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by Blind Sally

Part 18: Pergola - Gulliver's Passage

18. Pergola - Gulliver's Passage


(What is this place? Wow, but it is beautiful!)

So here we are, in Pergola. All around us is a vast empty field. The only thing nearby is that yellow phenocryst. If we click on it, Torin has this to say:

(Maybe that's what I should do, transport myself on down, through that shard!)

Of course, he won't actually do anything until we get out our erresdy powder. So select that and use it on the crystal:

(Of course, why didn't I think of that before? I'll just use a little more of this erresdy powder and transport myself down.)

But you did just think of it? Is Torin suffering from short-term memory loss? Maybe he bumped his head when he fell through the phenocryst just now--

Great. If he didn't already have head trauma, he's gotta have it now. This looks like a long drop. As the camera pans down, we can hear evidence of a struggle and Torin speaking:

(What a fall.)
What the--hey, stop that!

Oh crud, we fell right into that old story about that dude who gets captured by littler dudes! What was it called again?

Started with a "G." G-something. Hmmm

"G-Something's Adventures?"

Didn't Jack Black star in a movie based on it? Crud, why can't I recall it--

Oh right. Torin's in danger. If you don't click on Torin within a few seconds, the Pergolans* will devour him.

*(they are actually called Purpletins according to the game's design docs).

Stop that! Let me go, Get away, shoo!

Wait, don't be afraid. Hold still.


Torin, you're such a nice guy. You don't know this, but in another life, they would've eaten you.

Anyways, the Pergolans are shocked at the horrible giant's kindness, and their leader appears to talk. His name is Smetana--he's the Pergolan President.

On behalf of all Pergolans everywhere, I would like to thank you, giant, for saving the life of Fairmont.

Oh, that's alright.
Oww! Quit it! That's too loud! Knock it off, my ears, you're killing me!
Oh sorry! *in a whisper* Ooops, I mean, uh, okay?

You seem to be a kinder, gentler giant, not like some giants we know. I wonder if you could help us with a problem.
But of course. You need some logs moved? Rocks realigned? (Villages trampled?)
Much worse. We recently captured another giant, but very different from you. This one will not cooperate at all.
What can I do?
Perhaps if you talked with it.
Well, okay, but are you sure I'll be safe?
Follow me.

This should be interesting.