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Part 40: Settling into a rhythm

Chapter 9: Settling into a rhythm

Time for a bit of a lull in the action - most of the interesting stuff is concentrated into years 2 and 3 in the B-ho route, so it's best to lay low for the end of year 1. Not that this actually makes the game easier, mind you - it's still in the hands of the RNG!

1/30: Status report from Takumi

This is the current state of the game. Amazingly, Kotoko has warmed up to Goon a little, probably because Hikari won't shut up about her best friend who is not named Kotoko. We're going to make sure she ends the school year with the lowest affection rating toward Goon, which will make her Jun's target and ensure that he stays out of the way.

2/14: Valentine's Day

Hikari: Gunma-kun!
Goon: Hey, Hikari.
Hikari: Here's your giri chocolate.
Hikari: Bet you're glad to get it!
Goon: I'm surprised you can be so blunt about it.
Hikari: It's waaaay better than moping around all day, isn't it?
Goon: (I mean, she's right, but...)

A reminder: one of Tokimemo 2's biggest improvements over Tokimemo 1 is that the childhood friend character(s) actually act friendly. Also, for an explanation of the difference between polite/giri chocolate and romantic/honmei chocolate, refer to Shiori run chapter 8.

Takumi: Yo!
Goon: Yo, Takumi. What's up?
Takumi: Today's Valentine's Day. You've gotten some chocolate already, haven't you?
Goon: Y, yes.
Takumi: Reeeeeally? Well, whatever.
Takumi: If you don't get any, I'll donate some of mine to you.

Thanks for the save, Hikari. You saved Goon from a fate worse than loneliness: condescension.

Girl: Takumi-kuuun, I'll give you some chocolate if you come over here~!
Takumi: Yes ma'am!
Girl: Oh, Takumi-kun, you're sooooo cute!
Takumi: Tee-hee!
Goon: (Don't be fooled!)

Goon: Hmm? Jun? Hey, Jun!
Goon: (What's he running from? I should probably chase him down.)

Jun: AUGH!
Jun: Oh, it's just you.
Goon: You're acting really weird, dude.
Jun: L, listen, you've gotta believe me! I, I...
Goon: You what?

Jun: I got... f, from a girl... ch, ch, ch--
Goon: Ch?
Jun: I got chocolate! What do I do?
Goon: ?
Goon: (He's so innocent...)

Miho: Fudou-san.
Goon: Hmm? Hey, Shirayuki-san.
Miho: Here's your chocolate.
Goon: What? For me? Thanks, even if it is just giri chocolate.
Miho: I'm glad you like it.
Goon: (She's not gonna deny it.)

Goon: I got two chocolates this year.
Goon: I should just be glad I got any at all. Right?

2/20: Invite Miho to the circus on 2/27 (she accepts)

Just a quick look at what's coming up - February and March are pretty busy months. February 24th is Miho's birthday, while finals, White Day, and spring break loom on the horizon.

2/24: Miho's birthday

To be perfectly honest, it's best if we don't give Miho a birthday present this year, to avoid any potential problems that may arise from her having a higher affection than B-ho. But, just for reference:

Best present: Kero Kero Debeso-chan bobblehead
Neutral present: Wristwatch
Worst present: Silver necklace

For some reason, year 1 and year 2's presents are exactly the same for Miho. I'm not sure why this is - it might have been developer oversight. For this run, I got Miho the best present just to show off her reaction.

Goon: Hey, Shirayuki-san!
Miho: Hmm? What's going on? Did you need something?
Goon: Here's your birthday present. Open it up!
Miho: You knew it was my birthday?!
Miho: This present is amazing!
Goon: (She looked really happy, I'm glad she liked it)

For all future runs, I chose not to give Miho a birthday present on 2/24.

2/25: The B-ho in Winter

This is B-ho's winter school uniform. The only way I knew it was her was because of the EVS glitch. Damn this route.

2/27: Circus date, take 1

Miho showed up for this time around.

Goon: We're pretty fortunate, there aren't many places where you can see the circus.
Miho: I'm so thrilled, I love the circus.
Goon: Then let's go be amazed, Shirayuki-san.
Miho: I hope we're ready for all the excitement!

Miho: Seeing a real circus is like a dream come true.
Option 1: It does feel just like a dream.
Option 2: There's still more to this dream.
Option 3: It's not a dream, but a magical reality.

These are pretty ambiguous. Let's try and see if Miho likes 3.

