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by shalcar

Part 37: Multiplayer Tournament

Tournament Round 1 - GenericServices vs Yukitsu

Battle 1

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Battle 2

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Battle 3

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Overall winner - Yukitsu_______
Relegated to Losers Bracket - GenericServices

Well, those were fantastic fights. Yukitsu is a force of nature, but I wouldn't count GenericServices out just yet. His troop choices were solid, his army deployments were respectable and most of his problems stemmed from lacking the aggression to set the pace of the battles. It looked to me like he got flustered in his earlier battles and was kept off balance all through his later ones, but his last battle showed real promise and I'm sure if he tightens his game and works on his ability use a little more, he will be one to watch.

Yukistu on the other hand played a magnificent set of games and really did outplay GenericServices in all three bouts. His playstyle is very aggressive and took some risks that I felt could have lost him if they were capitalised on, but perhaps he simply read his opponent well and knew that the defensive nature of GenericServices would allow him to deliver hammer blows. Regardless, an outstanding performance and currently the bar to reach!