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by Blind Sally

Part 15: Escarpa - Vultures, Odalisques, And Freelance Police

15. Escarpa - Vultures, Odalisques, And Freelance Police

Poop in hand, we continue our way down the cliff-side.

Hello, my name is Torin!
Hey, get outta here!
Oh Tripe, you're such a grump. Hello young man.
Eeeehhhh EEHH!
Hello, may I walk past?
But of course.
No! This is our ledge! Why dontcha just... jump off!
Tripe! Oh just ignore him. He's just a grumpy old stick in the bowels.
Don't talk to him, Viscera, he must be up to no good! I don't like him! Besides that, he's ugly...
Ugly!?! Well!
Yeah! Yer ugly! Yer skinny... and... and... tall! Why, I've only seen one person tall as you.
Tripe, stop it! Though come to think of it young man, you do remind me of someone hereabouts. Someone special, too... royalty. She'd be quite a catch for someone who looks, uh, someone with your appearance.
She? Oh, really? Uh, but, I'm not in the habit of taking dating advice from a vulture. On the other hand I'd really like to get past you so i can head up those steps. Would you mind if I asked you to move from your nest?
Mind? Course not!
Thank you!
Don't mind cos I ain't gonna!
Now Tripe, we could go for a little flight. I know my wing could sure use a stretch.
Nope! My wing is fine. Not moving. Happy right here.
I hereby order you to fly away!
And I order you to shaddup! And, perchance, did I forget to mention: GO AWAY!
There's just no reasoning with him when he's in one of his moods.
Yeah! And I'm always in one.
Yeah. Right.
You know, he has only one thing on his mind. His stomach. Maybe some dead meat will come flying by here! You never know.
Thanks! For nothing.

We do have some meat on our hands. If we offer Tripe and Viscera the meat we took from the throne room--

Here guys, I wonder if you'd like a little something to munch on.
Mmm, mm, mmm! good
Tripe, you forgot to share! Again...
Oh!?? *Belch*... I did? I'm so sorry.
Well now will you move out of the way?
I would, but I'm afraid he won't. And I don't go anywhere without him.

Brilliant. Well, trek back up and grab another one. This time we're going to drop the meat down that conveniently placed ramp.

(I'll be sure not to waste this one.)
Hey vulture! Try and catch this!
Hey Viscera, look at that! Fresh dead meat! Flyin'! Let's go after it!
As always, I'm with you.
Cantcha hurry up a little? It's gettin' away from us.
For goodness sake, for once in your life can't you just stop and smell the rotting meat?

(What's that aside that little tree. Hmmm... If only I could make that tree grow...)

I know! Fertilizer! Let's drop a bunch of dragon poop on it!

(This should either make that tree grow or kill it completely.)

Ahh, adventure game logic.

Note: You can drop the dragon poop fertilizer on the tree before getting rid of the vultures. However, you cannot climb down it until they leave; they block both the tree route and the stairwell.

The phenocryst theme begins playing down here, so you know you're close to the exit. Only thing is, the puzzle appears to be missing a few pieces. The tiles we've been collecting fit nicely here. Make sure you drop one in the statue to test it out as it triggers a pick up for another tile elsewhere. If you don't test it out, you can't get the tile.

We'll come back here later, once we've got all the tiles. For now, let's head up that stairwell the vultures were blocking.

Oh, I think we can make it Boog!

There are two routes here: into the cave, or climb down the ledge. We'll go through the cave first.

Phew, Boogle, is that you? No wait, I think it's coming from up ahead. Uh oh, Boog! Skunks ahead.
Hey, skunks, are you there?
I'm here. Are you Max?
I'm here. Are you Sam? Hey, why do you ask?
Oh well, I was just wondering... Could I pass through your cave?
Well you could try.
Ha, yeah, come on, it's been a while since our last target practice.
Yeah, there's a chance we miss.
Please fellas, let me pass. I'm a stranger in a strange land.
You got that right.
Whaddaya think Sam?
Oh, I don't know why don't we put it up for a vote, Max?
Good idea Sam. Okay All those in favour of lettin' just any yahoo go wanderin' through our domicile, disruptin' our comfortable lifestyle and trackin' in horrible human odour, say "aye."
Yeah, and all those in favour of raisin tail and lettin' the juice flow where they may, say "nay."
Now let's see. That's one "aye," two "nays," and one uh, "meeneemee." The "nays" have it! Fire at will!
Will?? I thought he said his name was Torin.
Could I persuade you with a gift? A present? A peace offering? An appeasement?
No way.
There's nothing you could offer that would make us move.

Hmm. Well, we can try testing the skunks. Call their bluff, so to speak. If we try moving any further, though, Torin warns us off.

(There's no way I'm goin' in there. That nest smells terrible. Still, there is that opening back there in the distance--it must go somewhere.)

If we use that clothespin we swiped, we can get further into the cave, upping the game of smelly brinksmanship.

Boog! I've got it. I'll just put this clothespin on my nose. Then I wont be able to smell the skunks. Hang on Boog, I hope this is worth it.

Nope. We're done here, for now.

We've found our way into King Rupert's seraglio. It's no wonder that Di displays such an utter contempt for the man. Ah, well. Royal drama. The place is full of swag for Torin.

Down below we can see/hear the odalisques bathing. Despite the warning--

This ladder looks a little rickety, but I'm going to try it anyway.