Goon: It's not a dream, but a magical reality.
Miho: I wish life could be this magical every day.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)


Note that a few things have changed in Goon's room as his stats continue to climb. Along with the chonmage wig to represent drama club, and the book to show he's well-read (Lit 100+), there is also a mirror by the TV for being a good-looking fellow (Looks 100+), and a sketchbook on the other side of the TV to represent his artistic side (Art 100+). His General Knowledge is above 100, represented by that... black thing to the right of the PlayStation. Is that supposed to be a PS2?

2/27: Circus, part 2

B-ho this time. Hurray, got it in two! As usual, the dialogue is exactly the same for both Miho and B-ho.

B-ho: Seeing a real circus is like a dream come true.
Option 1: No time for dreaming, keep your eyes on the show.
Option 2: There's still more to this dream.
Option 3: It's not a dream, but a magical reality.

And as usual, the choices are also the s... hey wait a minute, option 1 is different for B-ho! That's a first. It doesn't mean that it's a good choice, mind you, it just means that it's different.

Goon: It's not a dream, but a magical reality.
B-ho: I know, right? I'm so happy!

As has happened a few times before, B-ho slaps a polite "desu" at the end of this sentence as an afterthought. At least she's trying!

3/3: Walk home with B-ho and face the consequences

I wish there were some way to tell them apart other than by staring at the chest every time. It makes me feel weird.

Oh, by the way, this also led to the first bomb warning of this run! I suppose a full year of ignoring everyone not named Shirayuki was enough to make someone sad.

Goon: Lately, there seem to be some bad rumors going around that I've been acting really cold to girls.

There are only three candidates for bombing: Hikari, Kotoko, and Miho. Miho is right out, so it looks like Hikari is the bomb this time. Not that Hikari herself would do any of this rumor-spreading. Wait, didn't Kotoko talk about how acting distant to Hikari would lead to bad rumors? Well, I guess she was telling the truth! Or just stating what she was about to do, either way works.

3/5: Invite Hikari out on a date

This was a little bit unwise because of needs to happen on White Day, but overall fine in the grand scheme of things. It's not like anything can stop Hikari's affection from maxing out anyway, so it's a drop in the bucket.

Goon: Hello, am I speaking to Hinomoto-san?
Hikari: Oh, Gunma-kun! I was wondering when you'd call.
Hikari: So what's up?
Goon: Hey, so...
Goon: Want to go to the amusement park on the 11th?
Hikari: Lemme check.
Hikari: Yeah, that looks fine.
Goon: Okay, let's meet at the bus stop on the 11th.
Hikari: Roger! Don't you forget, okay?
Goon: I'll even be on time. Later.
Goon: (Awesome, I can't wait!)

3/6-3/10: Finals

3/11: Date with Hikari

Goon: (I think I'm a little early.)

Hikari: Gunma-kun.
Goon: Hey, Hikari.
Hikari: Thanks for waiting! Let's move!
Goon: Yeah, let's get a move on!

Goon: That sucks, it looks like some of the attractions are closed today.
Hikari: Yeah? Well, it's not like we can do anything about it, so let's enjoy what we can!
Goon: You're right.

Most of the outdoor attractions close down when it's raining, so there will be no roller coaster in the rain.

Hikari: So, where should we head?
Option 1: Let's ride the Ferris wheel
Option 2: Let's ride the merry-go-round.

Only a couple of girls actually like the merry-go-round, so the Ferris wheel it is!

Hikari: You know, when we were up at the very top of the wheel, I thought for a second:
Hikari: Wouldn't it be scary if a sudden gust of wind blew at us out of nowhere?
Option 1: No way would that happen.
Option 2: You'd be fine! I'd be falling right next to you.
Option 3: They shut down the Ferris wheel on windy days.

Personal note: I'm mildly acrophobic. Once, when I was a kid, I got on one of those Ferris wheels with the spinning cages and the carnie forgot to unlock the cage after letting me in and closing the door. So the cage was locked in position relative to the wheel, and when my cage reached the top of the wheel, I was stuck upside-down. Right around then, the power went out and the ferris wheel froze with me strapped to my seat in an upside-down cage. That was probably the least fun 5 minutes of my life.

For this reason, I very quietly freaked out when Hikari put that image in my head. Back to the LP!

Goon: You'd be fine! I'd be falling right next to you.
Hikari: Pfff... ahahahahaha! We'd both still be falling!
Hikari: But it's funny, so I'll allow it.

Hikari: Today was a lot of fun! Let's do this again soon.
Hikari: Really soon.
Hikari: Hey, if you don't mind, could we walk together a little while longer?

3/12: Read the new issue of Hibikino Watcher

Mail order ad (far left): "Browalker: With this, you can be muscular and popular too!"
New spot (top left): (Concert hall) "The multi-purpose hall Hibikino Sun Plaza is open! The first act will be the KNM Symphony Orchestra!"
Movie (bottom left): Love Story on the Sunken Ship plays until June 9th. "The year-long voyage is ending, and soon the run of Love Story on the Sunken Ship will be over! Feel all of the emotion one last time at the movie theater!"
Movie (bottom right): Saving Private Lion starts playing June 10th. "The blockbusters from America keep coming to Japan! Private Lion, a human drama with war as its backdrop, starts on 6/10!"
Hibikino Stadium (top right): Baseball starts on April 1st! If you're a real fan, you can't miss opening day!
Hibikino Central Park (right side): "The cherry blossoms at Hibikino Central Park are going to be in bloom from the end of March to the beginning of April! Don't forget to prepare for Hanami!"

Copied and pasted from Tokimeki Memorial 1 chapter 2:
The KNM Symphony Orchestra is a please-don't-sue-us version of the NHK Symphony Orchestra

Also C/Ped from chapter 9:
花見/Hanami/"flower viewing" is a beloved springtime tradition, where people go out for picnics and parties to celebrate and admire the beauty of Japan's famous cherry blossoms. It's vaguely similar to going to see the leaves changing color in autumn, but it's so important to the Japanese that the weather service keeps track of where cherry trees are in bloom with the scrutiny of a storm front. Cherry trees are only in bloom for a couple of weeks a year in each area, so it's pretty crazy to try and join in the revelry - prime picnic spots are often staked out a day or two in advance, and as the day goes on, drunken revelry gets more and more wild.

This cultural note was inserted because "Let's go flower viewing" sounds stupid, even though that's an accurate-ish translation.

3/12: Call Takumi and check for bombs

Yup, the bomb is gone.

3/13: Test results

Goon: Nice, I did pretty well.

26th: Fudou Gunma
107th: Sakaki Takumi
113th: Hinomoto Hikari
123rd: Hokari Jun'ichirou
132nd: Minazuki Kotoko
138th: Shirayuki Miho

Jun, as always, is absolutely clueless at Social Studies. Miho barely dodges having to take two separate supplementary tests, with a 30 in Science and a 20 in Math. Maybe we should spend less time pulling her into drama club!


3/14: White Day

Takumi: White Day's so hard for me! There are so many girls I have to give gifts to.
Goon: Sigh. Life must be so hard for you.
Takumi: Well, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Later!

Don't you just want to punch that smile right in the face? Goon has some impressive self-control.

Jun: What a waste of time.
Goon: Have you already given your gift to that girl from Valentine's Day, Jun?

Jun: N, not yet... but I definitely will.
Goon: (He's so innocent...)
Goon: Well, I should probably give a White Day gift too.
Goon: Who should I give it to?

Option 1: Hikari
Option 2: Miho

Just like in Tokimemo 1, you only get the option of giving a White Day gift to a girl who gave you chocolate on Valentine's Day. And since B-ho can't show up on White Day, it's honestly best to give it to Hikari or no one at all.

Goon: Yeah, I should give it to Hikari.

Hikari: Hey, Gunma-kun. What's up?
Goon: Here, as thanks for the Valentine's chocolate.
Hikari: Oh, thanks. See you later!
Goon: (Well, that was brief.)

3/19: Invite Miho to Hanami on 3/26 (she accepts)

3/26: Hanami, take 1

This is Miho's spring outfit.

Miho: The flower petals dancing in the wind look like they're right out of a fairy tale.
Option 1: I got one in my mouth.
Option 2: It wouldn't be surprising at all if a fairy appeared right now.
Option 3: I want to walk through them.

Since we're reloading anyway, let's go with the obviously bad, but hilariously mood-ruining answer!

Goon: I got one in my mouth.
Miho: Tsk, tsk, cherry blossom fairies, you shouldn't play pranks on people who don't notice you.
Goon: (I made a bad impression...)

Miho: Oh, could you be a time fairy?
Miho: Can you change the past?
Goon: Shirayuki-san?

Time Fairy Count: 5

3/26: Hanami, take 2

Miho again.

Goon: It wouldn't be surprising at all if a fairy appeared right now.
Miho: *giggle* The cherry blossom fairies are already here.
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

RELOAD COUNT: 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88

3/25: Play with the form of address system

As I mentioned before, Tokimemo 2 has a system that lets you change how you address people - this affects most instances of $girlname in the script, and also serves as a gauge of how much they like you. In most cases, you have a good idea of what the girl will allow you to call them.

In the Miho/B-ho case, this system is incredibly difficult. They have different affection gauges, different forms of address that they prefer, and you don't even get to see which one it is before you decide what to say. Observe!

Goon: Hey, it's Shirayuki-san!

Shirayuki | Miho | Miho-pyon
Shirayuki-san | Miho-san
Shirayuki-chan | Miho-chan

Calling someone by just their last name is kind of brusque. Calling someone by just their first name is really, really familiar (this is why only Hikari lets you do it). -san is relatively polite, while -chan is a diminutive form of address you use on children and close friends. At this point of the game, with both Miho and B-ho at friendly+ status, this is what they'll allow:

Miho: Shirayuki-san, Shirayuki-chan, Miho-chan
B-ho: Shirayuki-san, Shirayuki-chan

Allowed only at max affection
Miho: Miho, Miho-san, Miho-pyon
B-ho: Miho-chan, Miho-san

Never allowed
Miho: Shirayuki
B-ho: Shirayuki, Miho, Miho-pyon

I decided to tempt fate and demonstrate the system with "Miho-chan", which works on Miho but not B-ho.

Goon: Miho-chan!
Miho(?): Who are you talking to?
Miho(?): Because that's definitely not me.

B-ho Death Glare Count: 6

3/26: Hanami, take 10

For reference, this is what B-ho looks like in the spring.

B-ho: The flower petals dancing in the wind look like they're right out of a fairy tale.
Goon: I got one in my mouth.
B-ho: No waaaay, were you just running around with your mouth wide open?
Goon: (Looks like I made a great impression!)

Again, B-ho slaps the polite interrogative "desu ka?" at the end, about 2 seconds after she already finished the sentence.

4/5: Mei Day: Enter the Tiny Tyrant

Goon: What's going on? There's some kind of commotion over by the school grounds.
Goon: I guess I'll check it out.

???: This is a stupendously lowly school.
Man in black: My deepest apologies, Mei-sama.
???: It will suffice.

Ijuuin Mei: Not only does she come to school in a helicopter, she comes to school in a helicopter with a canopied armchair.

Goon: (Ugh, she comes to school in a helicopter? And that - that's the Ijuuin family's crest.)
Goon: (Which means that girl is the daughter of the Ijuuins?)
Goon: (Why's she at Hibikino? No, I shouldn't ask. As they say, "the god you don't touch will not curse you"

TL note: The proverb Goon quotes here is commonly translated as "let sleeping dogs lie". However, the Japanese version of the proverb comes with less of a connotation of "don't mess with crazy/dangerous people" and more of a connotation of "don't mess with people who can ruin your life and the lives of everyone you know". So it'd be a little more accurate (and nerdy) to render it as "Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger."

Mei: Hey, asshole.
Mei: Are you listening?
Goon: Huh? Me?
Mei: Yes, you. You're just the person for the job.
Mei: You will guide Mei to the principal's office.
Goon: Wh, what do you mean?
Mei: While you're at it, you will carry Mei's backpack.
Mei: You should feel honored that you are deemed worthy of this privilege.
Goon: Why do I have to--


Ijuuin Mei: refers to Goon as 貴様/kisama, which used to be an archaic and polite form of address, but these days means "bastard" or "asshole". Refers to herself in the third person, which sounds both childish and imperious coming from her.

Her manservant is perfectly willing to pull guns on teenage boys.

Takumi: Looks like the three of us are in the same class again.
Goon: Again? Seriously?
Jun: Geez, sorry.
Goon: No, I didn't mean that in a bad way.
Takumi: Hey now, let's keep it friendly this year, okay?
Jun: Yeah...
Goon: Yeah.
Takumi: Now if you'll excuse me, I need to say hello to all the girls in class.
Jun: Hmph, how pointless.
Goon: (Those two are such polar opposites.)

Kotoko: Oh, hello.
Goon: Hey, Minazuki-san.
Kotoko: We appear to be in the same class this year.
Goon: Yeah, looks like we can have a lot of fun.
Kotoko: Oh? I bet you say that to everyone.
Kotoko: But it won't work on me.
Goon: (Geez, Minazuki-san is a tough nut.)

All according to plan. Kotoko being in our class means that Jun will fall for her, conveniently leaving the two of them far out of our way.

Next time: Crush them, my froggy minions!

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