a huge bomb threat in-game, and the girl will call your answering machine and leave an angry message. Ayako's specifically stands out for Western audiences because, well... you have to hear it for yourself.

Ayako: Breaking promises is the lowest, most despicable thing. Jigoku ni ochiro!
Goon: (Crap! I promised Ayako I'd go out with her today.)
Goon: (I am the most evil man in the Three Kingdoms!)

Random note: I asked my friends if this means that Goon is comparing himself to Cao Cao, the ruthless tyrant of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. They said that the joke is that there is no single worst person in the Three Kingdoms period, so Goon is calling himself worse than both Cao Cao and Dong Zhuo. Today's Confucian parable is: don't break your dates, people!


3/17-3/20: Preen
3/19: Say no to Yumi
Yumi threat level: Green
3/20: Say no to Megumi
Megumi threat level: Yellow
3/21 (Holiday): Actually go on the date with Ayako this time

Goon: It doesn't look like Katagiri-san is here yet.
Goon: I'll wait for her a little longer.

Ayako: Gomen nasai, sorry! I got delayed a little.
Goon: I just got here too, don't worry about it.
Ayako: It's so warm here, I feel a little sleepy.
Goon: It's true, it's about to be nap season.
Ayako: Okay, let's head in.
Goon: Yeah, let's go inside.

Goon: Okay, it's your turn, Katagiri-san.
Ayako: I'm too embarrassed, I'll pass.
Goon: What's wrong? It's not like you to get embarrassed.
Ayako: How rude. I am a naive girl. That's why I won't sing.
Goon: Yeah, yeah... but I really wish I could hear your beautiful voice...
Ayako: Is that so? I wonder if I should...
Goon: I bet you sing like an angel.
Ayako: Well now I have to, don't I?
Goon: Yay, you're going to sing!
Goon: (But I can't stop smiling)

Goon: (She is ridiculously good.)
Game: 1 hour later...

Thanks to BlitzBlast for fixing this up for me!

Ayako: Alright, I'm on a roll. Next up...
Goon: (She's been singing this whole time, what happened to "I am a naive girl"?)

Ayako: Tottemo tanoshikatta wa. That was so fun! We should do this again.
Goon: Yeah, we should. I'll call you again some time.
Ayako: Let's head home, Fudou-kun.

3/22: Preen
3/23 (Sunday): Exercise
3/24-3/29 (Spring break): Concert Band

Okay, I need to head to my family Christmas dinner, so I'll continue this tomorrow. Coming up next time: Shiori's birthday, and Proof of Perfection. See you soon, and don't forget to vote in the poll on which game you want me to LP next.

Merry Christmas! Here's an Ayako Christmas wreath from 1998: