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Total War: Shogun 2 - Rise of the Samurai

by shalcar

Part 38: Multiplayer Tournament

Tournament Round 1 - ScotchDK vs Sydin

Battle 1

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Battle 2

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Battle 3

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Overall Winner - Sydin____
Relegated to Losers Bracket - ScotchDK

Another fantastic set of matches from two very talented players, with both players pulling off some exceptional generalship and impressive use of abilities. Scotch dealt very well with a changing set of matches on many different terrain types against many differing army makeups, but I am puzzled by his abandonment of cavalry, especially since he got such a good ambush off on the first map. Perhaps he felt that Sydin wouldn't fall for the same trick twice. Regardless, he did a good job utilising his numbers to a decisive advantage and making good use of his abilities. Extremely competent and dangerous, but I wonder if he will get flustered like in his first match at a critical moment?

Sydin might have taken all 3 battles, but it was only by the skin of his teeth in some of them! Amazing skirmishing work with his general really showed the attention to detail he puts into his matches and his ability to take multiple army compositions and make them shine was impeccable. Without seeing his cavalry game (with the exception of masterful general play), I can only guess at how deadly he might be with them. If he plays at the level we caught a glimpse of, I think he stands a solid chance against our current favourite Yukitsu!